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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Tacky I know, but it’s somewhat true. While I have no intention of moving back to New Jersey any time soon, I do find a sense of comfort when I head back in my SUV to the Jersey Shore – judge me all you want. No, I live nowhere near where the show is taped and no, I have no friends with diamond studs or gelled hair from home. The town I grew up in has tons of heritage with generations upon generations staying put and growing their ever expanding families in the town – making themselves somewhat hometown heroes.

This weekend I went home for some gum surgery, while that part CLEARLY wasn’t enjoyable – the trip home was. I thought it would be worth snapping some shots and stealing some that showcase what makes home, home for me and what exactly I love about my hometown.

My Last Remaining Pug, Wally

I had three fat little pugs at one point: Winston, Webster and Wally but time brings old age and unfortunately sickness so now, we only have Wally as our little remaining soldier. I think he’s just starting to take a liking to me – only took 12 years, no big deal. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, by any means – I’m not sure if he’s even able to respond to his name being called still but hey, I love him anyway. 


For those of you who automatically don’t sigh and long for a sub from this chain? You’re clearly missing out. Wawa is a DE/NJ based convenience store I guess you could call it – but it’s so so much more to locals in NJ. I can remember every day of the summer for over a decade walking over to Wawa for turkey subs and Lemonade Iced Tea – no shoes, no tops just bathing suits and a ten dollar bill in hand. They made customized subs/hoagies before every other massive store/food chain began offering such customization. I will forever be endebted to Wawa. I’d like a turkey whole wheat shorti sub with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, grated parmesan, spicy/whole grain mustard with an extra side of pickles – PLEASE AND THANK YOU

 Local Dive Bar Trips

My best friend and next door neighbor since I was born has always been my partner in crime – whether it came to dressing up in yellow Harriet The Spy attire to spy on our neighbors growing up, to laughing in the corner of our local dive bars behind the jukebox. There is something to be said to local beach town bars – they’re grungy but boy do they provide a large amount of entertainment/ enjoyment. You have such a combo platter over the summer of “better than you” out of towners living down on the beach for the summer mixed with all locals who really don’t like them but know our town economy depends on them. Always a fun night out to say the least. 

Margate Beach

So I have somewhat of a nice set up – I have a home now on the water in South Beach and live ten minutes from the ocean in New Jersey. Granted, it’s my sailing/water phene father’s doing. Nonetheless, I don’t think I could own a house without having water somewhere nearby once I settle down. The beach in Margate is my home – it holds so many memories from my childhood and through today. The best times to go are the months leading up to the summer rush and after everyone heads back to Philly – it’s your own personal beach, nothing compares.

So… I Guess I Still Tune Into The Jersey Shore

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I won’t deny it any longer… I still do find sheer joy when plopping down on my couch and unintentionally finding an episode of the Jersey Shore on MTV.

Overall, do I feel as though this season was vastly different from the rest? Not whatsoever, but I will say nonetheless, I very much enjoyed it.

THE BOYS OF THE JERSEY SHORE — Minus Ronnie Who Isn’t Allow to Be Included

 Situation —  I think that after his initial horrifically embarrassing introduction onto the show when it aired, he hasn’t done anything to necessarily bother me. Surprisingly enough. He had a lot of “sex” and by “sex” I am referring to the three-minute long romps he has with drunk girls with whom he snatched up from Karma. After their shock at both the size and the motion of Mike’s ocean, no one… even grenades, stay for breakfast.

Pauly D — Other than his EXTREMELY OUT-OF-NOWHERE freak out in the beginning of the season, he has and continues to be my favorite character on the show. He is never bringing drama into the house, STD’s into the bedrooms and manages to make everyone laugh even when beds are being thrown and prescription glasses are getting cracked. I think out of any of them, there is hope for normalcy when Pauly finally reaches adulthood and chucks all 3,000 bottles of hairspray and gels he has in his medicine cabinet.

Vinny– I just can’t read him. I find him hot at times and at other points throughout the season I wanted to just throw him into the disease-infested hot tub with Snooki to see what would happen. The Snooki/ Vinny love “situation” never fleshed out so his recent attempt for a one night stand with Deena’s friend shouldn’t have been cock-blocked. Even I agree with him on that cat fight. I will say, however, the closeness he has with his family is adorable and I’d love nothing more than to be invited one time to a dinner party of 15 … consisting of of chicken parmesans, fried mozzarella and endless boxed wine, courtesy of Cavit wines.

“RONNIEANDSAM” – Yes, I intentionally didn’t separate their pathetic names  

 What more can we all POSSIBLY say to one another about this couple that hasn’t been said…. at least a million times over? I think Season One I liked them as a couple… didn’t necessarily think it was down-the-aisle potential, but the show need to have that one couple to bring the diversity of all relationship types to the table. What MTV didn’t realize at that point, however, was what came with that decision — unbelievably, never-ending, frustrating and down right annoying relationship drama between the two cast members. I think by the end of this season I decided that if I saw EITHER of those humans while back at home in Atlantic City, New Jersey I’d make it a point to jump and their backs and beat them with my little fists until that is, I get the shit beat out of me … from both of them I’m sure. They are THE MOST VOLATILE COUPLE ON TELEVISION and if after you’re chucked off your own moving bed which is then relocated to the outside deck alongside all of your broken posessions and you STILL return back to someone? You need to be in a cell… for a while… a very, very, VERY small isolated cell.


You know what? I love both of these ladies. Why you may ask? Because they’re silly and unapologetic… perhaps too much so, but regardless, they make NO apologies for what they do. Snooki, let’s take as a for instance, loves to pee and poop in bushes while at clubs.. she also like to perform cartwheels in skin-tight leopard dresses FAR too awkwardly tight to begin with. Deena, the most recent addition the show, brings for the most part the “bro” girl of the group. She can get down with the boys and likes to mack it with the ladies every now and again. I also love how reliable they are — you know, you can ALWAYS find them on the boardwalk at the socially inappropriate time of 11AM downing shots from scantily clad gay men. Just saying. It’ s nice to know they’re predictable.


J Woww stands alone in my book, not that I thinks she reigns supreme, but more that she is not in any of the cliques within the house. Her and her boobs are in their own exclusive little club. She has such a banging body — I can’t get over it. I see her, drunk at 3 am with Rodger in the living room, S & M attire in full view and I can’t help but think how good she looks. I know her boobs were paid for, but so what? Her flat perfect stomach was not, that’s for sure. Jersey Shore doesn’t pay THAT well.


Celebrity Tweeting – The Good and The Bad

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I have gone back and forth with this… weighing out the pro’s and con’s to this argument. While I see an argument for both sides I can’t help but think of how many celebrities really should be forbidden from the social networking site all together. Here is a compilation of some of the good and some of the bad Twitter Celebrity Accounts in my opinion:

Some A+ Examples

ASHTON KUTCHER — Okay, so sometimes him and “Mrs. Kutcher’s” lovey dovey Tweets get too me a little gagtastic, but overall, he is a great example of how be a celebrity and Tweet appropriately. He really did revolutionize Twitter and changed underprivileged countries overall quality of life by way of Twitter so for that? I give him an A in my book.

RUTH REICHL — I love reading her Tweets — I can literally envision everything she tweets about — whether it be the aromas on the Mushroom Risotto she is whipping up or the chilly view from her window. I love to read them because they’re never inappropriate, always simple and sweet, and lastly … they are all related to her profession, FOOD.

CHELSEA HANDLER — She posts funny, socially relevant tweets that add a little laugh into my day. I like her because for the most part her tweets are risky but not over the top, and that as I’m sure you’re aware is a tough feat.


AMANDA BYNES — Oh my god. I will say honestly that I expect most celebrities to be dumb or at least a bit slow but Bynes’ stupidity shocked me. I figured yes, you’re on Nickelodeon but you can’t really be as stupid/ ditzy as the character’s you play on television — and god was I wrong. She IS as dumb — I’m sorry but please, whoever you publicist is, have them fired immediately for allowing you to freely tweet your “thoughts” if you can even call them that. Oy.

JOHN MAYER — Everyone who reads my blog knows about my intense dislike for John. I think he looks like he’s constipated constantly when he sings I also think he is the biggest “kiss and teller” in Hollywood. I think people that have to constantly brag about their sex life probably sucks in bed — JUST sayin’ John…

SNOOKI…. PAULY D…. THE SITUATION, REALLY ANY JERSEY SHORE CAST MEMBER — Okay, yes, I did find entertainment in watching your show, but that is the extent of it. I want NOTHING to do with your tweets. I realize you are uber excited, all of you, with your 13 minutes of fame but please learn WHEN do capitalize letters and when not to —  tweets like this one for example: “LOOSssss ANNGGEeelllleEESSss 2Night w Da gUIDEettes” — gets old extremely fast….

JERSEY SHORE ….. My Hidden Past

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So…  did I spend four full days this summer trying to become a full time Massachusetts resident, even after having been rejected on 3 occasions? Yes, yes I did. When in conversation the question arises, “So where are you from?” I die a little bit inside — my answer usually consists of explaining that I live in the Southern “region” of New Jersey on the water. No matter HOW I word it, the response is…. “So you live at The Jersey Shore”. It’s inevitable. With that in mind, I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN WATCHING JERSEY SHORE ON MTV… Originally.

I then had a change of heart…..The show is outlandish and full of dumb, shallow NON NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS, but it has such a captivate audience for its ability to brand women with terms never used before, and for the constant physical battles that take place on the show.

Here are my favorites:


Sure, his hair do looks like he belongs on the short bus , but Ronnie is the sweetest guy on the show and the least pretentious — which makes me laugh solely because he’s the most in shape out of the whole crew. His relationship with Sam should end — she’s dramatic and a trouble causer, and he’s not. Ditch that loser and migrate towards the REAL SJ — I promise you a good time Ronnie.

SNOOKI– She gets in more fights than Hulk Hogan in his prime — this petite broad is A SPITFIRE — to phrase it lightly. I love food and I didn’t think a lot of girls enjoyed food more than I do, until I began watching Snooki on Jersey Shore — SHE FAR OUTWEIGHS MY MANLY EATING HABITS. God love her.

PAULY D– His hair, to be quite honest with all of you, is the main pull for Pauly D. Oh, and his Italian obsession — as demonstrated by the Italian Flag Turntables he features on the show. I don’t think he’s a brain trust but to be a professional DJ is that really necessary? His hair mind boggles me — I believe that it would withstand all natural elements, without a doubt.