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My All Time Favorite NYC Hidden Gems (Well, Some Have Already Been Discovered)

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ABC Carpet & Home

What is there to say that already hasn’t been said about ABC Carpet & Home? This home and decorating MECCA is located near Union Square. Meaning, any time I am even remotely and by remotely I mean within a mile distance, from the store, I just have to pop my head in. The photo is a snapshot of my boyfriend’s second experience at ABC last weekend – he didn’t realize until the end of our recent trip that it extends six more floors up. My mom and I have always made it a point when visiting NYC to go into ABC to look at jewelry. She’s a designer and loves to see other innovative artists and of course also purchase some for her and I as well. This store is constantly evolving and becoming even more of a NYC spectacle – I can’t wait until I have the finances on my own to decorate my house in nothing by ABC.

Madison Square Park

I have, for certain very loving reasons, been frequenting the Flatiron District throughout the past year. This area continues to amaze me – I am obsessed with the actual Flatiron Building itself, Eataly and the great stores in that area. Madison Square Park just can’t be compared. Their seasonal installation pieces of art are absolutely amazing — I was forced many times this winter, to gaze at the art while unable to feel my fingers or toes, I didn’t mind it for some reason though. Also, the beautiful lights surrounding Shake Shack make waiting an hour or more in line for a small hamburger, somewhat tolerable and even enjoyable.


If I could pick any commercial building to live on top of, near, next to you name it I would pick Chelsea Market in heartbeat. I think this is THE coolest open market in the city and is full of amazing foodie finds. Even the small Espresso stand delivers unbelievable coffee — sure, you’re paying more than at a local bottega, but it’s damn worth it if you’re a coffee fanatic. Some of my favorite places inside include: Amy’s Breads, Dickson’s Farm Stand, Fat Witch Bakery, The Filling Station and Sarabeth’s


As if I haven’t given Westville more action than any other restaurant on this blog, I have to go BACK to my love and adoration for Westville in this post. SIDE NOTE, rather large side note, while dining there with my best friend Julia last week, I didn’t realize for the duration of my dinner that I was dining next to THE Ryan Gosling – who would’ve thought someone so famous would be so in tune with his inner hippe East Village foodie side? Everything about this place I adore – the rotating seasonal menu, the print out copies of their menu which is written on a notepad, their chicken chili, massive portions for salads and amazing sides which are PERFECTLY amazing as an entree in of itself.


This is my biggest guilty NYC pleasure. Am I going to purchase yet another puppy mill dog after having 3 pugs from similar situations? No, no I will not. Is there anything wrong, however, with spending my Saturday afternoons pretending otherwise and sitting in a boxed in cage on the floor with various Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs? Nope, I didn’t think so either.


Since the day I moved here, I have been a Chelsea Grill devotee. Maybe I am extremely attracted to it’s low key deal… they refuse to join Open Table, only accept walk ins, don’t even bother with an online website and yet? There’s never an empty seat in the house. The waitresses went from being “friendly” staff I knew somewhat to close acquaintances of mine at this point. The portions are huge, the wine is overpoured and I am content with it, 3 to 4 nights a week — don’t judge. I like stability and a “Cheers” like environment every once and a while. Do you really blame me?


Having minored in Art History and…. having three artists in my immediate family, I have grown to become quite an art nerd. I love museums, more specifically Contemporary and or Modern Art. This museum blows my mind — every remarkable piece of art can be found in this four floor museum. It’s a gorgeous space itself — very bare boned and minimalistic which is my style to a T. I can’t wait for another muggy summer rainy day to spend the day strolling through the floors of the MOMA again. 


Oh Rosa… this is the last time I’ll mention this restaurant at least until September I promise. I will continue to love Rosa as long as I am in NYC. The homemade guacamole, Pomegranate Margs, tortilla soup, shrimp brochette skewers and their pico de gallo are all incredible. While I am in love with all 3 NYC locations, I didn’t like my two experiences at the Miami location. Luckily I only venture there for quick weekend getaways.

My Daily Routine

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 I must admit, I have become better over the past year. Perhaps I should attribute my decrease in food ADD to my transition into real life? Who knows, all I know is that I can’t have one more egg white with cheese omelet with a side of toasted Rye for A LONG TIME. I am also, lately, craving some fruits and something crunchy in the morning. With that in mind, I have decided to switch up a lot of my meals and boy was it refreshing. I thought I’d go through what I eat day to day — clearly not every day… or including weekends….or including the Oreos I polish off and don’t remember eating. Let’s move on shall we?



This surprisingly keeps me as full as my omlettes have in years past, but it has so much more flavor and variety in textures — I am totally diggin it at the moment. I love switching up the cereals/oats I use — sometimes I will use just plain old Quaker Oats rolled oats or sometimes I’ll eat our clients cereal in house such as Post Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat. Fruit I vary it up too sometimes I love blueberries, rasperries and other times I love more “oomph” so I get Kiwi and Mangoes. YUM.

My recent love for Lattes with syrup, I must admit, have come with a heavy cost. Perhaps it’s just me but 5 dollars for a Cup O’ Joe with some foamed milk and syrup really shouldn’t rack up to 5 bucks, but hey, I do live in Manhattan so I will shut up about it. I tend to order a Medium Skim latte with vanilla syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on top. If I’m not in a coffee mood I tend to go for Mighty Leaf’s Chai tea with Honey and a bit of milk. BY THE WAY — if you aren’t familiar with Mighty Leaf? You should go this instant and buy the ridiculously priced box, it’s worth your bang for the buck. Hold me to it.  


Lunch is always an iffy one for me. I’m not a lunch girl by any means but my stomach sure is. I am ravenous come 1pm but the inevitable question is — what to eat? I sometimes make sauteed chicken with Farfalle and vegetables to bring to work. Other times, I have a large bowl of Hale and Hearty Soup or an oversized chopped (hold the chopping part) from PAX. I don’t think lunch should be your favorite meal of the day — it is in passing. Meals should be able to be enjoyed in a leisurely manner, not midway through the to do list at work or for classes. Count me out.


I have and will always love my Caesar salads. Similar to my love for French Onion soup, there is no other pick for appetizers most nights of the week. If I’m somewhere upscale that frowns down upon such low brow selections, I will opt for something more esoteric but for the most part? I love me a good salad with extra cheese, crispy croutons and big chunks of romaine.  

For my entree, I will either have some type of lighter fish dish — I.E. Cod, Scallops, Shrimp, Halibut or will turn to my go to — BBQ marinated grilled chicken with a bed of rice and some vegetables. I love going to Chelsea Grill in Hell’s Kitchen and getting their Grilled Chicken Platter with a side of steamed spinach. The dish is presented with sweet as hell Honey Barbeque sauce coating the chicken breasts, a massive bed of white rice (shoot me, really) and marinated then chargrilled vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini — can’t beat it.


I wish I could still have creamy ice cream but I can’t — lacoste intolerance has got me opting only for greek yoguts and frozen yogurt which doesn’t upset my stomach for some odd reason? Anyway, I love having some Butterscotch or Vanilla Fro Yo mostly store bought not from Pinkberry or any of that nonesense, with whipped cream. It does the trick in my book. You don’t feel all too guilty about it and it’s a satisfying treat after dinner. Still wouldn’t mind some damn ice cream every once and a while though, whatever man.

Hot Chocolate can and will always be my night time go to sweet drink. I’m sorry don’t try to persuade me otherwise. I also tend to enjoy store bough SWISS MISS (yes I said it) over in store Hot Chocolate. There’s just something reminiscent about opening up the packet in the company of your own home and making amazing hot chocolate yourself. I don’t add marshmellows though — a bit over the top don’t ya think? I think my whipped cream and fro yo indulgence covers me for the evening typically.  

Five Napkin Burger — Review

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There’s something about 5 Napkin that has always intrigued me — I don’t know if it’s because there never fails to be millions of people crowded around the bar after work, or the banging looking burgers. I had to give it a go — I tried their French Onion Soup to start. For anyone whose ever met me, you know I order F.O. Soup if it’s an Appetizer option — period. Out of ALL of my soups in the past I will say this one is in the top 10, hands down.

The Veggie Burger was delicious — odd looking in color but tasty nonetheless. 5 Napkin signature sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomato and a multi grain bun. I’m sold.