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Taylor’s Ultimate Hotel Destination Picks

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Wow did I love this resort. I think after having been kicked out of my hotel room in San Francisco (mind you, I was vacationing with my mom — we got written up for noise violations but that’s besides the point), a relaxing quiet getaway was much needed. No, I don’t think you’d go here with a friend — either you go with someone you’re dating or you go with your wine loving counterpart mom. They too offer a wine/cheese happy hour which to be honest? Isn’t the smartest idea …. you are spending 9-4pm tasting variations of wine and will continue on drinking wine with dinner and bars following, the LAST THING you’d like at 4pm is wine. JUST an FYI. The resort itself was gorgeous and wonderfully groomed/maintained. I’d recommend a relationship getaway here.


Sometimes, my family and I just want to get the HELL OUT OF SOUTH BEACH. This destination spot, worked perfectly for our needs. Is it relaxed environment? Um. no…. I felt like in order to walk to the pool or to go to the gym I should have put on some heels, but other than that? Great hotel. GORGEOUS views from the balcony of our suite and great poolside/beachside accomodations. The only downside to the hotel is the meals — I felt like our breakfast every morning was straight out of a Royal Carribean cruise. I’ll make my own toast next time around, thanks.


To say that The Standard in South Beach is a home away from home? Is extremely spot on– to the point that my family just finished building our 2nd home right next door, kid you not. They have become close as family and are extremely accomodating to my family and I. The hotel is totally hipster and bare boned but it is a gorgeous setting and a “communal 60’ish” experience.


Breathtaking views, miserable and underpaid work staff, overpriced but you just can’t help yourself from returning. Anguilla, if you have never been, is one of those places you just feel so — free. You don’t know anyone, you will never know anyone and that’s the luxury of it. If you pop over to Key West instead, let’s give a hypothetical here, the likelihood you won’t run into an old gym teacher on a trip with her “partner”? Is slim to none. When you fly to Never Never Land you are totally isolated. Sure you’re spending more than you can afford on meals and transportation, but hey, at least you don’t have to conjure up gym teacher talk?


The absolutely no cell phone rule may be a detterant for some, but in reality, it IS kind of extremely liberating to be incognito for a week and change. The hotel is gorgeous — you feel like you were invited to an uber classy friend’s house for the weekend. Awesome set up outside with white lawnchairs and a beautiful view. Food isn’t the hotel’s speciality but you have unlimited other options for that in Nantucket.



This IS my childhood in essence. Well… Vermont in the winter, Hamptons in the summer that is. I just adore this hotel. I think for the price they charge at this point? Some major renovations are necessary. The rooms are so not up to par but there is NO COMPARISON in regards to having that “winter wonderland in Vermont” feel, really. We ski at Stratton mountain which is a convenient 30 minute, if that, drive from the hotel. The landscape surrounding the hotel is breathtaking and the spa which is somewhat newly renovated is my mom’s (and mine when I take a lazy day off from skiing) oasis. The live music on the weekends is so outdated but never gets old to me — I think the three member band that plays on Friday nights is the same three member band that played Friday nights when I was barely old enough to walk.



There is just something so swank and refreshing about the Ace. The Breslin, their buzz worthy bar/restaurant only adds to the allure of staying at this hotel. While the location of the hotel, as I mentioned when I originally blogged about the Ace, is somewhat seedy? It’s well worth it. You’re most definitely not going to have a quiet… calming hotel experience at the Ace — quite the opposite to be exact. Photo booths and tartan wallpaper take up most of the hotel lobby. Non-stop foreign techno music and Marc Jacob look alike models run wild throughout the halls all day and night. I dig it, big time.


The Benjamin, on the contrary, IS the type of place you’d go to get away from the buzz of the city… at least while you’re still in your room that is. The area, Midtown East, pretty much clears out on the weekends so it tends to be less noisy then perhaps, staying in SoHo or the LES for example on a weekend. The hotel accomodations are nice, nothing totally out of the $$$ price tag ordinary, however, their gym is great and the lounge/restaurant “The National” is really fun and THE spot to find hot finance men after work. Not looking, justttt stating an observation of course.  


This hotel brings back a lot of memories from last winter. I used to play the role of Eloise, hating to impose on my NYC resident friends, I used to camp out very often here at the Library. I will say, it doesn’t have a lot of ROOM whatsoever. I think if they eliminated HALF of the amount of books they decorate each room with? You’d have a hell of a lot more space to sleep. I get a one bedroom which even for me (and I’m coming in under 110lbs) is a BIT TOO SNUG for my liking. The really sick ass part of staying here is the wine/cheese hour every night from like 5-7 and the unlimited fruit/coffee/tea/sweets available upstairs. TOTALLY my reasoning for going back — I loved it.

Fontainebleau Hotel I Don’t Get You

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Here’s what happened — after dinner at Seniora Martinez last evening, my parents thought it would be fun to stop by the “happening and recently renovated” Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. While this hotel was on my “To Do List” a year ago — I have to report, I was BEYOND disappointed with what I came across. The only salvation of my adventure was the EXTRA STIFF Vodka Tonic at Bleau bar.

Here were my MAJOR issues with the newly redone hotel, in no order:

1) I would estimate, roughly, that 90% of the guests in the hotel did not speak English — and I’m generally quite bad with my calculations. Just an FYI.

2) In order to find your way around this oddly shaped pod of a hotel, you needed interactive computerized maps that signaled to you where you were, and where en route the elevators were.

3) In the “hot lounge/lobby bar” located in the center of the hotel if you can even call it that — there were MORE children running around, swiveling around on the Art Deco chairs than there were adults! I am NOT lying to you folks — I would say it was approximately 11pm too which adds to the confusion in my book… Maybe they’re still on international time?

4) I was given the “eye” at LEAST five times in an hour duration — by both men and women. I’m sorry — when I meander around my hotel I don’t get stared at which until this point in time I didn’t really appreciate. This isn’t a catwalk this is a hallway of a hotel – STOP STARTING, ok great thanks.

5) There is NO COHESION WHATSOEVER to the various parts of the hotel — If you consider 400 plastic beach chairs paired next to luxurious cabanas, an all glass extremely modern gym, a Rat Pack inspired lobby, and high end chain boutiques cohesive? Then perhaps style and design isn’t my forte. I could be wrong but none of it fit together in my eyes — what were they thinking? Let’s take all the “hot style trends of 08 and 09” and throw them into one oddly configured, oddly styled hotel? NO THANKS… I will continue to reside down the street.

…. My To Do List

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So, the more I read Travel and Leisure and Food and Wine, the larger my To Do List gets. By “To Do” I mean more along the lines of “Hotels and Restaurants I Need to Visit“, you catch my drift. Here are the top items on my list, enjoy:


The Fountainebleu Hotel- Miami, FL


While I wasn’t around when the Rat Pack was popular, I do know the impact it left on American Society. The Rat Pack inspired hotel, which recently spent MILLIONS of dollars on renovations, is THE hot spot to go to in Miami. Celebrities and wannabes alike flock to this hotel to see what all of the fuss is about. That’s precisely the reason I too, would like to stay there. Ok, so what if I’m not a celeb? I can still feel like one right?

L2O Restaurant, Chicago, IL

b-The-dining-room-at-L-40d793fcf698-1I don’t think there is anything on the menu that is necessarily out of the ordinary, however, it truly is a culinary experience so the critics say. I would love to buy myself a tan JCREW windbreaker/pea coat and head to the windy city for a long weekend. I would immerse myself in the bustling nature of the city just for that weekend, eat some good meals, make up an alias when I meet people and then head back to Boston. 

Delano Hotel, Miami, FL


Now, I have had dinner/ drinks at The Delano, but I have never stayed there. BIG BIG DIFFERENCE. Let me explain why. I’m the person who goes outside to the pool area after dinner in the dark to look around see what I’m missing by not staying there. Let me explain, the Delano is THE spot to be — for the pool that is. The cabanas/ chairs have to be booked far in advance and come bearing a heavy price tag. I think when I’m a wealthy adult, I will spend some of my play money to buy myself a pool side cabana seat at the Delano. I will come decked out in a light wicker hat, gold stilettos, and a mini poodle. I think it sounds like a great plan, I don’t know what you think, but hey who cares — it’s my fantasy not yours.