Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Tacky I know, but it’s somewhat true. While I have no intention of moving back to New Jersey any time soon, I do find a sense of comfort when I head back in my SUV to the Jersey Shore – judge me all you want. No, I live nowhere near where the show is taped and no, I have no friends with diamond studs or gelled hair from home. The town I grew up in has tons of heritage with generations upon generations staying put and growing their ever expanding families in the town – making themselves somewhat hometown heroes.

This weekend I went home for some gum surgery, while that part CLEARLY wasn’t enjoyable – the trip home was. I thought it would be worth snapping some shots and stealing some that showcase what makes home, home for me and what exactly I love about my hometown.

My Last Remaining Pug, Wally

I had three fat little pugs at one point: Winston, Webster and Wally but time brings old age and unfortunately sickness so now, we only have Wally as our little remaining soldier. I think he’s just starting to take a liking to me – only took 12 years, no big deal. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, by any means – I’m not sure if he’s even able to respond to his name being called still but hey, I love him anyway. 


For those of you who automatically don’t sigh and long for a sub from this chain? You’re clearly missing out. Wawa is a DE/NJ based convenience store I guess you could call it – but it’s so so much more to locals in NJ. I can remember every day of the summer for over a decade walking over to Wawa for turkey subs and Lemonade Iced Tea – no shoes, no tops just bathing suits and a ten dollar bill in hand. They made customized subs/hoagies before every other massive store/food chain began offering such customization. I will forever be endebted to Wawa. I’d like a turkey whole wheat shorti sub with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, grated parmesan, spicy/whole grain mustard with an extra side of pickles – PLEASE AND THANK YOU

 Local Dive Bar Trips

My best friend and next door neighbor since I was born has always been my partner in crime – whether it came to dressing up in yellow Harriet The Spy attire to spy on our neighbors growing up, to laughing in the corner of our local dive bars behind the jukebox. There is something to be said to local beach town bars – they’re grungy but boy do they provide a large amount of entertainment/ enjoyment. You have such a combo platter over the summer of “better than you” out of towners living down on the beach for the summer mixed with all locals who really don’t like them but know our town economy depends on them. Always a fun night out to say the least. 

Margate Beach

So I have somewhat of a nice set up – I have a home now on the water in South Beach and live ten minutes from the ocean in New Jersey. Granted, it’s my sailing/water phene father’s doing. Nonetheless, I don’t think I could own a house without having water somewhere nearby once I settle down. The beach in Margate is my home – it holds so many memories from my childhood and through today. The best times to go are the months leading up to the summer rush and after everyone heads back to Philly – it’s your own personal beach, nothing compares.

  1. Didn’t Wawa’s used to have a greenish logo – or is this another similar type store…the name is on the tip of my tongue! Same fun memories of going there with my cousins to get Tasty Cakes and ice cream.

  2. Thanks for making it known that people who go down the shore are not like Jersey Shore! I lived in California before moving back to Jersey and you are correct….hearing about Wawa from a distance evoked the same response for all of us transplants.

    Take care!

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