My Unwavering Love for TV Nerds

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Where do I even start with Joseph? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him play every goddamn underdog role that Hollywood has thrown his way. He’s adorable and unassuming.  To be fair, I think I’ve been in love  with him since 10 Things I Hate About You – who doesn’t love the nerd who never gets the girl? Come on. When he started doing more mature roles, I got a bit upset – I liked him playing the continual dweeb… but I did love him in Inception. 500 Days of Summer is probably my favorite movie role he played- couldn’t have been a better fit for the role. 

The Fan Boys

Jim Parsons 

So I’ve just recently gotten into the Big Bang Theory – words can’t express just how awesome that show is. Maybe it’s because I’m awkward at times? I don’t know, all I do know is that I’m not into science but you don’t have to be clearly – the whole show jabs fun at those nerdy scientists. I don’t think anyone would watch the show if Sheldon, Jim Parsons, wasn’t on it. He makes the show – more or less. I do love the hilarious Indian guy whose name is blanking me at the moment. OK back to Jim – would I ever think he was cute if he didn’t star on the show? Yes, sadly, because I am attracted often to nerdy people. I don’t feel bad about that, come to think of it. 

Hot Geeks

Shia LeBeouf 
Even though Shia has tattoos, is constantly “leaking” his past romps with Meghan Fox and ruins too many nice cars, I still think of him as a nerd deep down. Think back to the “Even Stevens” days – he was the quintessential dork! I think Hollywood got to his head, undoubtedly, but nonetheless I’d still give my right arm to brush shoulders with Shia somewhere downtown. 

Socialite Life

Dylan Walsh

I’ve been a devoted fan of Nip/Tuck since the beginning. The show needed to end when it did so I’m not melancholy but I really will admit to missing Dylan Walsh play a hot Miami based surgeon. PLEASE and thank you. He’s on a new show I think but nothing will compare to watching him weekly be overshadowed by Christian who in reality is balding and overly plucked. 

Colin Hanks 

OK – don’t judge this one. Colin Hanks has been on my radar for a creepish amount of time. I thought he was cute back in the day – especially when people only knew him through his father. Wait, isn’t that still the case? He hasn’t really carved his name really within the film industry but when he finally does? Don’t say I didn’t tell you. 

Warming Glow


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