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My Current Obsessions in NYC

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2010 at 7:33 pm

So… It’s been  A WHILE.

I have been taking quite a long duration of time getting used to real life. It’s kicked my ass a lot harder than I expected it would — and from someone whose quite confident in her abilities to overcome all? That’s saying a lot. I will work to the best of my ability to post a few times a week from this point forward.

Since having moved to the city, I’ve acquired some obsessions — some. Here goes:

HELL’S KITCHEN FLEA MARKETS (Saturdays and Sundays only)

I think I just LOVE the intrigue of flea markets — you never know whether you’re purchasing a straight up rip off or a couture article of clothing and or bag that is worth a lot now and will be worth even more down the road. I brought Chris, my roommate, with me one weekend to the market. While he was initially excited about the odd trinkets he found he eventually got tired, understandably so. For me? I think it’s a rotating group of cool boutiques — some with junk but others with solid artists trying to get their foot in the door.


While I do work for an Advertising Agency that reps Vita Coco I will say this much — I was told sight on seen when I got the job that I would become addicted to the beverage. I originally was a stubborn ass, as per usual, and fought them on this. I came to find myself much more refreshed, a bit more hydrated and definitely satisfied.


Well, the reasons I love this area could go on forever but I can sum it up. Great restaurants, amazing downtown vibe and awesome shopping. I approve on all levels. I even went for a run through Meatpacking last night and saw free Salsa Lessons being offered plob dab in the middle of an intersection — so great.

Chelsea Markets is a new revelation to me, I know I know, I’m VERY behind the times — but I must admit, gourmet oil/chocolate shops in the same place as amazing book stores and Anthropologie? You got me hooked Chelsea Markets, congratulations.


I love bustling, little holes in the walls that allow people to pour their $7 glasses of wine into red plastic cups to socialize more comfortably outdoors. I also love places that have chalkboards with their seasonal/daily menus on them too. Oh, and my favorite dish was present and delicious — Turkey Chili. Westville, I’m coming back for you.

My Day in Hell’s Kitchen Park

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 9:38 pm

I have been battling major issues with heat — my years of baking for 10+ hours a day in the sun are far gone. To be honest, I don’t miss the uneasy feeling usually felt after having sat for way too long in the sun on a daily basis. My skin is yelling with happiness I’m sure. Regardless, I miss the sun and being able to relax comfortably outdoors. With that in mind, today I  decided to break out of my hotel room and venture to a local park. I picked the closest park to my hotel, Ink48,which happened to be  Hell’s Kitchen Park located on 10th Avenue between West 47th and 48th.

Here are the few things I learned at the park today:

  • Water guns, more specifically Super Soakers, are back and better than ever — each child that found their way to the park wouldn’t DARE come without being locked and loaded… without a water gun that is.

  • Wetsuits are apparently very much appropriate attire to wear to a local park — well, if you think more about it, the entirety of your stay at the park consist of you fighting with fellow tykes in the water pools or in my case being “water fountained” by a little girl who felt she was a walking water shooter.

  • Kids are smarter than adults — we don’t think to wear JELLY SANDALS to a park that features various water attractions do we? No, no we don’t. Most of us show up in leather open toed shoes or even canvas flip flops, all of which were NOT meant to be water fountained on for sure. Jelly sandals are most definitely still available for adults and should be purchased as a COOLER AND LESS FADDY ALTERNATIVE TO THE CROC

Bobo, NYC

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2010 at 3:22 am

AHHH where do I even begin with Bobo? I happened to drunkenly stumble upon this “Men’s Lair” of a bar/restaurant three years ago while interning in NYC for the summer. It’s warm, inviting, and always and I mean always crammed with professionals you WANT to surround yourself with outside of the workplace setting. The atmosphere itself blows you away — the decor, fixtures, and wall displays are unbelievably cool in my opinion.

While waiting for our 9:30 reservation (seeing as that was the ONLY available time for dinner), we mingled with tons of entertaining and unique people. The bar scene in of itself is impressive, the dinner is served upstairs in the what looks more like a home living room then a formal dining room of a restaurant. Downstairs, people mingle, have nibbles, and more often then not leave with a few important numbers in their pocket.

For an appetizer, I had the Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Salad with Chickpea Toast and Celery. I never talk numbers here really but for 17 dollars I expected a BIT more food than I received — it was an interesting display and I liked the Hummus Like Toast that was paired with the ball of Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab but in all I think they were a bit frugal in their portions of protein for this appetizer. For dinner both Tracey and I had the Roast Chicken with Sunchokes, Romaine, and Tomatoes — It didn’t BLOW me away by any means but I think it was a solid dish. I probably should have tried the Scallops YET AGAIN but a Cider Reduction paired with the fish didn’t appeal to me.

In summary — my suggestion would be to have a cheaper, less noisy dinner somewhere else then head over to this extremely fun and enchanting restaurant for some great conversation and after dinner drinks, pass on the meal upstairs.