i can’t believe i’ve had this blog for over three years – my, time has flown by!

i want to thank those that have been loyal devotees of taylorshocks and i also encourage people who want some frank insights on pretty much all things: food, pop culture, relationships, traveling and hotels to read through my blog — search in the tool bar things that interest you and i guarantee over the course of my blog career, i’ve bitched and ranted about it at one point or another.

please email me directly with any blog ideas or inquiries and or professional opportunities that you may see fit – i’m looking forward to it 🙂

taylorfoxman@gmail.com or catch me on twitter: taylorshocks

  1. Dearest Suzy Lu,

    I’m new to all of this, so indulge me.
    But when I clicked onto Craft and saw your
    Sarah Jessica/Hamptons reference I chortled
    aloud! Remember when you dropped a line
    to one of the Spielberg kids from Camp Karol
    and said something like “I saw you on page 145
    of…” it was adorable.

    And as for all this …whatever…to the right of
    the blog page, I can still see in my mind’s eye
    a crayon sheet you composed that listed some
    of your favorite topics…went something like:
    Peanut Butter The Hamptons Tanning

    As your mom may’ve mentioned, we’ve had the
    chance to get back in touch. Am delighted.

    She sent me a snapshot of you and your brother
    and parents, and until I zoomed in I mistakenly
    thought that the younger female in the picture
    was your brother’s Prom date. Don’t freak out…
    I brought it into better focus and am stunned
    (but not surprised) to see that you’ve become
    the knockout I always knew you were.
    And a CULINARY person, to boot!

    I don’t mean to drag you through the foggy mist
    of memories, but I can recall a time when you
    observed me slicing/dicing and messing up the
    kitchen floor on Princeton Lane and exclaimed
    “Uncle Mick, how can you do all this? It takes so
    much time!”…and here you are, barely a few years
    later on your way to becoming the new Ruth Reichl
    of the Cambridge/Boston circuit.

    I’d enjoy nothing more than breaking bread with you
    at some point in the not too distant future.

    My loving best,


  2. You are my hero. I’m obsessed with this website, it’s disgusting. Keep up the good work and the witty writing. Mama’s proud.

  3. I love your website. Keep it up.

  4. Hi Taylor, I guess we got invited to the same Botox party on FB, haha!
    I saw you had a blog too! I just got started on mine. I started reading yours! Well done indeed! My boyfriend is a serious foodie and we will want to try one of your suggestions next time we are in NYC.
    Hope all is well!

    Oh! The goat cheese tart at Marseilles on 44th and 9th Ave. is divine.

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