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Top Chef Rant, Only Necessary

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2009 at 10:19 pm

TOP CHEF. Aside from Nip/Tuck, this is the only other show I set aside time to watch.


I have been hooked on T.C. for years now; I remember sitting in my mom’s  bed watching the show with my brother, guessing every commercial break who would win. As you could imagine,  I was usually spot on. This year, however, I’m having a hard time pin pointing the winner. I think it’s because the 3 final contestants styles are SO different, it’s like comparing creme brulee to mango sorbet— impossible!

I will break down my thoughts on the three and see if perhaps while writing this blog I can come to a final decision as to who I think will win.


OH CARLA, that’s all there is to say. As my brother likes to refer to her as, she most definitely resembles an ostrich. With that aside, do I feel like she will be winning T.C.? I hope not. I like her style of cooking, I think Tom digs her because her food is very similar to his food at Craft. She sticks to the basics and perfects it, like her A-MAZING peas apparently? I wouldn’t know, only Jacques Peppin would… but I’ll take his word for it. Some good dishes paired with mediocre ones = 2nd place, not 1st in my opinion.


STEFAN– so, I used to hate him…. however, I have changed my mind after watching a disgusting amount of reruns this week while lying in bed with the flu. I think his whole cocky persona is totally an act, and in reality he seems to VERY unsure about his dishes. He seems like he has his shit together but he’s been on the bottom so often recently, and with lines such as “I’m so luckily so have slid under the radar this week” I think Stefan’s big ego is slowly deflating. For him to win next week he’ll need a dose of reality, a cigarette break or two, and one HELL of a dinner prepared.


AHHH my favorite, HOSEA. OK so, do I think he’s better than Stefan skill wise? No I don’t. My brother begs to differ but I firmly believe Stefan’s skills far outweigh those of Hosea’s, HOWEVER, big however…. I think Hosea could potentially knock this one dinner out of the PARK. He wants it bad, and realizes it can’t be “just a good side dish” or “a lovely flambé” he NEEDS to nail it down; appetizer, entree, and dessert. I think his STRONG dislike for Stefan will drive him to make sure his dish is the best.

…. Ok so I lied. I told you by the end of my blog I’d come to a decision, when in reality, all I did was make myself more confused and uncertain as to who will win! I think Carla can’t… I just will NOT let her win, she already won the car, isn’t that enough??? Come on now. I hope Hosea wins and kicks Stefan with his fashionable “Cooking Crocs“, but I guess well have to just wait and see…

Until next Wednesday when I’m SURE I will have a lot to bitch about…