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What I Drink When….

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I want to relive my very hazy college years 

SoCo & Lime Shots I was also considering the oh-so-delectable Kamikaze shots, but I could only source a gross blue colored shot photo so I thought the SoCo & Lime would do JUST fine. Boy those shots never went down hard, but come 1am you for sure regretted cheering with your friends and polishing off five of them. I wonder what would happen if I attended a work event and ordered rounds of SoCo for my co-workers? Don’t think that would go down smoothly – literally and metaphorically.

 I’m at a sports bar and only cheap alcohol and wine are available

Bud Light on Draft, UGH – don’t get me wrong… maybe once or twice a year I crave a glass of beer. Other than that? I’d prefer pretty much…… any other type of booze thrown in my direction. I hate regular beer with a passion – I probably would opt to stay sober and go home alone, than to polish off five glass of Bud heavy. No thank you. I do think the whole liking beer as a girl thing goes hand in hand with liking sports too ….. yeah, maybe that’s why I’m not a fan of beer. I can’t tolerate most sports involving balls and bats.

 I want to emulate my late grandfather 

Pimm’s Cup cocktail while I didn’t get a chance to “formally introduce myself ” to my Pop Pop, I do know that one of his all-time favorite drinks is the Pimm’s Cup. Seeing as that I have NO liking for sweet, sugary drinks, I opt towards more savory and satisfying ones which leads me to my love for Pimm’s.  I think I’m channeling him every time I order one – don’t worry though, I don’t channel him all too often!

 I’m pre-gaming before a night out with my girlfriends 

Vodka, Soda & a Lime – obviously – do I really honestly enjoy this staple that EVERY GIRL IN AMERICA DRINKS? Um, no – not necessarily, however, it does provide the following benefits: a) it’s a lower calorie option b) it’s clear so you automatically look cool c) you can have three and still feel somewhat in charge of your evening d) your hangover is less ridiculous than it would be had you opted for the wine/beer/shot combo


I want to pretend I’m a Parisian or more likely when I try to be seductive

 Full-bodied glass of Merlot or Malbec wine does many wonderful things for your body. It calms you down, apparently helps boost your daily intake of antioxidants and provides you with a delicious beverage to consume with mostly any dinner-time meal. I personally love Chardonnay, Malbecs and Merlots, I’m a fan of both sides of the playing field. 

  I want to impress my friends with all that I’ve learned from “work”

 Glass of either The Glenlivet, Redbreast or Chivas #client – yeah, at this point I can honestly say “I know my shit” when it comes to most of the dark spirits on the market. I am the girl who helps lead tastings for large-scale whiskey and scotch companies, pretty sick gig right? From my two years working for these brands, I’ve come to enjoy some a lot but more so, respect the category as a whole. I enjoy scotch over whiskey – I love the smoke, Halloween-esque smells and taste of scotch rather than oakier whiskies. I am also Scottish so perhaps I am a bit (ok very) biased.

Things That Make Me Happy

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I want a dog… I love dogs. Well, let me back track here for a minute. I want a dog and I love the CONCEPT of having a dog. I just can’t seem to mentally accept the 6am dog walks in the blistering cold or the sweaty hot nights coming back from work, knowing I need to wait for my dog to finish their “duties.” Perhaps for now I will just keep looking at very adorable pictures of French Bulldogs, maybe go so far as to pretend one’s mine… name it, put it as my phone wallpaper — only difference? No morning clean ups or bedroom accidents. That sounds much more appealing in my book, no?


Similar to me wanting a dog, when I look at kids dressing better than I, I can’t but want to snatch one up and bring them home with me… Again, the whole cleaning up after them & the morning wailing isn’t where I am at this point in my life. Perhaps that maternal gene will click (let’s hope) come 30-35. If not, again I may have to resort to the whole “godmother role” — carrying various nicely dressed kid’s photos around of friends of mine that don’t mind the morning cries & accidents.


While I own far too many pairs of shoes for a girl my age… and an annual salary not allotted for such a habit, I still have yet to purchase Toms. My lack of Toms in my shoe closet makes me sad solely because they are truly one of the most philanthropic brands out there — donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold. You can’t get much more philanthropic than that — also, by allocating your shoe funds to Toms as opposed to Nike, you’re truly helping to stop the cruelty and unfair work condition/lifestyles that Nike inflicts upon their workers.


How many more times can I blog about my adoration for this city? I love NYC, don’t get me wrong (as I stare out of my apartment and see the Empire). I just think there is something to be said for a much more culturally diverse city — with diversity brings so many different personalities and mindsets. Being in Manhattan, it’s so easy to be like everyone else… hailing from the Northeast usually, with a few dollars in your pocket — having done any and every internship to make it to the most competitive city in the country. I do feel, sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a morning run and see homeless people… or go out to a bar and come across vegans, herbivore, red meat lovers — all the like. The weather also is damn nicer than the past 22 years spent in Boston, New York and New Jersey. One day SF….. One day.


My best friend from college, Ally, was always the domestic one of the two. I still to this day, throw anything on a bed that’s comfortable and hope it looks ok. I also, until last month, hadn’t put up one photograph and or piece of decor up in my apartment bedroom…. I moved in last July.  Something, however, just fascinates me about modern architecture  — I skim through books upon books at STRAND of amazingly designed homes. My style in essence is very bare boned — with natural wood and a lot of open spaces. Lofts, to me, are so sexy — it takes such a skill to turn a smaller house into the most coveted in a big city.


I hate the fact that out of all of the people I have in my life, only 10% give or take, enjoy watching scary movies. This 10% does NOT include boys who took me on dates to see scary flicks only because I mentioned I love them and they “did as well.” I think the more psychological movies aren’t my bag — I’m not spending my three hours of spare time a day to have to think about the ins and outs of a killers mind. With that in mind, show me stupid women in white shirts & fake breasts running up down the stairs. Show me killers walk not run and somehow end up catching up to the people sprinting for their lives. Maybe some popcorn too? Not necessary though.


Am I a wine snob? Nope. Do I have the fundamental understanding of wine and the variations and the process for which it is made? Yes, yes I do. I love wine — and the ironic part about that fact is that, when you’re 17 years old & scouring through your parents liquor cabinet, the LAST thing you want to pick up is a nice bottle of 1985 Merlot. Now? I’d guzzle the whole bottle in it’s entirety right then and there. I am not a red only or white only kind of person either — I am “open to all shapes and sizes.” My personal favorites, if I HAD to pick, would be Chardonnay, Malbecs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings when I want to feel all bubbly and happy inside.

My Favorite Drinks of 2010

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I love Gin and Tonics for a few reasons…. but mainly because it’s a manly, bare boned cocktail that gets the job done. You will never and I repeat never see me with a Cosmo… mainly because it’s too girly for me and because you need to drink multiple and I repeat multiple Cosmos before even feeling a buzz of any kind. Thanks, I’ll pass. Interestingly enough, Gin and Tonics are RARELY weak on the gin — whereas, when I order my Vodka Tonics I’d say 80% of the time I’m only tasting the Tonic. Maybe it has to do with my tolerance? Maybe it’s the bartender being skimpy…. only the man behind the counter really knows.


Another favorite of mine. Would I like shots of Rum? Um, no… would I like some rum with a splash of Coke? Why yes, thank you for asking. I think three of these do the trick for me when I’d need a hell of a lot more beer or wine to have the same effect. I also just order this drink to make myself seem somewhat of a badass, let’s be honest here.


My relationship with Vodka Tonic is like that with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. It’s a staple, of course, but it has the ability to get very old very fast. I also hate how often I find bartender who think I’m wasted give me no vodka, which is clearly the reason I’m paying the $14 tab, and fill up my drink my mainly tonic. Once I become a fully functioning adult with an apartment big enough to entertain? I’ll make sure MY vodka tonics have a 1…2…. BAM effect. Yes, you’re all invited in case you were wondering.


No, I am not a fan of whiskey in general. Yes, I work for Pernod Ricard on their Jameson, Glenlivet and Chivas Regal accounts. I have warmed up majorly to one Jameson drink, however, which is Jameson and Ginger. It’s fabulous. I love Ginger Ale to begin with — add in some “special sauce” that helps get me buzzed? I’m alll set with Jamo and Ginger for the evening. Thank you very much.


I wish I could write more posts specifically about beers, microbeers, beers on tap, organic beers, beer cans but I truthfully have no palate for such an animal. I only enjoy a beer — whether it be in a bottle or on tap, when at a sports bar, at a sporting event, or while watching sports in the comfort of my own home. I absolutely detest some beers …. well, more specifically, Corona and Corona Lights. I don’t care how many freakin’ limes you douse my drink with? I won’t be able to stomach it….. Give me a Blue Moon on tap with a slice of orange, on the other hand, I am one content little lady. Very different story.


There’s a very funny backstory to this. My brother and I used to bash my father unbearably about keeping Miller Lite’s in the house. Maybe my brother thought to make fun of him solely because it was a “light” beer. I don’t know why we did that to be honest… all I can say is that Miller Lite’s weren’t brought into our house without chuckles. I started having some in the bottle when there wouldn’t be other valid options at the bars I was frequenting. I have come to really love this beer as well as another lighter beer, Michelob Ultra.


I love bubbly. I love wine. I love all things bubbly and wine related. Santa Margherita, another client with whom I work with, makes a really inexpensive, rich tasting bottle of bubbly. It’s not as pricey as a higher end Prosecco, but has the taste of one that usually comes with a much higher price tag.


This label has been a staple in my house for as long as I can remember. My mother is only a Chardonnay drinker…. and well, many other spirits just not other varietals of wine. My dad sticks to the Cabernets and Malbecs. I fall somewhere in the middle — I love Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnay but when I want to fall asleep FAST or become flirtatious, which is very out of my nature, I opt for the reds. This Chardonnay made by Clos Du Bois, middle range in the pricing, is an ideal fit for any chicken, lighter steak or fish dinner. Some other whites we love include: Rodney Strong, Edna Valley and Hess.

Hess Vineyards, side note, is the artsy/foodie HAVEN of a vineyard… the best art I’ve seen in a while plus amazing wine. Granted, you need to make enough money to purchase the artwork in the vineyard to purchase Hess’ wine on a weekly basis, VERY pricey but very worth it.


Mid priced, very solid Cabernet to have on your shelf, most definitely. It’s a table wine that works perfectly with any meaty dish, ragus, heartier pastas or even something a bit esoteric such as an Osso Bucco. Some other labels we love, in regards to reds, include J Lohr, Ravens Wood and 14 Hands