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Spiderman Turn Off The Dark– Broadway Review

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Well, I will preface this review by stating that I am not in fact a big fan of comic books as a whole. I don’t have a longstanding appreciation for any such Spider/Bat/Super Man. With that in mind, I don’t know if I can really judge the substance of Spiderman Turn off the Dark on Broadway as well as someone who has and will always be a die hard Peter Parker fan.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten tickets to one of the first preview showings of the new Broadway show this past Saturday night. Having read EVERY New York Times article about how catastrophic both “acting” wise and “physical injury” wise the show has been rumored to be, I was skeptical to say the least.

I sat in the third row, which I came to find out very quickly, wasn’t the best spot to be when 100 pound metallic spider legs are about an inch from your freaking head. The show also dragged on for over THREE HOURS — I think even if there were no mess ups, no technical breaks throughout the show AND GOOD ACTING/SINGING, I would’ve been ready to leave come hour two.

Ok here were the upsides to the show:

  • Unbelieveably cool costumes — every character, even those you could barely detect in the back row, had extremely unique and out-of-this-world costumes
  • Really fun and interactive show in regards to the constant flying and battles taking place above your head
  • Interesting set that was never the same for the more 10 than minutes

The downsides:

  • Out of the 65 million spent on the show, 1 million must have been spent on casting the entire ensemble; it was SO poorly cast that I sat there in utter disbelief
  • They should have allocated some of the funds to casting whom they originally wanted for the role of Mary Jane, and that was Evan Rachel Wood
  • The main character, Peter Parker, whomever he is in real life should stick to another profession –singing and acting is not his strong suit, James Marsden would have been a hell of a lot more ideal
  • The music could have been good, because U2 is very talented, but the singing ruined it — quite frankly

Celeb Couples I Can’t Comprehend — Part Deux

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So the most popular blog I’ve ever written was entitled, “Celebrity Couples I Can’t Wrap My Head Around” — after having watched more E! Entertainment and read more OK! Magazines, more couples have begun to confuse me and I feel it is about time I share them with all of you. Enjoy.


I’m not saying there’s anything “wrong” necessarily with this couple — I do, however, find it to be quite a peculiar match up. I mean, think about it — Keith Urban is this, frosted tipped, True Religion wearing “Country Pop Star”, and then you have Nicole Kidman, whose this fragile, pale, reserved, ex of Tom Cruise? Like … who woulda thunken? Then seem quite happy so I won’t judge.


I wanted desperately to avoid writing again about my confusion with this duo. The most searched person on my entire blog is surprisingly Evan Rachel Wood, andddd, keeping in mind the fact that she is now oddly engaged to this unusual specimen of a human, I thought I’d re issue a “CONFUSION LABEL”. I DON’T GET IT EVAN… You’re young, attractive, headed in somewhat of the right direction career wise — why is it you flock towards a man who … well… we don’t even know his sexuality? gender? skin color?


Alright, I see it — You two fell in LOVEEE during the making of Scream and just went on with your own individual mediocre lives without each other, until ONE DAY, at a Scream Reunion Bar Crawl, you realized you were destined alllll along. Or more likely, they both realized that each of them made up probably 1/2 of a real celebrity, so together, they could be one “famous person”.


This one makes me shake me head in confusion on a daily basis — he is this somewhat famous, somewhat attractive “actor” who now permanently hosts Teen Nick Channel. He is goofy looking, smiles too often, and is best known for his “so so” role in Drumline. Mariah Carey is a GODDESS of all musicians, best friend to Smokey Robinson and Oprah Winfrey, and revolutionary in the music world. WHAT IS SHE THINKING??? I UNDERSTAND he worships the ground she walks on, yes, and I understand that she is tired of “men who rule her life” but this is just too weird for me to ever give the seal of approval. I’m sorry.

Celebrity Couples I Can’t Wrap My Mind Around

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I have to admit — I do sometimes wish I could be swept away by Shia LaBeouf…. or Shane West…. well, pretty much any attractive actor would do. But in reality, I do sometimes look at couples in Hollywood and scratch my head. I don’t get a lot of the relationships that are and were taking place in Hollywood. With that in mind I thought I’d summarize some of my thoughts on my blog, DUH.

1) Seal and Heidi Klum– Now, don’t get me wrong. I do think Seal’s style and voice are both unbelievably sexy, however, I just can’t see those two together. I could see him swaying his hips in the dim lighting of his living room, with a glass of pino and a romantic black and white film on in the background. I see Heidi more into the flashing lights, champagne, city scene. But hey, I’m clearly not a good match maker because they are still SO smitten.


2) Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson— Need I elaborate on that one? The only comparison I could possibly make would be to compare Evan’s “stunt” with Marilyn like my interest in dating a skater kid during my freshman year of high school. Sure he rarely showered, was a “pop version of a skater kid” aka he wore Independent and FOX, but who cares– I thought I was bad-ass. As does she apparently.


3) Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox- This one boggles my mind more than the rest. She IS the actual sexual fantasy of every guy ages 14-45 and she’s with a TOTAL HASBEEN who doesn’t even treat her well? I’m SO lost. I know girls like the guys who don’t pamper them but come on…. can’t we compromise on Mario Lopez? He at least surpassed the “90’s hasbeen status”– Brian has definitely not, come on Megan you can do so much better.


4) Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy- Ok Jim’s funny, yes, psychotic a bit though too? YES. His hair in the photo below is also longer than Jenny’s but that’s besides the point. I get she’s also a “funny” hot ex-Bunny but I just don’t see how they click, whatsoever. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with Jim Carrey period, I feel like he’d pop out of a bathroom screaming ‘SOMEBODYYYY STOP ME’ at least once a day… and that’d get really old.