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Some Things Worth Looking Forward To…

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While this rambling list falls in no specific order, I will say that I sure do love my trips to Bermuda. Bermuda is quiet, uninterrupted and to be quite honest, such a hidden gem. I’ve been going to Bermuda since I was little, staying at the Ariel Sans and never once had a unenjoyable trip… watch me jinx it but how could that really happen when you’re on a quiet & remote island with no cell phone reception? Let’s be serious here for a minute.


Am I necessarily a fan of holidays that deprive you of meals? No, no I am not. I do, however, LOVE Passover…. and Purim…. and Hanukkah. Ok, maybe I like being Jewish more than I originally thought I had. There’s something very fun and traditional about Passover — very unlikely will you find a totally innovative out of the box Passover dinner — which is what makes it such a special holiday to me. People stick to the traditional inclusions on the plate, while having refined it to fit modern society’s standards, you will never see a Passover plate without some essentials such as Matzoh, Charoset, Bitter Herbs… the list goes on. My mother’s homemade Matzoh Brie may or may not be the reason I’m booking it back down to Jersey this weekend, just don’t tell my family that  — please and thank you. 


While I have no booty and have come to terms with the fact, I do love my body shape for certain reasons, such as, my ability to rock cut off denim shorts. I saw some GREAT new styles of these shorts in both Madewell and Urban Outfitters. I’m thinking a black long sleeve tucked in, the denim minis and crazy colored/patterned flats… all I need now is some freakin’ warm enough weather!

                                                                                                                                                                                  STARBUCKS’ PASSION ICED TEA

I would rather lick gravel than buy a cup of Starbuck’s overpriced, horribly tasting coffee. Their signature iced teas, however, are such a different story. Even I, a die-hard sweetener fan, finds it rather unnecessary to include in these unsweetened iced teas.  A large, coming in at $3.00, is well worth it and very enjoyable in my opinion. The drink reminds me of summer and I can’t help but starting to buy them now, in hopes that spring comes quicker. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Although my last attempt at going to catch a flick in the theatres myself ended in a major failure (cough, 127 hours is much better to read to than visually see, cough), I am willing to attempt another movie date with myself OR with others, if they choose to join. I can’t wait, specifically, for Scream 4 to premiere. Do I think it will be wildly or even remotely different from the last three? No. If anything, I may need booze to ease my disappointment with just how similar the fourth installment is, but hey, at least I can say I’m a Scream fan through and through right?


Big trip coming up next month — my first trip to meet Jon’s family in San Diego. For countless reasons, as one could imagine, I am looking forward to this trip more than a lot of others on this list. Serious Eats, my favorite food blog of all time (you all must know this at this point) always mentions “go to food stops” while visiting San Diego. You better believe I’m dragging my boyfriend to each and every one of these stops. Some of Serious Eats’ San Diego grub picks include: the Four Cheese Sandwich at Urban Solace, the Caprese Croissant from 30th Street Cafe and the Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt from Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt — DONE AND DONE.


One of my best friends, Jenina, is one of the biggest Sangria fans I’ve ever met. I can recall times where large… large… sizes of Carlo Rossi were passed around her apartment’s living room. While I’m not one for chugging econo-sized anything, I do love fresh Sangria while sitting outside at a restaurant. I think Sangria instantly puts you in the mood to do SOMETHING fun after you finish your drink — whether it be a bike ride or a big night out. I just know that if I sit and enjoy a glass of Sangria with friends, my happiness level boosts much higher than it would otherwise.



I know the faux pas behind wearing white pants in the colder seasons is long gone, but I personally, can’t get over the notion that it just doesn’t look right when you’re not tan and happily warm. I think I’ll start rocking the white skinny jeans I have with some black leather — nice mix up of the delicate and the harsh. I also can’t wait to wear white pants to my office — seeing as that denim is not allowed, white pants are JUST the right alternative come mid May-August.


I can’t reminisce on past springs spent in New York. I can say, however, that Boston was beautiful in the spring and I can’t imagine New York being any less gorgeous. I love the fresh feeling in the air, the flowers finally making their debut and the ability to start-up on my idea for some romantic picnics in the park on weekends. Damn, I need to stop day dreaming and start doing!

The Start To My Novella on NYC’s Public Transportation

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I will first and foremost make the very obvious statement to anyone who knows me that I am public transportationally challenged? Does that work? I’ve lived in let’s see here San Francisco, New York and Boston and could count on a set of hands how many times I in fact used public transportation. Perhaps my horrible encounter with a bag lady carrying a live chicken on my ONE San Fran bus ride stunted me for life? I really don’t know — all that I do know? Is that me and the Subway/T/Muni? Are not friends.

So… now that I’ve switched offices of work in the city, I really have no option but to commute — tear sad face. Here’s the thing, two weeks into trying this whole “subway” system? And I feel COMPLETELY confident I could write a full blown novella on the ins and outs of the subway system here in New York. I’m appalled? Fascinated? Concerned? All at once.

Here are some rules I have for the subway — and yes, even though I’m a newbie I can sure as hell still make some guidelines for all to abide.

If you have a bag, ladies, no problem. Do not however, bring a bag onto the subway the size of a small toddler. It not only is WILDLY not necessary (unless your office doesn’t supply you a computer and you’re forced to bring your own PC from home) and it’s also wasteful use of cramped subway space.

Books — Ok, no. I have a Kindle — if I don’t have my Kindle I’m ‘pretending to be doing business’ on my phone. You do not have any right to bring a full fledged hard cover onto the train — sorry but you know it’s true too you’re just not admitting it to me right now. Reading hard backs should be a past time enjoyed solely in the comfort of your own home on your own goddamn couch.

Newspapers I can deal with IF folded — you’re clearly not Superman, able to read the entire NYTimes cover at once, therefore, it would be CONSIDERATE of you to do us all a favor and just close the parts you’re not reading. Thank you and goodnight.

Last but most certainly not least — people who bring food onto the train. Let me be as inoffensive as I can be with this here. If at 6:10 you’re having you’re “dinner” on the public subway bus? You’re most likely eating fast food. In that case? The last thing I personally want, when coming back exhausted on a hot crowded subway bus at 6:30 at night, is to smell your stinky ass $2.00 Filet-O-Fish from Wendy’s. Sorry. Enjoy it in the privacy of the public NYC bathrooms instead.

Post 390 Review

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There are a few places in Boston that I’ve come to love and go back to year after year. While sometimes they disappoint and other times they wow me, I still go back — regardless. Some of my favorite restaurants in Boston are as follows: Hammersley Bistro, Davio’s, Avila, Mistral, Grill 23 & Bar, and Sunset Cantina/Brown Sugar (Boston University hangouts/guilty pleasures).

While I rarely branch out to unknown territory, I had to try Post 390 — after all of the odd ads found in Boston Mag/ Improper Bostonian as well as the buzz my friends/ co workers have made about the new restaurant. After a lovely yet warm/sleepy version of The Nutcracker with my mom on Thursday night, we made our way to Post for a late 10pm dinner at Post.

I didn’t think I’d ever be in agreement with the Boston Globe Food Reviews, but I have to admit, they’re quite spot on with their Post review.

Post’s perks: Location, vibrant bar scene, great late night spot, solid Roasted Lemon Chicken and Shrimp Linguine entrees

Post’s downfalls: Extremely rushed service, lackluster if that appetizers (i.e. steer clear of the Caesar Salads and French Onion Soup), buzzing environment that distracts from any chance of a “relaxing/enjoyable” meal

Overall, I’d suggest you go to Post if:

1) You’re on a first date … and not interested in hearing what your date has to say

2) You want a “quick bite” either before or after a night out — and not looking for a quiet ambiance

3) You’re 25-30, female, and looking for a young professional hookup

Post 390

406 Stuart St.(Clarendon St.)

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 399-0015