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Favorite Fall Recipes Online

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Pumpkin Potato Latkes

Serious Eats has outdone it again with one of their latest Sweet Potato Latke recipe. I love the tradition behind the regular potato latkes, but this is really innovative and seasonal. Plus, sweet potatoes require a lot less oil since they are naturally much sweeter than white potatoes. I think maybe I’ll make these during the November – December time frame… I’m in the heavy fall/Thanksgiving mode but MORE THAN READY for my Hannukah latke season. 

Serious Eats

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I used to adore chicken nuggets – plain and simple with honey from McDonald’s – just me if you’d like. I think now that fast food has proven to be even worse for our society than we originally thought, re-creating your fast food favorites is the most ideal way to enjoy them. I think making french fries is just too against the grain, but healthier chicken nuggets can definitely become a staple in my weeknight cooking routine. 

Simply Reem

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Corn Bark 

I love candy corn… and I love white chocolate. This is why I adore this recipe – I think this would be an adorable treat at a Halloween Party you may be throwing or even better, a cute tin to bring with you if you’re attending a party yourself. The pretzels definitely add some salty and savory features that help round this delicious dessert out. 

Very Culinary

Parmesan Garlic Knot

I tend to order a side of parmesan with mostly every dish that I order. I thing there is something so warm and inviting about garlic knots. They’re easy to replicate, inexpensive and unbelievably satisfying. The version below sticks the basics: garlic and fresh parmesan which is what I think garlic knots should be – nothing too over-the-top since it’ll take away the essence of such a classic side dish. 

Real Mom Kitchen

Candy Corn Cake In A Jar

I love Babble’s “cake in a jar” recipes online. They have shaped this adorable concept to fit mostly every season – the website featured a fabulous Fourth of July themed cake, but even more ridiculously cute is their Birthday Cake in a Jar. You MUST visit the Babble Food section to check it out. 


French Onion Soup

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include at least one recipe for French Onion. When it comes to the most satisfying fall soup, I’m sorry, but Broccoli Cheddar and Split Pea don’t hold a handle to French Onion. You have the bubbly crispy cheese with the undeniably good combination of caramelized onions, broth and a baguette. I swear I’ll learn to master the art of making this soup this year if it’s the last thing I do. 

Hungry Cravings

Fast versus Slow Food Movements

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Very rarely do I voice any politically heated topics into my blog, yet at the same time, I think it’s time I start expressing my opinions about things of interest. With that in mind, I thought I would share my opinions/ knowledge about the Slow Food Movement, and discuss the ways in which it is being implemented worldwide as well as the major controversy surrounding it.

Here are the reasons in very clear language why I agree with the Slow Food Movement:

1) I believe it is essential our society begins to understand what it is what they are actually putting in their mouths

2) There is a crucial relationship that must be kept sacred — and that is our relationship with food, as well as those with whom supply us with the food (farmers, bakers, fishermen)

3) The time spent eating,conversing, and enjoying other people’s company ultimately results in deeper family and friend bonds

4) The concept of Edible Schoolyards, which are popping up all over the country, most recently in Brooklyn, NY, are crucial for students to see the relationship that should be formed at a young age between people and the food they consume. By allocating money towards these “schoolyards” people are helping in instilling not only mental ideas as to how to eat right but also visuals as wellchildren can and very often do eat the food they produce, making them feel more capable of re-attempting this lifestyle in their own homes

While many argue that this movement, known as Slow Food, is for the wealthy and aristocratic — I beg to differ. I believe our society is one of morbidly obese American’s whom whether by choice or by financial situations, eat canned and processed foods on a daily basis. These foods are created with chemicals and as well as various fats and unknown substances. While the lifestyle which demonstrates eating only what you know comes from the Earth as well as taking time to enjoy meals may be costly, it will ultimately save years of your life.

In addition to the health risks associated with eating extremely processed foods, the “relationship between the consumer and the food” is completely void — when walking in McDonald’s one may order a burger, for instance. Thinking that there is nothing more to the burger than pure ground beef a bit of ketchup — in reality, there are various parts of animals and other ingredients mixed into the patty, making it a heap of processed confusing food.

IN SUMMARY… I believe it is time American’s stop closing their eyes to what they “think” is pure/cleaning living and really understand that the majority of processed and fast foods consumed are not only hurting your own physical body but they are harming the environment and severing relationships with farmers, bakers, fishermen etc.

I’ll Have a Milkshake, but can I have a toy too?

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I will take you down Memory Lane for just a minute. My old baby sitter Sharon used to be the chauffeur for both me and my brother growing up. I remember the countless trips to Mickey D’s after school. My parents were rarely around so in return during the school week, Sharon would pick us up from school. My brother holding his breath until he turned blue seemed to do the trick — we somehow managed to weasel our way into daily trips after school to our favorite “toy store if you will”. Also, known as McDonald’s. While I truthfully enjoyed/ and still do enjoy my fair share of fast food, there was a clear draw to the free toys given to me as a child.

I remember nights me and Bren would sit in our teepee outback behind our house. We would lay out all of the Mickey D toys we collected that week. Trade them. Boast about the ones we liked, perhaps bribe each other to “swap” for other more valuable ones. It was a major and I mean major source of entertainment for us growing up. Perhaps that’s why Shar would take us — less interaction time needed with the little bratty kids. Who knows?

What I do know is that the toys given out at these institutions really went hand and hand. I hadn’t thought NEARLY as much about the food as I did about which toy I was getting. 

o_Af66zfOm4TWNNCU-1For example, let’s look at some of the best of the best in regards to 90’s McDonald’s Toys. You gave me Beanie Babies AND Chicken Fingers? You were better than Santa Claus in my book. Over the years, I had collected thousands of “chachkies” but the Beanie Babies were the start of the good ones. I owned many real BB and loved nothing more than being able to collect “Mini”ones and bragging to my friends.



 While I’m sure no one more than baby sitters and parents hated Furbies more, kids could not get enough. I had a Furby I recall, I named it something esoteric I can’t remember at the moment. Anywhoo, I was told to have the odd toy not starting quaking late at night. Clearly, my little Furby didn’t listen to my instructions, so it would start yapping it’s odd martian like mouth in the wee hours of the morning. By month 4, the Furby was asked to either be stuck in the trash can or “adopted by another family”. Needless to say, when this toy came out I was happy as a clam.

My question is this — do perhaps these great toys offered entice children to continue eating fast food? Serious Eats recently wrote a blog about the debate. I personally think as much as I believe the toys were staples in my childhood, they really DID entice me to go daily, weekly, monthly to the fast food chains. If they do decide to ban toys, I would be a bit sad…. only because it would be a large love lost. Hey wait, I still get to keep the Beanie Babies right?

Mickey D’s- I’ll Have a Double Shot of Espresso Please?

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I can’t figure out what’s been going on lately with chain restaurants/ fast food chains specifically. Today in USA Today there was an article explaining the recession and its impact on these chains. They blame the vast changes taking place in companies such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and KFC to the declining sales due to the poor economy.

I realize that major changes need to have taken place in order for these companies to stay a float, but for a lot of the companies, they sacrificed their loyalty to their original product. KFC, for example, now sells K*GC = Kentucky Grilled Chicken. That’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong. They specialize in clogging arteries so to offer something other than starchy biscuits, and deep fried chicken wings is a smart tactic to help expand their company. But I truthfully think it’s taking away their “niche”. 90% of the people who have chosen KFC in the past do NOT watch their waist for the most part, and are not health conscious. It’s pretty matter-of-fact. If they were health conscious, they wouldn’t have chosen KFC. With that in mind, they are now incorporating a new “type of clientele”. One that orders grilled chicken in a bucket — who may that be exactly? The wealthy socialite watching her diet? Highly doubtful she’d  want to be seen pulling through the drive through of this joint. Would it be the already “oh so frequent” KFC customer? Well, no. I don’t think they would opt for the lower cal version of their favorite comfort food. So when you think about it, who really are they aiming this towrds? I read that their sales are up, yet, I am a bit surprised at the fact.


With places like McDonald’s for instance, their inclusion of “Deluxe Coffee Drinks” seems to perplex me yet again. I don’t think that this would have been my PR idea for the company that’s flopping in declining sales. “Hey guys, let’s try to compete with the already ridiculous zoo that IS the coffee industry.” There’s no way McDonald’s can compete with the big boys, i.e. Dunkin and Starbucks– it’s just not possible. So with that in mind, the pick of a deluxe coffee line? Seems somewhat dumb. I would have chosen perhaps to expand their breakfast options — include more variations of bagels, muffins, omelets. Breakfast is a cheap and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed throughout the day, as opposed to just the mornings. I would have perhaps even mentioned including FROZEN YOGURT into their dessert menu. Why not? That’s a trend that is RED HOT at the moment–allow for blend ins like they already have with their McFlurry’s. Granola, strawberries, the possibilities are endless.


The only chain I think hit home run was Pizza Hut. The new “family style pasta dinner” option was brilliant. Why you may ask? Well, the people who eat at Pizza Hut MOST of the time are families, or parents with children – however you wish to word it. I remember I used to beg my baby sitter to order us Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s when my parent’s went out for the night. This is just another great option on their menu. Kids and parents alike enjoy pasta dinners cheap. On weeknights this would be a great option for a mom who has no time to cook and wishes to bring in some food a “bit” less unhealthy than pizza.


While I understand these major chains are in desperate need of boosts in sales, I think only a few have really come up with innovative and spot on expansions in their menus. Personally, I think the changes in menus will lead to an ultimately different type of clientele for the restaurants. If they don’t mind that their loyal fan bases will gradually be changing, then so be it. I think, however, it’s important to keep in mind the recession will turn around soon enough and the people who have always been devoted fans of the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” let’s say, may not be so loyal anymore.