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What Songs I Listen To When….

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  • “Heartless” — Kayne
  • “Shake Your Coconuts” – Junior Senior
  • “I’m Not a Human Being” — Wayne
  • “Get Your Freak On (Remix)” — Missy and Nelly Furtado
  • “2 Man Show” — Timbaland


  • “Hotel California” — The Eagles
  • “Whiter Shade of Pale” — Annie Lennox
  • I’m Not The Only One — Melissa Etheridge
  • These Arms of Mine — Otis Redding
  • Tears In Heaven — Eric Clapton


  • “Sound of a Gun” — Audioslave
  • “Home Wrecker” — Hello Goodbye
  • “SPAZ” — N.E.R.D.
  • “Every Man Has a Molly” — Say Anything


  • “Open Your Eyes” — Snow Patrol
  • “Don’t Panic” — Coldplay
  • “Grenade” — Bruno Mars


  • “Morning Yearning” — Ben Harper
  • “Sideways” — Citizen Cope
  • “Dosed” — Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • “There For You” — Damian Marley


  • “Home Life” — John Mayer
  • “Heaven Forbid” — The Fray
  • “Empty” — Ray LaMontagne


October’s Hottest Music Videos

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I will give Usher credit, major credit for one reason only. He literally doesn’t have to throw on ONE more pair of oversized shades and rip off his shirt. He’s the most notable R&B singer of our decade and has proven himself time and time and time again. Him taking the time to kick his own ass learning sick dance routines for his new video is noteworthy in my book. I love the incorporation of Pitbull too. Nicely done Usher.



It is no shocker I’m including a Wayne video in this list, because well, I just love him and his music. This song is cool but the video is just out of this world. It’s kind of creepy? Kind of Halloween/rage glow in the dark themed? He has crazy ass white eyeballs, flourescent “teeth” (using that term loosely) and showcases medical charts and needles. CLEARLY I’d dig this video — anyone who knows me would know that.


This video, quite honestly, changed my opinion about Trey Songz completely. He went from being a somewhat known somewhat blah “rapper” to an Usher/ Diangelo esque singer with amazing emotion and an AMAZING body. Great song too. “Bottom’s Up” is a great song but it’s literally only because Nicki was thrown into the mix, her part in the song is the only reason I love the song.


Where do I even start with this video? Hands down my favorite one this year. Second is The Black Keys, “Tighten Up” video. The song is pop-py, catchy and so hysterical. I loved the entire video and how it fleshed out from start to finish. You know there was always that ONE guy or ONE girl you just fawned after when growing up and the best feeling in the world in that situation would be having the roles reversed (she/he becomes a loser and you’re happy and filthy rich). You know, real life.


So, I love Bruno Mars, a lot. Minus the whole pompous wide ass grin he flashed when he got arrested for Cocaine Possession not even a year into super stardom… but we will put that aside for now. The song is great and the video is even more adorable. He uses the tape itself in a tape to draw her, himself, the title of his song. I thought it worked well.

Free Lil Wayne

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He confuses me. He intrigues me. He also excites me. He is the one and only Lil Wayne. While I cannot condone freeing him from prison, (weapon charges? really?) I will list off the reasons why I do admire and respect Lil Wayne the rapper, the entrepreneur, and the tattoo connoisseur.

1) Who else is still as confident as he is after having to go through 8 root canals in one day as a result of decaying under his grill? COME ON, any other celebrity would hide that information as much as possible but Wayne “don’t hate it” — I get it’s really cool to have the whole metal mouth look working but realize Wayne you need to take care of what’s UNDERNEATH as well

2) His tattoos take all day to look at and admire, and I love it. Is your next question, do I have any tattoos of my own? The answer is absolutely not, but I will say I do admire some good artwork every now and again. The sheer amount of ink on his body mesmerizes me — will he die randomly of ink poisoning? Who knows.

3) He has a 2010 version of the Napoleon Complex — the child is what? 4’10? Yet when you speak with him his confidence increases his height by a foot, at least — he is cocky and holds nothing back. With four or five kids already, he clearly has no problem finding women — good for him right?

4) He loves the pot and the “drank” — which in Wayne world is cough syrup. His hourly/ daily intake of pot is also dumbfounding. He smokes all day and all night — and he is happy to go to jail for short durations for possession of drugs. I like in the new Rolling Stone article he says he hasn’t “f’ed” with the cough syrup in a while — can’t ya think of something a bitttt more hardcore than Robitussin Wayne?

Drake… Aubrey… Jimmy- The Many Sides of Aubrey Graham

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So, I love when there’s hype surrounding certain people and relationships…. celebrity related that is. I thouroughly enjoy putting myself in celebrities shoes, even if it is just in my dreams. Like, for instance, I pretend at times that me and Shia are exclusive… a girl can dream right?

Anyways, while I just veered off track, I did have a point… I promise. I am in love with the current celebrity talk of the town: Drake. Why you may ask? Well there are a few main reasons:

1) I loved him as Jimmy on Degrassi… yes, I watch Degrassi. While I used to be embarrased, I’m am not a shamed anymore. I have been watching the show, thanks to my good friend Julia Gall, since freshman year of high school. He was one of my favorite characters — perhaps it was foreshadowing but he did if you don’t recall have a “Rap career” on the show as well


2) I love his newly acquired fame as a rapper, AND as a major Trending Topic on Twitter as well! Granted, things such as #WeLoveJoeJonas are also on the top list, but hey, I am still happy he’s getting recognition for his music now. I think the only thing he has to worry about is the pressure riding on his first album…. a lot of people in the industry including my personal fave Lil Wayne are backing him and giving him the hype so now it’s up to him to prove he has what it takes.


3) Him and Rihanna — even if it’s JUST speculation… I dig. I dig it, big time. Why you may ask? Because clearly she won’t be with CB anytime soon but now that she has a new beau I can have Shia LaBeouf all to myself! No, but really, I think they are quite the power couple… and I like the intruige around whether or not they’re actually dating too. Maybe he will write love lyrics about her in his album? WHO KNOWS.


All I know is that regardless of what he wants to be called…. Jimmy? Drake? Aubrey? Rihanna’s boo? I most definitely think, “he’s the, he’s the best”. (Tacky, I know.)

Bumper Stickers, Friend or Foe?

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I am clearly not going to blog right now about how dumb I find bumper stickers to be, because I don’t feel that way whatsoever. I tend to find myself spending an IMMENSE amount of my time searching for hours upon hours for “THE” perfect bumper sticker to send to my friends. I also hate/love the fact that Facebook does not really categorize them, which then correlates to people spending many hours of their day on their site searching for specific ones they hope to find… “at some point”. That is the quintessential line, “I will only search for a minute or two until I find one about my sorority” let’s say for example. Forty minutes fly by and you have yet to come across that bumper with your sorority’s name flashed in Pink Bubble Letters you were hoping to have found 35 minutes ago.

For entertainment’s sake I will review the few categories of bumpers I see the most of and how I either find humor in them or how I feel as though the people that posted them should be taken to an insane asylum.

The Typical “Hopeless Romantic” Stickers


I first off am offended that automatically girls choose to use hearts and pink in their bumpers, insinuating that all of us girls JUST MUST LOVEEEE the color pink, and hearts. Well news flash? We don’t. I also cannot explain to you how irritating it is to see page after page of Hopeless/Pathetic girl created bumpers that are pretty much cries for help in my opinion. Downgrade. 

Everyone’s Favorite: Some ECards 

I seem to find these oddly amusing, as do most people. I can’t explain what exactly it is about these particular bumpers that I love, perhaps it’s the fact that the written joke has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with the picture being displayed in the bumper. If you think about any of the E Cards for the most part, you will take note of the fact that they really don’t make any sense. Maybe that’s their niche? 

How Can We Forget, The Jonas Brother’s Collection

For those of you who have read my posts before, I am sure you will remember that I clearly not know much about nor do I care to learn about Miley Cyrus. Therefore, the same rules apply for The Jonas Brothers. Boys? I really don’t care if you wish to stay virgins until marriage, nor do I care that you maintain a squeaky clean image while still racking in the millions. Get off of Facebook bumpers and back into Nickelodeon, thanks.

And Finally, Who Can Forget The Rap Lyric Bumpers

Glad to know you guys know the lyrics to these “greatttt” rap songs, but please dear god stop creating bumper stickers out of them. It’s irritating enough as is to have to hear Lil Wayne every 5 minutes on the radio, now I have to be bombarded by his lyrics on Facebook? Again, I state downgrade