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The Most Memorable VMA Performances

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I have loved the VMA’s for as long as I can remember. I think when pop tension used to exist it was even more enjoyable. The Brit/Mandy/XTina/Backstreet Boy/NSYNC era made for some AMAZING skits and dirty glances.

I thought I’d run through some of my all time favorite performances — see if you guys agree with any of them.


No matter what the hell Eminem chooses to do in regards to his performance, it will always be outlandish and memorable. That’s what makes him amazing. This specific performance was revolutionary because this was really his first big ass foot in the door — and he nailed it. Hard.


The phrase “Sex Sells” couldn’t be more fitting for this performance. You take three of the most powerful, hot women of their time, stick em in lace and allow them to make out. What really could go wrong with this stunt? Absolutely nothing. It will go down in VMA history, no doubt in my mind.


I’m not even a huge Taylor fan — but this intro to her performance at the VMA’s was out of this world. She started in the subway station with a hat and jacket on — got more into the song ripped it off and revealed a hot red dress. She then started singing while trying not to fall in the subway, eventually taking her to the VMA’s. SO cool.


I dug everything about this performance, except for the party crasher at the end aka Lil Mama. Alicia is an amazing pianist/singer and Jay Z was on HIS SHIT that night. It didn’t hurt that his ridiculously beautiful wife, Beyonce, was jamming out in a hot red dress front row.


I mean…. do I really need to say anything? She was the epitome of hot during this performance. Take a slammin (*at the time) singer, put her in a bikini top, belly ring, and wrap her in a python. Again I say my friends, how could this performance have gone wrong? You’re right — it couldn’t possibly have.

Pop Singers- Where Are They Now?

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So I’ve decided after hearing Radar by Britney on the radio day after day to write a blog about what’s unfolded with the pop singers of yesteryears. I’m going to run through my take on the top 3, from their prime to now… see whose progressed with their life and see whose flopped, majorly.

1) I have to start with Britney, while she should be the final “WHABAM” I think it’s of utmost importance I start with the one who did the biggest 180… then another 180…. and perhaps a final 180 within the past 10 years.


This was Britney, literally …. as perfection. The snake, the body, the hair… I really couldn’t find a flaw even if I tried. Her moves were right on point– granted at this time in her life she was dating Mr. Timberlake, so who WOULDN’T be in a positively great state of mind? But my did the tables turn..


…. See Exhibit B, Britney, post buzzed head, two babies, a divorce from a gold digging hillbilly, and one hell of an embarrasing MTV “comeback” performance.

2) Mandy- See, I’m a big fan of Mandy. I don’t truly understand her and I don’t think she truly understands herself just yet however, she’s a very attractive and talented woman. Did I envy her when she was singing about Candy and dating Andy Roddick? Yes, a bit.


The big issue with Ms. Moore, however, is her inability to be herself. Everytime she dates someone new, she begins to look like that person — i.e., her new hipster/indie/non showering husband Ryan Adams. Is that even his name? I’m sorry if I butchered it.


3) Christina– Ok she MAY have won biggest turnaround out of them all… She went from being an INSANE sex-crazy wet bikini contestant to a happy mother and wife. Who woulda thought that the girl soaking wet in a wrestling bath would be content staying in and breast feeding her baby boy? NOT ME to say the least.


If you’re wondering why I didn’t include Jessica on the list, the rationale is very very simple… Not much has changed. She’s still making mistakes in her love life, wearing Daisy Dukes, and singing mediocre music.


What The… Miley Cyrus?

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Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus: I can’t have a normal life

Miley Cyrus, one of the world’s most famous teenage stars, has admitted to yearning for a “normal” life. The Hannah Montana franchise is worth an estimated $1 billion and has turned Cyrus, daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, into one of the most famous teenagers on the planet.

First off, who the hell is this girl honestly? I am from the wrong era, apparently her fan base was born after the 90’s began. Whoops! Fix your crooked teeth, put on clothing that isn’t easily identified as clothing from The Limited Too, and get rid of the trashy highlights. Thank you.  And 1 Billion dollars in assets? This is a joke right? 

OK, I do come from the “Britney” era so I don’t have much room to rant, however, this girl lacks most of the talent from what I’ve seen in brief clips and she sure does not have the dance skills Brit “Trainwreck” Spears had in her prime. I assume the mentality of both is to exude a sense of innocence while still giving off the sexual vibe? 


The problem with this “sexually innocent” popularity is CLEARLY the fallout. Let’s check out below what happens to girls that are “just bein’ Miley“…

Need I say more?