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Crocs- The Endless Debate

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I really was a hater originally. I used to frown down upon all of those whom purchased, wore, and adored these ugly clogs. But, after years of popularity, the shoes have somewhat become less bothersome to me. 

I think there are only a few proper ways to wear Crocs:

1) If you are an infant, or a young child who don’t like having to tie your shoes and or enjoy rolling around in the dirt.

2) You are a gardener who uses them for their original purpose.

3) You attend a very, very liberal arts college such as Reed College or Swarthmore and feel “warm and at home” in the Crocs.

4) You live in an apartment with unsanitary bathroom floors and don’t feel comfortable showering without Crocs on.

5) You are a celebrity and wish to start a “new craze” with little kids by placing them on your children clearly in front of the paps.

Hmmm.. That Sure Does Smell Good (Favorite Unusual Scents)

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My dad and I went running this afternoon and during a moment of awkward silence, I mention just how much I loved the smell of outdoor barbecuing. I then asked him what smells he liked, and he had no real response. That prompted me to sit tonight and compile a list of the scents I am fond of:

1) My ultimate favorite : THE SHARPIE MARKER 

I can’t tell you when the fascination began, all I know is that since the time I began doodling, I have had a fondness for the smell of these markers.

2) Interior of New Cars

I am, slash, have always considered working for a Car Dealership primarily so I could just sit and smell the leather of new cars, sigh.

3) Blockbuster Video Store

Ok I’ll admit over the years, Blockbuster has definitely lost it’s luster, but I remember growing up I literally applied for jobs wayyy before eligibility just because I loved the unique smell of used/new videos.. Who knows.

4) Funnel Cake, on the Boardwalk in OC

So I am realizing now that I would enjoy the scent of funnel cake anywhere, but I feel some obligation to say I “specifically” enjoy the smell of the ones made on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

5) Lastly, Black and Mild’s, Cigars, and Cigarettes- No, I’m Not Kidding

I wish I could say that when people unconsciously blow smoke in my face that I cringe, but I don’t. I actually love the smells… I find that ironic just because I don’t smoke any of the above.

Things That I Use That I Know Deep Down, I Really Should Not

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Over the years I have purchased and become frequent users of certain specific items/products I firmly know I should not be using. This awareness began back in 2000 I’d say when I convinced my parents to buy me the “Ab Energizer” off of the Infomercial. This product is HIGHLY unsafe I’m sure … oh as well as highly ineffective, but that’s besides the point. Once you purchase this product, your sent a “wrestling belt” pretty much, that you strap on around your waist. Before you do this step, your required to rub this “KY Jelly” like substance all over the area you wish to “firm”. Once you have rubbed this lotion all of your stomach your then advised to strap on the belt, and then push “GO”. Literally your body begins to vibrate and you feel these INTENSE pulses generating throughout your body. It’s quite insane. I only stopped using this product because I didn’t see results, not because I potentially damaged organs in my body. 

Next item I think will harm me in the long run, are my energy drinks. I think if we really look at these beverages, outside of their shiny cool cans well realize just how disgusting and unhealthy these liquids actually look. They are green/yellow in color and bubbly… ew? Also, I truthfully have one to two a day and I rarely feel “energized” after having consumed the beverage. I think, rather, I just enjoy holding an energy drink in my hand… it makes me look somewhat athletic and important…

Ok, so I also use another food product I really REALLY am advised against using ever, let alone on a daily basis. I have had a serious relationship with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray“. This is wildly unusual, the notion of a spray butter as opposed to solid. I spray it on everything from my toast to my waffles. I don’t know why I enjoy it more than the solid, clearly, both types of margarines are going to kill me in the long run yet I find a simple pleasure in the accessibility of the spray feature. Regardless, I realize soon it will be off the shelves in the market and then, I will have to unfortunately resort back to hurting myself via tub instead.

My New Singin’ Sensation- Justin Nozuka

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A few reasons why I am giving Justin praise. First off, I love everyone with the name Justin for the most part. It began back in 2000 when I first laid my eyes on Mr. Timberlake on the Disney Channel. I’ll never forget, he was wearing a fire red and blue flame uni-suit. From that point on, I was “Lustin’ for Justin” as the sign that I made him stated. Ok, I’m getting off topic but the point I was making was that I tend to fall for singers named “Justin”.

Aside from his lovely first name, what originally caught my eye was his music video for “After Tonight” which played originally on MTV2. It was a weird video, older people looking up at stars in the woods while sitting around a bonfire pretty much. It wasn’t the “originality” of the video that caught my eye, it was the wildly mysterious hot man with the raspy voice signing who captured my heart.

So similarly to my instant infatuation with JTimb, I bought his CD on ITunes without even previewing anything beforehand. I tend to trust that singers wouldn’t put out an album unless it was “tip top”. Obviously, I have been proven wrong many times, however, not in this instance. There are so many songs I’ll recommend to download on ITunes… If you enjoy Folk, Pop, or Blues music you will like him. He is a combination of Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and Gavin DeGraw. I’d say he stands out with the lyrics he presents his listeners… One of the more chilling songs is entitled, “Save Him” which is all about domestic abuse. It is an insanely tight song but if you listen to the words, it is also very intense and real as well…

Here are my recommendations:

– “Save Him”

– “Mr. Therapy Man”

– “Golden Train”

– “Supposed to Grow Old”

No It’s Totally Cool, I Wasn’t Trying To Say Hi Either- The Runner’s Wave Debate

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I run. I have been running for the majority of my life now, and I have come to one conclusion. I really can’t make a decision whether or not “runners” as a whole are nice athletes. I tried to think about the races I ran for years and the dynamic between the runners. Tense, anxiety ridden, and fearful. I was the only “non competitive runner” who was there primarily to socialize and meet fellow people who shared my join in running. I came to find out shortly after I began trying to strike up conversations mid-race, that not many people shared in my desires to “create friendships”. 

After finishing my years of “competitive cough racing cough” I began just leisurely going for runs on my own. Whether it be on a boardwalk, on my college campus, or even more likely just on the streets in my hometown. What I have ALSO discovered over the years is that I think the “runner wave” is not universal, whatsoever. I have become such a comfortable runner that I can obviously take the ONE SECOND it takes to wave at any fellow jogggers while out on my run. However, I would estimate that 70 percent of the time, I don’t get any ACKNOWLEDGMENT WHATSOEVER.

It’s my opinion that us runners, like people who join the Greek system, are part of a select few. Not many people can say that they “thoroughly enjoy” waking up and going for a run, primarily for the sake of just loving to run. Most athletes claim that running is usually their punishment. With all of this in mind, I think I should start a revolution…. and make it a point to wave and smile at EACH and every fellow club member from this point on.

My Fascination with Photo Booth

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I find myself, many nights when it’s cold in December playing for hours on my Mac application, known as Photo Booth. I have also realized that I am not the only one who finds this application quite amusing; every time I go home my brother and I spend countless hours playing around, stretching our faces, and even becoming cartoon characters. 

There are a few reasons why I love this feature. First and foremost, the ability to see yourself typing away is pretty darn unique to Apple computers. Granted, I don’t ALWAYS wish to see myself on the camera, but when I’m feeling bubbly, attractive, or even drunk I do love being able to snap away. Another reason this feature is RAD is because of the multiple ways you are able to distort yourself COMPLETELY. My parents, ages way into the 50’s even enjoy this aspect of the application. Take Exhibits A and B


Perhaps, after sitting here writing about which parts of this application I adore the most, I just came upon a realization. Maybe I, like most typical 20 year old girls, enjoy being able to take multiple pictures of myself, and picking the ones I like best. Unlike Facebook tags which you have NO SAY over, this is pretty cool. I can continue to snap pictures until I feel content, and then do what I please with them. Possibly e-mail them to family/loved ones, or even a new profile picture if I’m being adventurous? The possibilities are endless when you use the Photo Booth Application on your Mac. 

What If I Just Don’t Know? The Problem I have with Greeting Cards.

In Confusion, Love on July 24, 2008 at 2:57 am

To My Dearest Friend… Lover… Brother… Mom.. Uncle… AND SO THE INSANITY CONTINUES.

I hope others can attest to the fact that sometimes, depending on who your shopping for even the mere thought of having to buy cards for certain people is just daunting. I cannot explain to you how many times I find myself uncertain of how to “categorize” those loved ones I am buying cards for. 

This is usually where I find myself standing with two cards in my hands, one in the left and one in the right with a look of confusion on my face. What if, crazy idea here, people don’t fit into the specifically “marked” categories? For example, if you were thinking of possibly buying a card for someone you “see” at school but perhaps aren’t speaking with as much during your summer apart? Would you consider this person your “Lover“? No. However, buying a card that starts off with a big “MISS YA BUD” doesn’t seem any more fitting, now does it?

Let’s use the example I just stated. Would this card above be appropriate? Only if your goal is to get smacked with a big RESTRAINING ORDER. This card, alongside, most other “lover” cards go WAY overboard in my opinion, I don’t need to open a card with someone attesting their love to me by way of a $3.99 paper greeting card thank you.

Right. This won’t work either…. Unless, you are hoping to watch feel good films with the person and “throw your inhibitions away” by sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yet again, mission incomplete.

I feel there should be a section of Hallmark that is somewhat, vague if you will. It could even be marked as the “CONFUSED PERSONS” section if need be. I just feel whether it be a situation in which your sending a card to your least favorite grandmother or a person whom you are not sure exactly what your relationship status is, there should be a place for that too. Anyone with me?