Tebow and Gingrich – Taking It To The Field (Politics and Football) – Hell Froze Over, Officially

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I rarely cover news on my personal blog, let me retract that – I never do. I think once you start delving into the whole mad house that is politics you get bashed no matter which way you sway. At this point in the political debates, however, I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore in regards to the Republican race for presidency. It wasn’t even worth my time to write about the Herman Cain scandal – it only took, what, 10 women who filed for the exact same charge for him to “excuse himself from the debates” – please…

Here are my thoughts on Mitt Romney – I think he’s extremely out of touch with reality and what the country wants as a whole. I also think he’s losing a lot of luster in his inability to shut up when need be – throwing out a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry in a state that the total family income is $10,000 was the stupidest move in his race thus far. He just rubs me the wrong way – and continues to bash Newt for being married 3 times, who cares? It’s America – there is a lot more twisted shit that happens here then that.


OH Newt. I didn’t think Newt would be blowing the polls out of the water by any means – just being honest. I was very shocked to see his current escalated poll numbers. He’s not a saving grace of ANY sort, however, he is a stable well known man in the political industry whose had his footmark in the sand if you will for decades now. Obama even noted that he isn’t surprised Newt popped back into the picture – he never really left to begin with. He’s undoubtedly not a leader that will stand up and make Americans feel empowered or  inspired, but I do think he has a chance to win over Obama at this point – hate to say it, but it’s true.

Think Progress

Tim Tebow – OK now I’m fine to talk about news. Only kidding. The entire aurora around Tebow is somewhat extraordinary. He comes into the football industry, being coined as the “long shot,” is wildly religious and steadfast in his beliefs and even kneels on the field after a win. The whole package is a lot to absorb for the typical football watcher who rarely sees devotion of this sort being displayed on the football field. I think people nationwide are split in their decision about Tebow – is it right to kneel to the Lord in the middle of a game or is it not?  Regardless of race/ethnicity/religion I think what Tebow is embodying is a shining light  of sorts for Americans – showcasing the importance of having something  to believe in … anything. It’s really interesting to hear the mixed reactions. I for one am intrigued but still a bit skeptical to see how the rest of his years in football will play out – the rookie year for sure has been one to remember for Tim.

NY Daily News


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