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What I Drink When….

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2012 at 8:40 pm

I want to relive my very hazy college years 

SoCo & Lime Shots I was also considering the oh-so-delectable Kamikaze shots, but I could only source a gross blue colored shot photo so I thought the SoCo & Lime would do JUST fine. Boy those shots never went down hard, but come 1am you for sure regretted cheering with your friends and polishing off five of them. I wonder what would happen if I attended a work event and ordered rounds of SoCo for my co-workers? Don’t think that would go down smoothly – literally and metaphorically.

 I’m at a sports bar and only cheap alcohol and wine are available

Bud Light on Draft, UGH – don’t get me wrong… maybe once or twice a year I crave a glass of beer. Other than that? I’d prefer pretty much…… any other type of booze thrown in my direction. I hate regular beer with a passion – I probably would opt to stay sober and go home alone, than to polish off five glass of Bud heavy. No thank you. I do think the whole liking beer as a girl thing goes hand in hand with liking sports too ….. yeah, maybe that’s why I’m not a fan of beer. I can’t tolerate most sports involving balls and bats.

 I want to emulate my late grandfather 

Pimm’s Cup cocktail while I didn’t get a chance to “formally introduce myself ” to my Pop Pop, I do know that one of his all-time favorite drinks is the Pimm’s Cup. Seeing as that I have NO liking for sweet, sugary drinks, I opt towards more savory and satisfying ones which leads me to my love for Pimm’s.  I think I’m channeling him every time I order one – don’t worry though, I don’t channel him all too often!

 I’m pre-gaming before a night out with my girlfriends 

Vodka, Soda & a Lime – obviously – do I really honestly enjoy this staple that EVERY GIRL IN AMERICA DRINKS? Um, no – not necessarily, however, it does provide the following benefits: a) it’s a lower calorie option b) it’s clear so you automatically look cool c) you can have three and still feel somewhat in charge of your evening d) your hangover is less ridiculous than it would be had you opted for the wine/beer/shot combo


I want to pretend I’m a Parisian or more likely when I try to be seductive

 Full-bodied glass of Merlot or Malbec wine does many wonderful things for your body. It calms you down, apparently helps boost your daily intake of antioxidants and provides you with a delicious beverage to consume with mostly any dinner-time meal. I personally love Chardonnay, Malbecs and Merlots, I’m a fan of both sides of the playing field. 

  I want to impress my friends with all that I’ve learned from “work”

 Glass of either The Glenlivet, Redbreast or Chivas #client – yeah, at this point I can honestly say “I know my shit” when it comes to most of the dark spirits on the market. I am the girl who helps lead tastings for large-scale whiskey and scotch companies, pretty sick gig right? From my two years working for these brands, I’ve come to enjoy some a lot but more so, respect the category as a whole. I enjoy scotch over whiskey – I love the smoke, Halloween-esque smells and taste of scotch rather than oakier whiskies. I am also Scottish so perhaps I am a bit (ok very) biased.