Dead or Alive, Who’d Be At Your Ideal Dinner Table?

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This post is one I’ve wanted to craft for years now – I think there are some people just so inspiring that you can’t help but fantasize about what they’d be like to meet in person. I thought about this topic with my mom — and again she asked me, who would I have come? In case you’re wondering, no, Obama, God and Justin Bieber are not included. The list is a thought out group of inspirations that I’d love to have the honor of dining with.

Alice Waters

This woman has been given both tremendous praise as well as some harsh criticism over the course of her career – standing strong throughout. She started a revolution – there’s no doubt about it. Bringing fresh vegetables and fruit to the classroom has become Waters’ objective as of late and I can’t express just how remarkable this concept is and how necessary it’s become. While she has a cult following, there are just honestly not enough people backing her and the movement she’s trying to instill… I’d love to help implement healthier school lunches in inner-city schools across the country one day down the road. I would be honored to sit and pick her brain for an hour or two. 


My Grandfather

Sometimes people go too soon – that’s the case with my grandfather, Harold Minksy. He is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever learned about. He started the Burlesque dancing industry with his father, Abe Foxman, in Vegas back in the early 30’s and 40’s. My mom grew up in the desert in Vegas as a child so that my Pop Pop could craft this entirely new industry which became a monolith of its own later on. Throughout our house, there are notes from President’s passed and famous people that looked up to my grandfather. I’m not too close with a lot of my family and wish very much he was still around. I’ve been told since I was born that he’d have totally “gotten me,” and for that? I’d have loved nothing more than to have him here for this upcoming Thanksgiving…


Pablo Picasso 

I was torn between Picasso and Jackson Pollack. While I love Jackson’s work, I think Picasso is just such an interesting character and obviously, the icon of art. Period. Forget about the decade. I minored in Art History in college — taking to Pop Art and oddly enough, Greek Art/Architecture, thanks to an amazing professor who I stayed close to throughout my college experience. While those genres interested me, nothing compared to the single work of Pablo Picasso – his ability to drastically change styles and emotions throughout his career was unparalleled – still is.  The broke boundaries and did it in such a profound way that you couldn’t help but stop and admire the person and the work. 

Arty Factory

Leonardo DiCaprio (if I had a choice, circa 2000)

If I have to pick just one actor, it would have to be Leo. From his days in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to his most recent work in Inception etc. the man is just brilliant. He’s my generation’s version of a De Niro. I took a liking to him when I was nearly 10 and have still found myself fascinated by both his on-screen life and his personal one. Jumping from one astoundingly beautiful woman to the next leads me to believe he’s not as happy as he appears, or maybe (which I hope is the case) he knows that this is the time in his wildly successful career to just enjoy himself. Who knows. I think he’s able to morph into the character he’s asked to play in nearly every role – think about it for a minute, minus Gangs of New York he’s done an incredible job picking his roles. He’s managed to not get arrested for drug possession, crash a Rover, end up behind bars or even get into a bar fight – perhaps that’s why he’s one of the most distinguished and highest paid actors to date.

The Last Reel

Keith Richards

I wasn’t born in the Hippie Era and I’m not a music buff, but after having read Life by Keith Richards, I just can’t get enough. He’s raw, he’s extremely gifted but most of all, he’s unapologetic about his entire life. I think he’d be wildly fascinating to sit down with – that is, if he could sit for an hour straight without a cigarette break. I’d like to know more about his experience coping with drug abuse and also what it was like, at one point, to be the center of all female attention while in The Rolling Stones. Also, while he did divulge most of his stories in his memoir, my overall goal would be to extract even more juicy tales from him. Wish me luck. 

Music Rooms


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