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I’ll Take A Cappuccino With A Side of Cougar

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I will preface this post as follows — I tend to veer clear of dating people younger than me. Why you may ask? Well, I don’t think that men my own age are mature enough. To be honest, I think the men I attract myself to for the MOST part have the maturity levels of 4th graders. With that in mind, I don’t usually delve into dating the younger gentleman I know. What I have seen more and more, however, is the frequency of older women dating younger men. In Hollywood, it’s become the new “black dress” come to think of it.


At first I was skeptical, very skeptical. He was a young, somewhat aloof character on That 70’s Show as well as the host of Punk’d. She was a long standing Hollywood icon who has children close to Ashton’s age. I just was not sure if it would end well — who woulda thunken that they would be the most adoring/loving couple in Hollywood? It’s a shame both aren’t drop dead gorgeous to make it a completely picture perfect situation. HA.


I’m still very much on the fence with this one — every time they walk the Red Carpet together there is such a clear sense of jealousy and inferiority on the part of Nick that I don’t know if this cougar relationship will be everlasting. She is a music mogul who has sculpted quite an enterprise  with her music, “MOVIES” in BIG ASS PARENTHESES, and beauty products. Nick, on the other hand, is the “faux spokesperson” for Teen Nick — while I love Degrassi? He needs to step his game up.


This relationship has recently fizzled, which I mean, isn’t too heart breaking to anyone. They weren’t a Jen/Brad or anything like that but they were for sure eye soaringly attractive — yes, I made up that word… start incorporating it into your daily jargon if you so desire. Their daughter is quite frankly the cutest child in Hollywood — I figured the Jolie Pitt tribe would have produced as least one STUNNING child but I was very wrong. Instead, all of them sport manly clothing (those that are girls), long strangly hair, and unibrows. I’ll pass and give the award to Halle and Aubrey instead — if nothing more, they produced quite the striking child.


Here’s the thing — Madonna is the closest thing to most American’s as a God Like figure so I won’t bash her or her sexual partners, but come on. This relationship reminds me very much of the Desperate Housewives scenario between Eva Longoria and the pool boy (who has since his brief stint on the show become bloated, broke, and alone in life mind you). I think the concept is hot, but leave it to your fantasies while STILL ASLEEP Madonna.

Celeb Couples I Can’t Comprehend — Part Deux

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So the most popular blog I’ve ever written was entitled, “Celebrity Couples I Can’t Wrap My Head Around” — after having watched more E! Entertainment and read more OK! Magazines, more couples have begun to confuse me and I feel it is about time I share them with all of you. Enjoy.


I’m not saying there’s anything “wrong” necessarily with this couple — I do, however, find it to be quite a peculiar match up. I mean, think about it — Keith Urban is this, frosted tipped, True Religion wearing “Country Pop Star”, and then you have Nicole Kidman, whose this fragile, pale, reserved, ex of Tom Cruise? Like … who woulda thunken? Then seem quite happy so I won’t judge.


I wanted desperately to avoid writing again about my confusion with this duo. The most searched person on my entire blog is surprisingly Evan Rachel Wood, andddd, keeping in mind the fact that she is now oddly engaged to this unusual specimen of a human, I thought I’d re issue a “CONFUSION LABEL”. I DON’T GET IT EVAN… You’re young, attractive, headed in somewhat of the right direction career wise — why is it you flock towards a man who … well… we don’t even know his sexuality? gender? skin color?


Alright, I see it — You two fell in LOVEEE during the making of Scream and just went on with your own individual mediocre lives without each other, until ONE DAY, at a Scream Reunion Bar Crawl, you realized you were destined alllll along. Or more likely, they both realized that each of them made up probably 1/2 of a real celebrity, so together, they could be one “famous person”.


This one makes me shake me head in confusion on a daily basis — he is this somewhat famous, somewhat attractive “actor” who now permanently hosts Teen Nick Channel. He is goofy looking, smiles too often, and is best known for his “so so” role in Drumline. Mariah Carey is a GODDESS of all musicians, best friend to Smokey Robinson and Oprah Winfrey, and revolutionary in the music world. WHAT IS SHE THINKING??? I UNDERSTAND he worships the ground she walks on, yes, and I understand that she is tired of “men who rule her life” but this is just too weird for me to ever give the seal of approval. I’m sorry.

Degrassi–Why Do I Love You? Let Me Count The Ways

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I tend to keep certain aspects of my life hidden… such as my obsession with Jimmy Neutron, my habit of eating waffles with whipped cream every night… things of that nature. I was skeptical for years of proclaiming my hidden love for the show Degrassi until I realized… I am not alone in the obsession, whatsoever. I thought for a long time I was the only one who had ever heard of or watched the channel Noggan (soon to be Team Nick… as in Team Nick Cannon??? Very confused but anyways). I realized SO many of my friends and classmates also are addicted to the originally Canadian show. Seeing as that I am DYING in anticipation for the new season to begin in October, I thought it’d be fitting to post my top 10 reasons I love the show now… just in case any of you are amateurs and want to catch up!

10) Spinner is still on the show — Spinner, the bad boy whose been through more girls than John Mayer has had his fair share of ups and downs, including bouts with cancer and bald heads. He had triumphed over it all however and managed to nab one of the only “FORMER DEGRASSI” spots on the show… AKA he’s one of the older members still returning back on the show. LOVES it.

9) Emma’s now unattractive and a brunette- I’ve always had issues with Emma… she’s hot then cold, up then down.. she never knows which guy she wants. I just don’t relate to her character at all. She used to be hot … after her whole anorexia/pre pubescent phase. The period during which her hair was blonde, she had boobs, and she was dating Peter.

8) Jimmy aka DRAKE aka Aubrey Graham- I LOVED him on the show, why you may ask? Because not only was he an athlete but a philanthropist, artist, and musician. Who could ask for more in a man I mean really? He also dealt VERY well with his shooting and his eventual handicap.


7) Peter’s on COKE in the new episodes- So me and my best friend Hadassa discussed recently the overlap of Degrassi themes but it’s all good- They’ve already done the “I’M A MUSICIAN THEREFORE I’M ALSO A COKEHEAD THEME” with Craig back in the day… But I love this one even more because Peter’s mom’s the Principle oh and he’s totally straight edge…. minus his “badass desire to drag race”.

6) Paige’s Questionable Sexuality– Ok so I’ll admit that I hated her for the first few years of watching the show… she was unattractive in my eyes and acted like the Queen Bee.. OH and she always says “SWEETIE” or “HUN”… When she decided to become Bi, however, I took a step back and decided she’s pretty freakin’ cool.

5) CRAIG, CRAIG, CRAIG- I don’t know what screams cool to me about him necessarily but I love everything about his character– he’s selfish, can’t decide who he wants more Manny or Ellie, dabbles with Coke obviously because he’s a musician and that’s what they do… and also gives up schooling for music. Yet again I say, “obviously”.


4) Ellie’s relationship with her boss- I can’t remember his name, the guy she started seeing right when she got to college, but anyway, regardless, he was quite the hunk. It also intensified his coolness that he was her boss for the newspaper at college. She’s a lost puppy looking for love and can’t seem to get it quite right ever… I feel kind of bad.

3) Marco’s style- Gay men in general know how to dress, so I can’t say he stands out but lately he’s been stepping up his game — in the new movie “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” he looked quite fly I must admit. Keep it up Marco.

2) The Newbies– Alli, K.C., Clare, and Connor- While 9th grade was SO very long ago for me, I can’t relate quiteee exactly to the new kids on the block but I do think they’re potential for DEGRASSI GREATNESS is high… especially because they all have demons of their own and are totally unique.


1) Last but not least– WHAT’S TO COME FOR….. Peter, Sav, Mia, Holly J, Darcy, and Riley during their final years at Degrassi? WE MUST WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER TO FIND OUT… I AM DYING!!!