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Some 2012 Movie Reviews

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Man on A Ledge

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to go see this movie. I think the antibiotics I was on MUST have caused some lapse in my movie-picking judgment. The movie wasn’t awful but it was most definitely NOT memorable whatsoever. A man is more or less on a ledge from the 5 minute mark on to the end of the film. Even Shia LaBeouf shirtless on a ledge playing the guitar couldn’t keep me entertained that long, sorry. I think in the end it was a cool concept but in reality the plot was really thin and not fully described until the end of the movie and at that point, all you’re hoping is that he just jumps off the ledge already.

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Woman in Black

I stopped watching the Harry Potter’s come the second premiere, but I will admit Daniel Radcliffe is really good at one thing – being creepy and being around other living and mystical beings that are equally as creepy. I am a huge horror movie fan as I’m sure most of you know at this point and really take to any cheesy horror film that can capture my attention for a two hour duration. Woman in Black most definitely is a cliff hanger of a movie minus the running up the stairs instead of down and any real gore which is more than FINE with me. I am so not into the Saw Trilogies – why would I spend MONEY to go see a movie where a saw is slowly drilling into someone’s brain for an hour and a half? ALL set – thanks though. I think this movie really played on the old horror movie plot of a haunted house and what may reside within. If you’re up for a scary but not gory horror film… or you really miss Harry Potter movie releases, I suggest you go see Woman in Black.

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Safe House

So, I’m not typically a Denzel fan – my brother and dad are both hooked on literally anything he cameos in. I am a woman, so maybe it has something to do with it but I just don’t typically like his action-packed “superhero” movies. I wanted to see Safe House though since I thought the previews looked awesome and well…. Denzel and Ryan on the large screen for two hours can’t be THAT bad. While I’ve seen much worse movies, I don’t think I’d ever re-watch Safe House – it lacked a plot for the most part and was a blood shed of a film. The movie starts out with 40 characters and ends with 1 remaining – and no I am not promising you Denzel rises above them all – you’ll have to see it for yourself, sorry Charlie.

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Extremely Loud Incredibly Close 

If you have ANY OTHER PLANS for the duration of the day? Don’t go see this movie. It is extremely dark and intense – not saying it’s not worth seeing but you most definitely can’t plan to do anything uplifting afterI am clearly advising from experience after having seen it on a Saturday afternoon – the last thing I wanted to do after was enjoy a fun weekend night out. The main little boy in this movie should have won every accolade imaginable – he held this movie entirely. Tom Hanks was clearly great for the short duration he lasted in the film as well. I think there is something to say for JUST how dark and sad it was without really any uplifting or comical bits – September 11th didn’t have moments of happiness either. That time in our history was extremely depressing and heartbreaking for our entire nation. So while I kid about it being a really dark movie, I can’t blame it for not incorporating any comedy into the mix since nothing about that tragedy, in my opinion, was funny whatsoever. 

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My Winter Food & Drink Escapades

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Serious Eats

I have to be honest, I’m hard to please when it comes to dinner. I have very high expectations of restaurants and my experiences there – even pizza shops. I was told this NoLita spot was a must-try and luckily I ended up taking someone’s word for it and haven’t looked back since. Within the past two months I must have been three times if not more, that’s awkward… oh well. Some stand out dishes include: Vodka Pizza, Minestrone Soup, Brick Pressed Chicken with Black Kale and Figs, Black & White Tagliatelle with Scallops, Shrimps and Mussels and who can forget ONE OF THE BEST desserts I’ve ever consumed: Apple Crumble with Salted Caramel Gelato. Bring me back now, please and thank you.

Celsius at Bryant Park 


Aside from the fact that the bar only serves Pernod Ricard products (cough, clients) I adore this great bar. I will miss it come summer time for sure. Who WOULDN’T like an “igloo” inspired bar with all glass windows over looking the ice skaters at Bryant Park? I mean, come on. I also love the bartenders/servers attire – bright blue bubble jackets. I’m sure they don’t find them as amusing as I do when they’re running around all night hot as hell in a big blue bubble jacket. Regardless, I’d suggest you stop by before it closes for the season or make it a point to go next winter.

Osteria Morini

New York Mag

Ironically enough, I was supposed to try Mornini last year around this time but we didn’t have reservations so we opted for another restaurant which sucked. Luckily, a year later, I finally got around to booking dinner there in advance and boy am I happy with decision. Dinner was absolutely delicious. We had the Artichoke/Cranberry Bean Spread with Crostinis, Calamari with fresh Tomatoes, Parmesan and Kale, Bouillabaisse of sorts, orgasmic Yam Raviolis and this Chocolate Hazelnut Custard… oh, my god. Go right now.


Architect CO UK

Also located in NoLita this spot is a great choice for some romantic wine – or you know, if you’re mom comes into town and we have some time to kill before our dinner reservations. Either or right? The restaurant itself looked gorgeous even though we didn’t dine there. I’d definitely recommend stopping by at the bar for a glass (or four) with some very attractive looking Italian waiters catering to your vino needs.


Noisette NYC

I have heard great things about Aldea for a while now so I’m glad I was able to recently try it. While I’m not usually a fan of Croquetas, these were amazing with a roasted garlic aioli, the Mussel Soup with Fennel was incredible too . I had the Chatham Cod with Braised Chickpeas and Tomatoes – also incredible. Highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who loves fish in any context.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Tacky I know, but it’s somewhat true. While I have no intention of moving back to New Jersey any time soon, I do find a sense of comfort when I head back in my SUV to the Jersey Shore – judge me all you want. No, I live nowhere near where the show is taped and no, I have no friends with diamond studs or gelled hair from home. The town I grew up in has tons of heritage with generations upon generations staying put and growing their ever expanding families in the town – making themselves somewhat hometown heroes.

This weekend I went home for some gum surgery, while that part CLEARLY wasn’t enjoyable – the trip home was. I thought it would be worth snapping some shots and stealing some that showcase what makes home, home for me and what exactly I love about my hometown.

My Last Remaining Pug, Wally

I had three fat little pugs at one point: Winston, Webster and Wally but time brings old age and unfortunately sickness so now, we only have Wally as our little remaining soldier. I think he’s just starting to take a liking to me – only took 12 years, no big deal. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, by any means – I’m not sure if he’s even able to respond to his name being called still but hey, I love him anyway. 


For those of you who automatically don’t sigh and long for a sub from this chain? You’re clearly missing out. Wawa is a DE/NJ based convenience store I guess you could call it – but it’s so so much more to locals in NJ. I can remember every day of the summer for over a decade walking over to Wawa for turkey subs and Lemonade Iced Tea – no shoes, no tops just bathing suits and a ten dollar bill in hand. They made customized subs/hoagies before every other massive store/food chain began offering such customization. I will forever be endebted to Wawa. I’d like a turkey whole wheat shorti sub with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, grated parmesan, spicy/whole grain mustard with an extra side of pickles – PLEASE AND THANK YOU

 Local Dive Bar Trips

My best friend and next door neighbor since I was born has always been my partner in crime – whether it came to dressing up in yellow Harriet The Spy attire to spy on our neighbors growing up, to laughing in the corner of our local dive bars behind the jukebox. There is something to be said to local beach town bars – they’re grungy but boy do they provide a large amount of entertainment/ enjoyment. You have such a combo platter over the summer of “better than you” out of towners living down on the beach for the summer mixed with all locals who really don’t like them but know our town economy depends on them. Always a fun night out to say the least. 

Margate Beach

So I have somewhat of a nice set up – I have a home now on the water in South Beach and live ten minutes from the ocean in New Jersey. Granted, it’s my sailing/water phene father’s doing. Nonetheless, I don’t think I could own a house without having water somewhere nearby once I settle down. The beach in Margate is my home – it holds so many memories from my childhood and through today. The best times to go are the months leading up to the summer rush and after everyone heads back to Philly – it’s your own personal beach, nothing compares.