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November Obsessions

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I’ve seen Friendly Fires now twice in concert and can’t wait to see them again soon. They’re such  great performers and bring a sense of excitement to the stage. The lead singer, more specifically, is a trip – he’s very touchy feely (with himself!) making it entertaining over all. If you’ve never listened to them before, some of the songs I suggest are: Pala, Skeleton Boy and Show Me Lights.

Iziba Spotlight


While in San Francisco with my mom recently, I more or less spent the ENTIRE vacation looking for the perfect sweater. I usually don’t really care too much about clothing, but this sweater has been in the back of my mind for months now. After looking and finding some sweaters CLOSE to what I wanted at Saks and Bloomies, I FINALLY found the perfect one for a lot less actually, at American Apparel – who woulda thunken?

Outside Voice


I love Chai tea – there is some so delicious when it comes to drinking Chai lattes with some cinnamon on top. I dream about them. I’m not a big coffee fan so it’s the ideal warm drink for me come end of fall. If I attempt to make my own, I have to just add some Silk milk since I haven’t mastered the art of the froth just yet!

Foodie with Family


One of my favorite days ever, ironically enough, is the day after Halloween – that’s when all of the Thanksgiving and more likely Christmas items are being featured on the shelves. Living now in Midtown East on Park and close to Grand Central I’m delighted to already find lit trees on my walks home from work. You really can’t beat a winter wonderland in New York City – while I’m always in Miami lately for the New Year, I can’t help but long to break in 2012 in the lovely city.

Z Mation


OK I’ve become obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell this year. I’ve had some of his shoes over the years, but nothing compares to his Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Havana collection. I’ve spent most of my paychecks on his line – they’re obnoxious, not fit for practical use of any sort and way too much for a Sunday brunch but I love them. I think some of his cat adorned print ones are too much for me, but these, are amazing. Roll on Jeffrey, roll on. 

Hippie Girl


Yes, I do work on Chivas, but I must admit – I work on tons of programs and the latest Chivas endeavor has to be the coolest I’ve worked on. The concept’s simple — create pop up “broterhood parties” exclusive to members of the 1801 Chivas Brotherhood, in top cities nationwide. In Chicago, the party popped up in a luxury townhouse in the West Loop – we just launched the NYC club in a sick townhouse in West Village. I think Chivas is really helping bring a younger demographic to an always classic blended scotch brand. 


Life by Keith Richards — Book Review

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I will start out by saying I’m not a massive Rolling Stones fan — which is somewhat shocking after having picked my book of the month to be “Life” by the one and only Keith Richards. I guess what got me hooked from beginning to end with this autobiography is Richard’s raw honesty and ability to say exactly what he felt/ what he did/why he did it — if there was a reason for his actions, that is….

Here are a few things that popped out at me after having read the book:

1) Richards has no real underlying reasons as to why he’s battled severe drug and alcohol problems for most of his life — he was close with both of parents and yet always found a reason to rebel in his schooling and then obviously later in life. The constant battle with heroin and cocaine was more or less the main underlying theme of the book. I thought it was captivating, yet at the same time, very sad to hear… The ins and outs of “life as a junkie” comes with a major price tag — he has had more injuries, near death experiences and run ins with the cops than most people will ever experience. He didn’t make it out as though it was something he was proud of, more, he wanted to get the truth out there — eliminate years and years of tabloid build up that needed to be put to an end. His real life, trust me, is tabloid worthy in of itself.

2) HOW IN THE WORLD he ended up snagging Patti Hansen as his wife and producing two STUNNING daughters is beside me. Patti played an integral and life changing role in Richard’s life — she was the first true love he actually had — while he had more romps than most people do in a life time, he felt no “instant attraction” to them. While things weren’t smooth sailing between Patti’s friends/family and Keith, he made it work and they have been together ever since. His two offspring from Patti are both put together, stunning women whom I would have never guessed in a lifetime were a result of Keith Richards, in any way shape or form. Sorry Keith, but it’s true. You’re a bit scary to look at.

3) Anita Pallenberg wins the award from being one of the most stunning women I have ever seen as a young adult? To being absolutely scary looking. Thank you heroin — for showing me what happens to people when they take hard…hardcore drugs. Most of the time Keith and Anita spent together –which encompassed many years of their lives, was full of drugs, physical and even mental abuse and overall disrespect by then end for one another. While Keith isn’t claiming he too wasn’t a junkie who made poor choices, he felt as though Anita was on a destructive life long path — aiming to bring everyone and anyone else down with her.

4) I never truly knew JUST had bad the relationship between Jagger and Richards was…. 20 years it’s been since the two have talked backstage before or after a performance. As Keith explained, it is more of a brother relationship than a friend. He knows that no matter how big the rift gets between the two, which trust me you find out is pretty damn large, they won’t ever totally disconnect. So in a way, it is really like a brother/brother relationship. I think how he portrays Jagger in the book is a bit harsh to be honest. Not like I know the man, but it is a brutally honest and raw portrait of his life long friend who helped him through many many cold turkeys and recoveries and then of course the relapses that followed.

My Extreme Love and Hate for John Mayer (Part Deux)

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I cannot emphasize just how much I despise John Mayer in many forms of his existence. But here is the catch — I have loved all albums he has put out since I was in 7th grade… I am now graduating from college. That’s saying something. There have been PLENTY of musicians that have come and go on my IPod and in my heart but John’s lyrics and songs capture me. I feel I can relate to so many of his lyrics. But this is where the conflict arises in my head…

How is a musician who produces such lyrical and meaningful songs SUCH a womanizing, trash talking, psychological liar in real life? It makes no sense to me. Do I stop buying his music because he kisses and tells? Or do I continue to endorse him in his musical endeavors, while trying my best to forget about his personal existence? That’s where the conflict lies in my eyes.

1) I don’t like his inability to shut his mouth in the Social Networking Universe — it is NOT necessary you Twitter about your bowel movements, masturbation, and how great of a lay you are

2) Find a great psychologist and sex therapist, and book yourself some appointments — after the recent stunts in Playboy Magazine, I wouldn’t be surprised if others gave you the same goddamn advice, you not only used the “n” word in a derogatory manner, but you also once again exploited Jessica Simpson and your situation between the sheets — grow up and get help

3) You have officially taken over the title of the “Biggest Womanizer in the Music Industry” — congrats John, really. I’m sure you’re extremely proud of yourself. Here’s the thing — If I were a celebrity female, and you tried approaching me I would VEER clear. Once a womanizer, always a womanizer in my eyes. These girls don’t seem to mind, but I certainly would.

So there’s my advice for the “oh so lovely” Mayer. The thing is, I will still continue to support him in his musical profession, I presume I just won’t be taking his Blackberry Pin if I ever happen to run into him at a bar ANY TIME in the near future. My final comment will be as follows: He needs a tune up.

Lady Gaga or Lady Cuckoo? You Decide

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Here’s the thing. Everyone who currently lives in the US knows who Lady Gaga is by this point, I’m sure of it. For some reason though I still can’t decide exactly what my opinions are on the singer.

I thought she was a foreigner up until a week ago when I was told she graduated from Tisch School of Performing Arts at NYU.  That changed everything for me — I saw her as being some Swedish import that made it big over seas. Perhaps an American music manager heard her record and flew her to the US to test her hits out on American turf. When I was told she graduated from NYU the intruige somewhat faded — ok great, you graduated from Tisch. As did everyone else in my high school who performed in the musicals. I just think it was a big letdown.


In regards to her music? Catchy. Poppy. Lucrative. She knows what works for her audience so I will give her credit for that. I unfortunately am stuck having to blast her jams in the car when I’m riding with my girlfriends to the bars. Her songs are very repetitive and very easy to memorize — aka, money makers. I wonder why she doesn’t break out of her comfort zone and dabble in more musically complicated/ challenging songs? Hmmm… I think I know the reason. $$$$$$


Then, there’s her style.  That seems to be the biggest question mark in my book. Is she aiming to be the next Madonna or the next Angelina Jolie? I realize she is inspired by her quote on quote surroundings but I think some of the outfits she chooses to wear are just down right ridiculous. Yes, Lady Gaga I understand you liked to play with orgami when you were a child– however, that does give you the right to then go ahead and wear actual pieces of orgami on your dress.



So, in a nutshell I can’t figure out what exactly my take is on Lady Gaga, I don’t think she’s half bad but at the same time I don’t think I necessarily like her either. Maybe if she did something shocking perhaps, like write a song about going to “Rehab” (cough Amy Winehouse cough) and then became a severly addicted drug abuser I would be more inclined to lean more favorably towards her. Hm.

My New Singin’ Sensation- Justin Nozuka

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A few reasons why I am giving Justin praise. First off, I love everyone with the name Justin for the most part. It began back in 2000 when I first laid my eyes on Mr. Timberlake on the Disney Channel. I’ll never forget, he was wearing a fire red and blue flame uni-suit. From that point on, I was “Lustin’ for Justin” as the sign that I made him stated. Ok, I’m getting off topic but the point I was making was that I tend to fall for singers named “Justin”.

Aside from his lovely first name, what originally caught my eye was his music video for “After Tonight” which played originally on MTV2. It was a weird video, older people looking up at stars in the woods while sitting around a bonfire pretty much. It wasn’t the “originality” of the video that caught my eye, it was the wildly mysterious hot man with the raspy voice signing who captured my heart.

So similarly to my instant infatuation with JTimb, I bought his CD on ITunes without even previewing anything beforehand. I tend to trust that singers wouldn’t put out an album unless it was “tip top”. Obviously, I have been proven wrong many times, however, not in this instance. There are so many songs I’ll recommend to download on ITunes… If you enjoy Folk, Pop, or Blues music you will like him. He is a combination of Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and Gavin DeGraw. I’d say he stands out with the lyrics he presents his listeners… One of the more chilling songs is entitled, “Save Him” which is all about domestic abuse. It is an insanely tight song but if you listen to the words, it is also very intense and real as well…

Here are my recommendations:

– “Save Him”

– “Mr. Therapy Man”

– “Golden Train”

– “Supposed to Grow Old”