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Crocs- The Endless Debate

In Confusion, Love, Uncategorized on August 22, 2008 at 12:00 am

I really was a hater originally. I used to frown down upon all of those whom purchased, wore, and adored these ugly clogs. But, after years of popularity, the shoes have somewhat become less bothersome to me. 

I think there are only a few proper ways to wear Crocs:

1) If you are an infant, or a young child who don’t like having to tie your shoes and or enjoy rolling around in the dirt.

2) You are a gardener who uses them for their original purpose.

3) You attend a very, very liberal arts college such as Reed College or Swarthmore and feel “warm and at home” in the Crocs.

4) You live in an apartment with unsanitary bathroom floors and don’t feel comfortable showering without Crocs on.

5) You are a celebrity and wish to start a “new craze” with little kids by placing them on your children clearly in front of the paps.


What If I Just Don’t Know? The Problem I have with Greeting Cards.

In Confusion, Love on July 24, 2008 at 2:57 am

To My Dearest Friend… Lover… Brother… Mom.. Uncle… AND SO THE INSANITY CONTINUES.

I hope others can attest to the fact that sometimes, depending on who your shopping for even the mere thought of having to buy cards for certain people is just daunting. I cannot explain to you how many times I find myself uncertain of how to “categorize” those loved ones I am buying cards for. 

This is usually where I find myself standing with two cards in my hands, one in the left and one in the right with a look of confusion on my face. What if, crazy idea here, people don’t fit into the specifically “marked” categories? For example, if you were thinking of possibly buying a card for someone you “see” at school but perhaps aren’t speaking with as much during your summer apart? Would you consider this person your “Lover“? No. However, buying a card that starts off with a big “MISS YA BUD” doesn’t seem any more fitting, now does it?

Let’s use the example I just stated. Would this card above be appropriate? Only if your goal is to get smacked with a big RESTRAINING ORDER. This card, alongside, most other “lover” cards go WAY overboard in my opinion, I don’t need to open a card with someone attesting their love to me by way of a $3.99 paper greeting card thank you.

Right. This won’t work either…. Unless, you are hoping to watch feel good films with the person and “throw your inhibitions away” by sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yet again, mission incomplete.

I feel there should be a section of Hallmark that is somewhat, vague if you will. It could even be marked as the “CONFUSED PERSONS” section if need be. I just feel whether it be a situation in which your sending a card to your least favorite grandmother or a person whom you are not sure exactly what your relationship status is, there should be a place for that too. Anyone with me?