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American Idol- My Love/Hate Relationship

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm

For me to sit here saying I didn’t sit indian style on my bedroom carpet grasping the remote tightly in anticipation of who would win the ORIGINAL American Idol? I’d be lying. I was and still am a huge American Idol fan. To a certain degree- and yes I emphasize CERTAIN degree.

Here’s my beef … who expected anything less from me?

The people who end up in the Top 3 all become successful, regardless of whether or not they are the actual winners. I actually prefer some of the past losers if you will. Here are a few of my favorites:

JUSTIN GUARINI … Watch this video and tell me he doesn’t have the look and the talent. Justin, wherever you are right now flipping burgers, please know your 15 seconds of fame lasted much longer than that in my book.

CLAY AIKEN… OK so his sexuality may be questionable but who really cares? During his stretch on Idol, each and every performance gave me chills. To this day I replay “Unchained Melody” on You Tube. Gets me every time.


While I truthfully believe they should have won, there are some winners, however, that I do believe rightfully earned their positions as winners on A.I. Here are my favorites:

DAVID COOK.. Another person who I wrote off originally who had turned around and surprised me completely. His song “Leave the Light On” blows me away. His grunge-yet not really look totally wins me over. I don’t know whether I’d like to bathe him or get whisked away in his probably smelly tour bus.david-cook-0414

TAYLOR HICKS… Before you badger me and say he’s done nothing since he won I will say NOW that I totally agree with you. No, he’s not risen to the challenge/demand of the industry but his look/voice/appeal is totally distinct. I hope that after having published this blog post, he will turn his career around and really use his god given talent.

NOW ON TO THE FINAL TWO: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. While finals took over mostly ALL of my free time, I have caught up while being bored at home. God do I love DVR. Anyway, I have assessed the two singers extensively, as though I’m the fifth judge.

After having been such an avid viewer for so many years I SHOULD be at this point! Here’s my prediction: I think Lambert will win solely because he is TOTALLY unique. We don’t have true rock stars anymore, if you want to fight me and tell me Nickelback is a rocker, I will fight you. Lambert has the most ridiculous vocal range and presence on stage. He reminds me of Queen and Steven Tyler.

Although I think Lambert will win, DEAR GOD am I smitten with Kris Allen. The child is “quiet and reserved” while able to carry a tune better than most people that have graced the A.I. stage. His rendition of “Heartless” is far BETTER than Kayne’s, as Randy said himself. I will include a picture of the child only to prove my point.


So as you can tell, I am somewhat stuck in a ongoing never ending relationship with American Idol. Sometimes we have big disagreements about things, but over all I think our bond is rather strong. I will say this much, as much as I love AI, if Cowell goes — I go with him.