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Gatorade On Acid: See Below

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Would someone like to perhaps explain the new Gatorade to me because I am a bit perplexed here. It’s part of their lower calorie G2 line but here’s what I don’t understand. Who in their right mind would WILLINGLY drink something that looks like this?!? It looks like a mixture between space travel liquids and urine. No thanks.

I’d Like That Tastykake, but the Low Fat Version Please.

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I really cringe every time I see people (including my father cough) buy the Low Fat versions of the unhealthy favorites, such as Tastykake’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lay’s Chips.  This is my mentality about the issue… I feel as though, those who buy these “lower fat versions” feel “entitled” to indulge if you will on more generous portions than they would have with the regular versions. With that in mind, isn’t it right to say that perhaps you should just buy the regular versions and eat the portions you ate to begin with?

Let’s take Ben & Jerry’s Regular versus Fro Yo:

REGULAR: 1/2 cup equals about 12 grams of fat, and 230 calories

LIGHTER COUGH VERSION“: 1/2 equals 3 grams of fat, 190 calories

OK… I can indulge

Oh I Really Shouldn’t Be Eating This

It’s only from personal experience that I make this sweeping generalization. I’m sure there are plenty of American’s that will eat the allowed 1/2 cup and in reality will cut generous calories/fat by merely eating this lower fat version. But for the majority of Americans that I have come across, however, NONE have stopped at 1/2 cup… everyone feels they are allowed to indulge…which led me to my conclusion that they should stick to the originals


Crocs- The Endless Debate

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I really was a hater originally. I used to frown down upon all of those whom purchased, wore, and adored these ugly clogs. But, after years of popularity, the shoes have somewhat become less bothersome to me. 

I think there are only a few proper ways to wear Crocs:

1) If you are an infant, or a young child who don’t like having to tie your shoes and or enjoy rolling around in the dirt.

2) You are a gardener who uses them for their original purpose.

3) You attend a very, very liberal arts college such as Reed College or Swarthmore and feel “warm and at home” in the Crocs.

4) You live in an apartment with unsanitary bathroom floors and don’t feel comfortable showering without Crocs on.

5) You are a celebrity and wish to start a “new craze” with little kids by placing them on your children clearly in front of the paps.

Age is Just a Number… Or Is It?

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TARGET’S AD: What a great commercial- catchy tune, great dancing, and neat “Back To School” bedding… There seems to be one thing, however, I keep scratching my head about.. do they really want us to believe these girls are really freshman in college? 

This is the topic of debate recently, most importantly in regards to the ages of the Olympic Gymnasts.

There is no way, that any judge/American/gymnast believes that this little weenie winner in the middle, is SIXTEEN years old. She clearly hasn’t hit puberty… granted, gymnasts in general do tend to “postpone” puberty, however, she is no where near the age of this awkward time. 

I just truthfully think there is nothing wrong with these gymnasts being under 16 and winning. If they have the capabilities to perform at an Olympic level at TWELVE (which is the age of the winner, I’m sure) then why not let them openly compete? But because it is a rule that all competitors must be of the age of sixteen, I think it is CRUCIAL that their papers/visas/documents be THOROUGHLY INSPECTED!

Things That I Use That I Know Deep Down, I Really Should Not

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Over the years I have purchased and become frequent users of certain specific items/products I firmly know I should not be using. This awareness began back in 2000 I’d say when I convinced my parents to buy me the “Ab Energizer” off of the Infomercial. This product is HIGHLY unsafe I’m sure … oh as well as highly ineffective, but that’s besides the point. Once you purchase this product, your sent a “wrestling belt” pretty much, that you strap on around your waist. Before you do this step, your required to rub this “KY Jelly” like substance all over the area you wish to “firm”. Once you have rubbed this lotion all of your stomach your then advised to strap on the belt, and then push “GO”. Literally your body begins to vibrate and you feel these INTENSE pulses generating throughout your body. It’s quite insane. I only stopped using this product because I didn’t see results, not because I potentially damaged organs in my body. 

Next item I think will harm me in the long run, are my energy drinks. I think if we really look at these beverages, outside of their shiny cool cans well realize just how disgusting and unhealthy these liquids actually look. They are green/yellow in color and bubbly… ew? Also, I truthfully have one to two a day and I rarely feel “energized” after having consumed the beverage. I think, rather, I just enjoy holding an energy drink in my hand… it makes me look somewhat athletic and important…

Ok, so I also use another food product I really REALLY am advised against using ever, let alone on a daily basis. I have had a serious relationship with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray“. This is wildly unusual, the notion of a spray butter as opposed to solid. I spray it on everything from my toast to my waffles. I don’t know why I enjoy it more than the solid, clearly, both types of margarines are going to kill me in the long run yet I find a simple pleasure in the accessibility of the spray feature. Regardless, I realize soon it will be off the shelves in the market and then, I will have to unfortunately resort back to hurting myself via tub instead.

Too Many Things To Choose From

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While browsing in the local CVS with my brother, something hit me. Us Americans really do have far too many options in life. Let’s take going to the market, in reality, do I REALLY need 15 different varieties of Ketchup to choose from? No, not really.

What makes Early America charming to me was the lack of complication, point blank. Let’s say we were on our Ketchup quest 60 years ago, our trip through the market would have been MUCH shorter. There was one Ketchup, one Mayo, and one type of yellow mustard to choose from. Although there’s something to be said about the “ability to have options” I truthfully believe we are at system over load with the amount of options thrown our way.

Back to CVS, Bren & I were searching for scar treatment cream. The woman advised us to “browse” the Skin Aisle and well find what we were looking for. I now realize that with over 60 “skin healing products” available, the best solution maybe to just go with what you know. This idea can also be referring to food shoppping as well. Buy the JIF Crunchy regular Peanut Butter. You grew up with it, you loved it. Why change? I think unless you have some MAJOR urge need to switch things up, I suggest you continue on using the products you know & love, because otherwise? You’ll be spending far too much of your life “just browsing”!

No It’s Totally Cool, I Wasn’t Trying To Say Hi Either- The Runner’s Wave Debate

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I run. I have been running for the majority of my life now, and I have come to one conclusion. I really can’t make a decision whether or not “runners” as a whole are nice athletes. I tried to think about the races I ran for years and the dynamic between the runners. Tense, anxiety ridden, and fearful. I was the only “non competitive runner” who was there primarily to socialize and meet fellow people who shared my join in running. I came to find out shortly after I began trying to strike up conversations mid-race, that not many people shared in my desires to “create friendships”. 

After finishing my years of “competitive cough racing cough” I began just leisurely going for runs on my own. Whether it be on a boardwalk, on my college campus, or even more likely just on the streets in my hometown. What I have ALSO discovered over the years is that I think the “runner wave” is not universal, whatsoever. I have become such a comfortable runner that I can obviously take the ONE SECOND it takes to wave at any fellow jogggers while out on my run. However, I would estimate that 70 percent of the time, I don’t get any ACKNOWLEDGMENT WHATSOEVER.

It’s my opinion that us runners, like people who join the Greek system, are part of a select few. Not many people can say that they “thoroughly enjoy” waking up and going for a run, primarily for the sake of just loving to run. Most athletes claim that running is usually their punishment. With all of this in mind, I think I should start a revolution…. and make it a point to wave and smile at EACH and every fellow club member from this point on.

Paula Deen Isn’t Alone. 7- 11’s Attempt To Kill Us

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I must admit, I have lived half a block away from a 7-11 my entire life and have obviously grown life long bonds with the employees there over the years. Looking back on my purchases, however, has left me in quite a large panic attack. Some of the purchases have included the oh so colorful and “nutritious” Slurpee, yeah OK… The soft pretzels which boosts cholesterol with every bite, and last but not least their “Simpson’s Inspired Donuts”.

I think that there ARE options a bit healthier than my picks but because these options are offered? It’s my conclusion that they are trying to kill us, just like Paula Deen.

I must also include a side comment here, my brother always buys those oh so attractive looking “taquitos“. If those aren’t asking for high chances of heart attacks I don’t know what else is. Who KNOWS what they stuff into these roll ups. They also make me unsettled because of how they are presented; hot and rolling for hours on end. Just seems wrong.


Disturbia? More like Utterly Disturbing- Rihanna’s New Video

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At the gym this morning my eyes suddenly were taken away from my book, and were drawn to the big TV screens up above the machines. I couldn’t help but watch the new Rihanna video, “Disturbia“. I never comment on music videos, shocker I know… that I don’t put my two-cents in on EVERYTHING, but trust me I am usually easy on music videos. They tend to be what I consider “Brush overs“… these are videos with girls, in scantily clad attire shaking their behinds in my face. Don’t they all seem to mesh together? Regardless! This video is, out of this world- Rihanna, I am OK with you in booty shorts, I’m even ok with the drastic hair cut… but this? Oh HELL NAH

Please view this video and then read my comments. Thank you very much, I promise you it is worth the three minutes of your time:

Here we go

  • Let’s start with the intense Dominatrix theme… No, no, no. It’s fine Rihanna if you enjoy a little S&M with Chris Brown? But no need to bring that into your music videos, yuck.
  • The WHITE CONTACTS, blonde bob and long crack nails? Come on. Her eyes made her look like she is walking off the set of Dawn of the Dead
  • The convulsions that she continually had throughout the video? What was up what that?
  • Lastly, I must say the over all video looked like a horrible re-make of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video

Bad, bad choices Rihanna… 

Serious Eats Has It Right- Paula Deen is Definitely Trying to Kill Us

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For years I have mocked Paula Deen… I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve done jokes revolving around her. How the woman is not MORBIDLY obese is beyond me. She is probably, behind Emeril the top Food Network Celebrity Chef On Air. I will say this, I think she has good “intentions” but she MUST realize that each and every recipe she presents to her audience, will automatically lead to at least a 5 pound weight gain for each audience member. There is no such thing as a “teaspoon” or a “morsel” of anything on Paula’s shows.. every measuring unit is either “a slab of” or “drenched” in whatever the ingredient. I will say this loosely, on mostly every episode I have tuned into she has added at LEAST two sticks of butter to every, single, dish she goes through. The dish could even be entitled “Fresh Seafood Gumbo” and you think to yourself, OK HERE WE GO finally Paula’s whopping out a normal dish. OH no. You realize, that “without all of the butter ya’ll, nothin is tasty“. 

While interning today, one of my daily “tasks” if you will is going over the numerous Food Blogs that are popular; some include Epicurious, Grub Street (Personal Favorite), and Serious Eats. While researching/brushing up on my foodie news, I came across an ongoing piece on Serious Eats entitled, “Paula Deen is Trying To Kill Us” also known as P.D.I.T.T.K.U. Not only is it brilliant, but I totally was thinking the exact same thoughts. 

For example, here are a few “recipes” Paula has given to her viewers. As Serious Eats points out, clearly she is aiming to clog every Americans arteries, each viewer at a time. 


The Lady Brunch Burger“- Let me ask you Ladies something, is this what you typically eat for Brunch? Two glazed Krispy Kremes sandwiching a big ass burger, fried egg, and slabs of bacon? Because that SURELY is not what I eat. Perhaps, if I were pregnant with quadruplets that MAY be acceptable, probably not though. 

Mama’s Fried Biscuits“- Again I state, is it necessary to “fry” something that is extremely unhealthy for you BEFOREHAND? Let’s use FOUR ENTIRE CUPS OF VEGETABLE OIL Paula, really, there is no way we would make it to our next meal…. ever. 

“Mike’s Best Burger”- Right, I’m sure it’s the best burger, and most likely the last you will ever eat. So enjoy it.