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Top 5 Reasons I’m Still Hooked On Glee

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 9:23 pm

Is it me or is this season even better than the last? The musical numbers and song choices are incredible, I am honestly in love with mostly every song featured on the show. Here are the reasons this season is awesome:

1. Jesse — HELLO Jesse is so attractive, a bit shady and has wonderful hair. I would like to be swept off my feet and be twirled in the air by Jesse any day. I don’t think Rachel really likes him but is too afraid Finn will screw her over again so she’s playing the game. I don’t know if I believe Jesse has good intentions but we will see.

2) Mr. Scheuster and Miss. Pillsbury’s Messed Up Dysfunctional Relationship — She’s a prude with OCD, he’s a “slut” recovering from a harsh marital fall- out. I dig it, big time. I think she will eventually fall back in love with him — and why shouldn’t she? All men like a little action every now and then.

3) Kurt coming into his own — I truthfully think Kurt’s character is on its way of becoming one of the most emotionally complex and interesting on the show. Not only is he gay and dealing with the difficulties of his father’s disappointment, but in addition a more “athletic” son in law to be (Fin) adds only more frustration into Kurt’s life.

4) Finn– Need I say more? He is still trying to figure what he wants from Rachel which makes him a compelling (somewhat ditzy) character within the bunch. He wants to be with Rachel at times for she sees the real Finn but at the same time he’s afraid he will get hurt again like he did with Quinn when she was impregnated by Puck.

5) Rachel being the center of male attention and less the center of the vocal — Rachel most definitely is the strongest character on the show — she annoys me in many regards but her singing and acting are incomparable with any of the other characters on the show. I truthfully feel like if Lea Michele were not cast for the role on the show it would have flopped within one season. I love the love triangle forming/ continuing to fester between her, Jesse, and Finn. I wonder who she will decide in the end to be with.

Golden Globes 2010– Rants & Raves

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I’m a senior in my spring semester of college — which means in lamens terms… I choose binge drinking over a lot of other activities such as watching the Golden Globe’s for instance. I did, however, check feverishly through the red carpet dress line up as well as the nominations and winners on the official website. I will say, some of the winners I am not surprised about, others very much so. I thought I would go through some of the awards and share my thoughts on the thumbs up or the thumbs down.



THE HANGOVER??? I get it, it was funny. I have seen it time and time again but that shouldn’t have won a GOLDEN GLOBE for god sake. I think 500 Days of Summer should have won, clearly I’m biased — a long time child hood friend directed it, but still!


MAD MEN: While I do like M.M. and I think it is brilliantly written I think the other nominees were just as amazing and to be honest, I think this season of Big Love should’ve won this instead. All of the nominees were solid candidates so I won’t say this one is a total disappointment, however, I love Big Love and feel a bit let down.


TONI COLLETTE: UNITED STATES OF TARA: Here’s the thing, Lea Michele on Glee should have won this with her eyes closed I am NOT a happy camper about this — I wanted her to have a breakthrough Golden Globe award to take home at the end of the night. She was unbelievable on Glee and really was the glue to the whole show, so in my eyes, this was a disappointing loss for Lea.



CHLOE SEVIGNY FOR BIG LOVE: I loved her character’s development this season: she was bitter, controlling, and independent — loved her and her portrayal of the frustrated 3rd wife. I also love how her character cheats on Bill Paxton, he’s boring and is beginning to have erectile issues — I’d be out of there too!


JOHN LITHGOW FOR DEXTER: yes yes yesss! He was SO creepy and added so much intrigue and depth to Dexter this season. Who knew Lithgow could be so scary?


GLEE: BEST AWARD OF THE EVENING in my opinion. What amazing breakout show — it’s refreshing, and brilliant. I love the fact that it doesn’t conform to the “blood sucking trend” and goes for the feel good plot line.

Glee, Oh How I Love Thee

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In my Communication Theory class a few weeks ago, my professor asked us to watch a few clips of the new hit show, Glee, and define the various high school stereotypes that were presented… Of course you have:

The dumb, somewhat attractive, somewhat not Jock….

The hot, knocked up cheerleader who can’t hold a tune or making one convincing line within the show…

The large and extremely talented black girl who can go head to head against Jennifer Hudson no doubt…

The troubled wheelchair boy that has such a great, raspy, dark singing voice….

The geek girl who is in reality extremely hot under her “nerd facade”….

The “bad boy” whom actually knocked up the cheerleader, as opposed to the jock (sporting a mohawk mind you) …

The gay guy with the diva attitude and the unaccepting father…

What I love most about the show is its ability to turn all of the typical stereotypes on its head. While they do have concrete roles they play within the typical high school setting, their actions and behaviors veer very far from what you’d expect. In addition, the musical aspect of the show is unbelievable… From Kanye’s Gold Digger to Sisqo’s The Thong Song, they incorporate a musical- like quality with new age/ old school music into the sitcom. I’m not used to watching a TV show then hearing the characters begin belting out Cher. I LOVE every minute of it.

My favorite character is Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, the talented yet very geeky girl in the Glee Club. There’s something about her character that’s so genuine it’s almost alarming. She has the best set of vocals in the bunch, and in my mind is the most attractive. She shows her insecurities throughout the show as well as her confidence in her singing abilities. I hope she wins an Emmy for her role.

I also love Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr. Schuster on the show. He’s sexy in a geeky, teacher-like way and can’t belt out a tune like the rest of them. While I think his temptations veer him off course at times, he loves his wife and his Glee Club more than anything else.