November Obsessions

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I’ve seen Friendly Fires now twice in concert and can’t wait to see them again soon. They’re such  great performers and bring a sense of excitement to the stage. The lead singer, more specifically, is a trip – he’s very touchy feely (with himself!) making it entertaining over all. If you’ve never listened to them before, some of the songs I suggest are: Pala, Skeleton Boy and Show Me Lights.

Iziba Spotlight


While in San Francisco with my mom recently, I more or less spent the ENTIRE vacation looking for the perfect sweater. I usually don’t really care too much about clothing, but this sweater has been in the back of my mind for months now. After looking and finding some sweaters CLOSE to what I wanted at Saks and Bloomies, I FINALLY found the perfect one for a lot less actually, at American Apparel – who woulda thunken?

Outside Voice


I love Chai tea – there is some so delicious when it comes to drinking Chai lattes with some cinnamon on top. I dream about them. I’m not a big coffee fan so it’s the ideal warm drink for me come end of fall. If I attempt to make my own, I have to just add some Silk milk since I haven’t mastered the art of the froth just yet!

Foodie with Family


One of my favorite days ever, ironically enough, is the day after Halloween – that’s when all of the Thanksgiving and more likely Christmas items are being featured on the shelves. Living now in Midtown East on Park and close to Grand Central I’m delighted to already find lit trees on my walks home from work. You really can’t beat a winter wonderland in New York City – while I’m always in Miami lately for the New Year, I can’t help but long to break in 2012 in the lovely city.

Z Mation


OK I’ve become obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell this year. I’ve had some of his shoes over the years, but nothing compares to his Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Havana collection. I’ve spent most of my paychecks on his line – they’re obnoxious, not fit for practical use of any sort and way too much for a Sunday brunch but I love them. I think some of his cat adorned print ones are too much for me, but these, are amazing. Roll on Jeffrey, roll on. 

Hippie Girl


Yes, I do work on Chivas, but I must admit – I work on tons of programs and the latest Chivas endeavor has to be the coolest I’ve worked on. The concept’s simple — create pop up “broterhood parties” exclusive to members of the 1801 Chivas Brotherhood, in top cities nationwide. In Chicago, the party popped up in a luxury townhouse in the West Loop – we just launched the NYC club in a sick townhouse in West Village. I think Chivas is really helping bring a younger demographic to an always classic blended scotch brand. 



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