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Some Things Worth Looking Forward To…

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While this rambling list falls in no specific order, I will say that I sure do love my trips to Bermuda. Bermuda is quiet, uninterrupted and to be quite honest, such a hidden gem. I’ve been going to Bermuda since I was little, staying at the Ariel Sans and never once had a unenjoyable trip… watch me jinx it but how could that really happen when you’re on a quiet & remote island with no cell phone reception? Let’s be serious here for a minute.


Am I necessarily a fan of holidays that deprive you of meals? No, no I am not. I do, however, LOVE Passover…. and Purim…. and Hanukkah. Ok, maybe I like being Jewish more than I originally thought I had. There’s something very fun and traditional about Passover — very unlikely will you find a totally innovative out of the box Passover dinner — which is what makes it such a special holiday to me. People stick to the traditional inclusions on the plate, while having refined it to fit modern society’s standards, you will never see a Passover plate without some essentials such as Matzoh, Charoset, Bitter Herbs… the list goes on. My mother’s homemade Matzoh Brie may or may not be the reason I’m booking it back down to Jersey this weekend, just don’t tell my family that  — please and thank you. 


While I have no booty and have come to terms with the fact, I do love my body shape for certain reasons, such as, my ability to rock cut off denim shorts. I saw some GREAT new styles of these shorts in both Madewell and Urban Outfitters. I’m thinking a black long sleeve tucked in, the denim minis and crazy colored/patterned flats… all I need now is some freakin’ warm enough weather!

                                                                                                                                                                                  STARBUCKS’ PASSION ICED TEA

I would rather lick gravel than buy a cup of Starbuck’s overpriced, horribly tasting coffee. Their signature iced teas, however, are such a different story. Even I, a die-hard sweetener fan, finds it rather unnecessary to include in these unsweetened iced teas.  A large, coming in at $3.00, is well worth it and very enjoyable in my opinion. The drink reminds me of summer and I can’t help but starting to buy them now, in hopes that spring comes quicker. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Although my last attempt at going to catch a flick in the theatres myself ended in a major failure (cough, 127 hours is much better to read to than visually see, cough), I am willing to attempt another movie date with myself OR with others, if they choose to join. I can’t wait, specifically, for Scream 4 to premiere. Do I think it will be wildly or even remotely different from the last three? No. If anything, I may need booze to ease my disappointment with just how similar the fourth installment is, but hey, at least I can say I’m a Scream fan through and through right?


Big trip coming up next month — my first trip to meet Jon’s family in San Diego. For countless reasons, as one could imagine, I am looking forward to this trip more than a lot of others on this list. Serious Eats, my favorite food blog of all time (you all must know this at this point) always mentions “go to food stops” while visiting San Diego. You better believe I’m dragging my boyfriend to each and every one of these stops. Some of Serious Eats’ San Diego grub picks include: the Four Cheese Sandwich at Urban Solace, the Caprese Croissant from 30th Street Cafe and the Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt from Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt — DONE AND DONE.


One of my best friends, Jenina, is one of the biggest Sangria fans I’ve ever met. I can recall times where large… large… sizes of Carlo Rossi were passed around her apartment’s living room. While I’m not one for chugging econo-sized anything, I do love fresh Sangria while sitting outside at a restaurant. I think Sangria instantly puts you in the mood to do SOMETHING fun after you finish your drink — whether it be a bike ride or a big night out. I just know that if I sit and enjoy a glass of Sangria with friends, my happiness level boosts much higher than it would otherwise.



I know the faux pas behind wearing white pants in the colder seasons is long gone, but I personally, can’t get over the notion that it just doesn’t look right when you’re not tan and happily warm. I think I’ll start rocking the white skinny jeans I have with some black leather — nice mix up of the delicate and the harsh. I also can’t wait to wear white pants to my office — seeing as that denim is not allowed, white pants are JUST the right alternative come mid May-August.


I can’t reminisce on past springs spent in New York. I can say, however, that Boston was beautiful in the spring and I can’t imagine New York being any less gorgeous. I love the fresh feeling in the air, the flowers finally making their debut and the ability to start-up on my idea for some romantic picnics in the park on weekends. Damn, I need to stop day dreaming and start doing!

My Daily Routine

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 I must admit, I have become better over the past year. Perhaps I should attribute my decrease in food ADD to my transition into real life? Who knows, all I know is that I can’t have one more egg white with cheese omelet with a side of toasted Rye for A LONG TIME. I am also, lately, craving some fruits and something crunchy in the morning. With that in mind, I have decided to switch up a lot of my meals and boy was it refreshing. I thought I’d go through what I eat day to day — clearly not every day… or including weekends….or including the Oreos I polish off and don’t remember eating. Let’s move on shall we?



This surprisingly keeps me as full as my omlettes have in years past, but it has so much more flavor and variety in textures — I am totally diggin it at the moment. I love switching up the cereals/oats I use — sometimes I will use just plain old Quaker Oats rolled oats or sometimes I’ll eat our clients cereal in house such as Post Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat. Fruit I vary it up too sometimes I love blueberries, rasperries and other times I love more “oomph” so I get Kiwi and Mangoes. YUM.

My recent love for Lattes with syrup, I must admit, have come with a heavy cost. Perhaps it’s just me but 5 dollars for a Cup O’ Joe with some foamed milk and syrup really shouldn’t rack up to 5 bucks, but hey, I do live in Manhattan so I will shut up about it. I tend to order a Medium Skim latte with vanilla syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on top. If I’m not in a coffee mood I tend to go for Mighty Leaf’s Chai tea with Honey and a bit of milk. BY THE WAY — if you aren’t familiar with Mighty Leaf? You should go this instant and buy the ridiculously priced box, it’s worth your bang for the buck. Hold me to it.  


Lunch is always an iffy one for me. I’m not a lunch girl by any means but my stomach sure is. I am ravenous come 1pm but the inevitable question is — what to eat? I sometimes make sauteed chicken with Farfalle and vegetables to bring to work. Other times, I have a large bowl of Hale and Hearty Soup or an oversized chopped (hold the chopping part) from PAX. I don’t think lunch should be your favorite meal of the day — it is in passing. Meals should be able to be enjoyed in a leisurely manner, not midway through the to do list at work or for classes. Count me out.


I have and will always love my Caesar salads. Similar to my love for French Onion soup, there is no other pick for appetizers most nights of the week. If I’m somewhere upscale that frowns down upon such low brow selections, I will opt for something more esoteric but for the most part? I love me a good salad with extra cheese, crispy croutons and big chunks of romaine.  

For my entree, I will either have some type of lighter fish dish — I.E. Cod, Scallops, Shrimp, Halibut or will turn to my go to — BBQ marinated grilled chicken with a bed of rice and some vegetables. I love going to Chelsea Grill in Hell’s Kitchen and getting their Grilled Chicken Platter with a side of steamed spinach. The dish is presented with sweet as hell Honey Barbeque sauce coating the chicken breasts, a massive bed of white rice (shoot me, really) and marinated then chargrilled vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini — can’t beat it.


I wish I could still have creamy ice cream but I can’t — lacoste intolerance has got me opting only for greek yoguts and frozen yogurt which doesn’t upset my stomach for some odd reason? Anyway, I love having some Butterscotch or Vanilla Fro Yo mostly store bought not from Pinkberry or any of that nonesense, with whipped cream. It does the trick in my book. You don’t feel all too guilty about it and it’s a satisfying treat after dinner. Still wouldn’t mind some damn ice cream every once and a while though, whatever man.

Hot Chocolate can and will always be my night time go to sweet drink. I’m sorry don’t try to persuade me otherwise. I also tend to enjoy store bough SWISS MISS (yes I said it) over in store Hot Chocolate. There’s just something reminiscent about opening up the packet in the company of your own home and making amazing hot chocolate yourself. I don’t add marshmellows though — a bit over the top don’t ya think? I think my whipped cream and fro yo indulgence covers me for the evening typically.  

Foodie Files — Obsessions for August

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I have been trying my best to break out of my normal routine of my “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Omelet with Toast for breakfast every morning… I have been MILDLY successful. I say mildly because I tend to feel ravenously hungry come 11am when I branch out of my comfort zone. See that’s what I get. I have been trying to dabble with some Greek yogurt/fruit and or waffles, eh. I may staying boring we’ll see.

In other news, some of my most popular blogs over the years have been when I highlight some of my current foodie obsessions, so I believe I will start doing this once a month if possible. Here you go:


I grew up eating Belgium waffles — in addition to the never ending supply of TAB diet soda, Chardonnay and Banana Bread around my house as a kid we used to always have individual Belgium waffle packs. I remember you’d be instructed to stick each one in its own aluminum/ cardboard microwavable box. Weird come to think of it. Anyway, these are delicious and nutritious. Dab some PB and Maple Syrup and you’re good to go.


There is something to be said for ugly tomatoes — I mean, really ugly tomatoes. They are uber crisp and delicious, a bit more refreshing to use in dishes than the standard Heirloom in my opinion. I had to pick some up at the market and was not disappointed with my purchase. I used the tomatoes in everything from my boring omelets, to part of Turkey sandwich wraps etc.


My obsession with Ben and Jerry’s Fro Yo collection is not a new revelation to you guys. I have blogged about their other variations over the years — I think it’s so good, so good. I like Cherry Garcia at the moment with chunks of chocolate and real cherries — I dig. Big time.


I probably shouldn’t be spending 8.00 on Blueberry Jam right out of college, but hey, you only live once right? What makes this jam different in my opinion is the authentic chunks of real blueberries inside — I don’t feel like I’m eating sugary mushy jam — instead, I feel like I’m eating what real “jam/marmalade” should taste like.


JUDGE ME if you’d like for this pick but, they’re delicious. I was originally adverse to purchasing anything that had “Vita” in the title — then… I started representing Vita Coco… and then began eating Vita Tops. Oh well, I will say now I shouldn’t have sworn it off in the past. With variations such as Banana Nut, Chocolate and Corn Muffins they really are amazing snacks/desserts. I like to microwave the Corn Vita Top and top it with syrup and whipped cream. YUM.

16 Handles, My Possible Retraction on FroYo

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I still don’t think I will still be a frequent customer of any Frozen Yogurt Joint, keeping in mind I am somewhat/largely/mostly Lactose Intolerant. I will say this, however, two days ago after lying out catching some rays with girlfriends I for some ODD reason, recommended my friends try “16 Handles” the new FroYo Shop that just opened behind our dorms. 16 Handles is “actually” located at 152 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th St. I went into this “adventure” highly pessimistic and skeptical of ONE MORE Frozen Yogurt shop. But I must admit, I was extremely surprised/ pleased with what came my way…


Once inside, there was a lady standing with mini cups to be given out to all entering customers. You are given as many “little sample paper cups” as you please and can try all of the SIXTEEN flavors if you so desire! Me, unable to eat a full cup of the treat without feeling sick, was surprisingly satisfied with the mini tastes I tried. The best flavors I tried included the “Cookies and Cream“, “Peanut Butter” obviously, and “Banana” other flavors included “Cheesecake, Berry, Irish Mint, Strawberry Tart, and Chocolate“. What I liked most about the set up of this joint was the ability to swirl your own dessert… makes you feel somewhat important! Also, you are only charged by how much you put in, therefore, instead of having to buy either “S,M, or L” you can make your own sized treat. 

The samples are not only delicious and rich tasting, but there is absolutely no need for the toppings that they offer, even though they did offer a great array of healthy/not-so-healthy topping options as well. My one friend chose to hold off on the toppings and just filled up her cup with a variety of tasty yogurts, it rung up to only $4.00! My other friend filled up her massive bowl, added jimmies and Oreo’s and a water all for $5.15, SUCH a solid deal if you ask me. The interesting little quirk is the spoon actually; they present you with free wooden spoons which I think is original and clever.

In a nutshell, I still really do not like the concept of this Frozen Yogurt Craze, nor do I think Pinkberry or most of the other institutions are really anything “special”. This little gem, however, is definitely out of the ordinary.

What’s The Big Deal about Frozen Yogurt Anyways?

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If I see one more person walk by me with a big bowl of the new “hot dessert” I may hurt someone. I cannot take this craze… the UGGS with leggings? Ok, in some areas of the world I let that go because it was more functional than a fashion fad. I was even OK with the Blackberry craze… it’s annoying but necessary for those in the working world. But this Frozen Yogurt shit? Get out of here. People have this CRAZY mentality, that you can eat an abundance of “healthy” food for you without any guilt, am I right? Like, ladies I think you are not understanding the concept of Pinkberry/Frozen Yogurt in general. The serving size is about 1/2 of a small cup without any “add ons” which is primarily the reason you make the trek, so….? In reality is it any better than getting let’s say… god forbid a small cone of Haagen Daaz? Not really. 

Another point I have to make here is this. I grew up eating my daily chocolate/vanilla swirl with extra jimmies from TCBY. I cannot remember how many days I’d make my Uncle Mickey drive my brother and I to the TCBY in Amagansett because they didn’t have one in East Hampton, which is where we usually lived in during our summers in the Hamptons. I just don’t think after having frozen yogurt from a little shop by my place in Union Square, it even COMPARES to my old school favorite TCBY.

I think people flock like sheep to the “newest and hottest thing“. I truly believe even if this “Fro Yo” all of a sudden was made with rancid ingredients such as goat’s milk, let’s say, people would still be all about this dessert. Why is that? Because it’s “cool”. Look at the example below, I don’t mean to call Pinkberry out here or anything, but let’s be honest does this REALLY look more appealing than my delightful TCBY photo above? I don’t think so. 

My advice would be to stick with the old time classics, such as TCBY Swirls with JIMMIES, yes you heard right. I know they are also “out of style” because apparently they contain harmful fats? Whatever. If you live your life in fear of things as dumb as the fat in jimmies? I feel for you.