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Teen Mom — The Good, The Bad and the VERY Ugly

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2010 at 5:23 pm

So, one of my freakish hidden obsessions is watching MTV’s Teen Mom. I swore to myself originally that I hated the show, but after watching episode after episode I realized just how different each of their stories were and how admirable for the most part each of the women are. Do not get me wrong — I will comment now and in a minute from now that I HAVE to laugh at some of the white trash undertones that are weaved throughout, but overall, the women hold their own and impress me.

I will go through all of the mom’s in order of favorites:


They’re hands down my favorite — last season and this season. I’ll explain why. Catelynn has such a raw love for Tyler it’s so obvious on screen and off. I personally also think their decision to give up their baby for adoption was the most mature decision they could’ve possibly made. Financially and emotionally they were unable to give that child the life they deserved — I think to know that and be able to make that decision to give her up at 17 is extremely mature. Sure they go through bumps, but all relationships do, I root for them over all of the other couples.


Um, while Ryan is VERY attractive he has to be one of the stupidest men on television — SECOND to Levi Johnston. Come on dude, you’re dumb and Maci is extremely put together, attractive and the mother to your kid. The least you can do is give her the measly $300 dollars a month to care for Bentley. You’re a joke. I love Alex, the friend now lover in Maci’s life. She deserves someone who will care for her and for her child.


Minus the fact that for all of Season 1 she  pitied herself and was hard pressed with finding a boyfriend, she has really shaped up this season. She cries less and takes A LOT more initiative — she lives on her own, thank god because her mom’s a NUTBAG, pays her own bills (learning how to embarrassingly at 18 write her first check) and work hard. I admire her much more the season.


They’re absolutely my least favorite couple– UGHH. Gary, you’re morbidly obese, and have no “redeeming qualities” to offer a woman. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF ditching Amber on a bi weekly basis for women you meet in the diaper aisle of Walmart?

…….. I will not even comment on this photo.