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My Unwavering Love for TV Nerds

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Where do I even start with Joseph? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him play every goddamn underdog role that Hollywood has thrown his way. He’s adorable and unassuming.  To be fair, I think I’ve been in love  with him since 10 Things I Hate About You – who doesn’t love the nerd who never gets the girl? Come on. When he started doing more mature roles, I got a bit upset – I liked him playing the continual dweeb… but I did love him in Inception. 500 Days of Summer is probably my favorite movie role he played- couldn’t have been a better fit for the role. 

The Fan Boys

Jim Parsons 

So I’ve just recently gotten into the Big Bang Theory – words can’t express just how awesome that show is. Maybe it’s because I’m awkward at times? I don’t know, all I do know is that I’m not into science but you don’t have to be clearly – the whole show jabs fun at those nerdy scientists. I don’t think anyone would watch the show if Sheldon, Jim Parsons, wasn’t on it. He makes the show – more or less. I do love the hilarious Indian guy whose name is blanking me at the moment. OK back to Jim – would I ever think he was cute if he didn’t star on the show? Yes, sadly, because I am attracted often to nerdy people. I don’t feel bad about that, come to think of it. 

Hot Geeks

Shia LeBeouf 
Even though Shia has tattoos, is constantly “leaking” his past romps with Meghan Fox and ruins too many nice cars, I still think of him as a nerd deep down. Think back to the “Even Stevens” days – he was the quintessential dork! I think Hollywood got to his head, undoubtedly, but nonetheless I’d still give my right arm to brush shoulders with Shia somewhere downtown. 

Socialite Life

Dylan Walsh

I’ve been a devoted fan of Nip/Tuck since the beginning. The show needed to end when it did so I’m not melancholy but I really will admit to missing Dylan Walsh play a hot Miami based surgeon. PLEASE and thank you. He’s on a new show I think but nothing will compare to watching him weekly be overshadowed by Christian who in reality is balding and overly plucked. 

Colin Hanks 

OK – don’t judge this one. Colin Hanks has been on my radar for a creepish amount of time. I thought he was cute back in the day – especially when people only knew him through his father. Wait, isn’t that still the case? He hasn’t really carved his name really within the film industry but when he finally does? Don’t say I didn’t tell you. 

Warming Glow

Nip/Tuck, New Season, New Scares

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I can’t lie… over the years I’ve been hot and cold, more like extremely hot and cold with Nip/Tuck. I began watching when the pilot aired x amount of years ago, must have been at least 5 years ago? Wow time flies… Anyways, I was absolutely obsessed with the show for a very long time. What ended up happening, however, was the content got more and more racy and more twisted. The point at which I stopped watching (aka took a hiatus) was when Troy made a larger woman put a paper bag over her face while he had sex with her from behind. I was EXTREMELY offended by it so I stopped watching for the rest of the season…

I can’t, however, seem to turn away from it completely. This season which just began 2 weeks ago has become one of my favorites for many reasons. There are clearly a few aspects that I am VERY not cool with, but hey, that’s every show for you.


1) Mario Lopez, Mario Lopez, Mario Lopez — OK so my old boss from NYC told me the first day we began working together about her hatred for the media crazed Lopez. While I do agree wholeheartedly? I think he’s EXACTLY the character that’s been missing on the show, the hotter…. richer… and nicer doctor. Troy needs to be put in his place, let’s be serious — his body is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Thank you FX for putting a smile on my face before I go to bed, thank you.     


2) Rose McGowan – while I don’t like her gold digging, knieving ways,  I think she brings a level of intruige to the show that’s been missing. Kimber’s WAY outlived her lifespan on the show, in my opinion. We get it Kimber, you’re low on cash & self-esteem but the fact that you’ve stooped down to working at a Chinese Nail Salon & molding “faux” cocks to sell on the black market? Like, you’re done in my opinion. McGowan, however, is sneaky… and hot…. and seductive. I don’t know — well see what happens with her, I hope Lizzy and Sean see right through her act. The fact the previews say they’re proposed? Makes me nervous.


3) McNamara’s Downspiral of a Life- To be honest? Troy went from being the hot one on the show to the extremely pathetic one in my eyes. I don’t even find him hot anymore, sad, tear. Anyway — I will say this much. Over the course of the show, McNamara has COMPLETELY turned into a mess of a human being, while becoming hotter each season — didn’t think THAT was coming. He went from being the mundane, sexually frusterated doctor husband to this nutball, who fucks every looney toon with legs, tries to overdose on pills, and is extemely alone and depressed. HOT.


4) Lizzy Fights Back- She’s always had spunk — I love Lizzy. While I think FX was ridiculously stupid to have her character fall in love with Troy, I don’t think that you can help who you love sometimes — and that’s clearly what they were trying to  get at with that relationship. While that fizzle as we ALL knew would happen, I am SO glad she’s getting the pay back and closure she wellfully deserves. He’s a slime ball who won’t change (Troy, that is) no matter who comes along. He’s unable to change for anyone – end of story… I thought perhaps, that their weird lesbian/narsasstic relationship MAY work out in some weird way, but I was wrong. While by the end of the episode last night she dropped the charges, I am glad she’s standing her ground and making her point against that douche.


Top Chef Rant, Only Necessary

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TOP CHEF. Aside from Nip/Tuck, this is the only other show I set aside time to watch.


I have been hooked on T.C. for years now; I remember sitting in my mom’s  bed watching the show with my brother, guessing every commercial break who would win. As you could imagine,  I was usually spot on. This year, however, I’m having a hard time pin pointing the winner. I think it’s because the 3 final contestants styles are SO different, it’s like comparing creme brulee to mango sorbet— impossible!

I will break down my thoughts on the three and see if perhaps while writing this blog I can come to a final decision as to who I think will win.


OH CARLA, that’s all there is to say. As my brother likes to refer to her as, she most definitely resembles an ostrich. With that aside, do I feel like she will be winning T.C.? I hope not. I like her style of cooking, I think Tom digs her because her food is very similar to his food at Craft. She sticks to the basics and perfects it, like her A-MAZING peas apparently? I wouldn’t know, only Jacques Peppin would… but I’ll take his word for it. Some good dishes paired with mediocre ones = 2nd place, not 1st in my opinion.


STEFAN– so, I used to hate him…. however, I have changed my mind after watching a disgusting amount of reruns this week while lying in bed with the flu. I think his whole cocky persona is totally an act, and in reality he seems to VERY unsure about his dishes. He seems like he has his shit together but he’s been on the bottom so often recently, and with lines such as “I’m so luckily so have slid under the radar this week” I think Stefan’s big ego is slowly deflating. For him to win next week he’ll need a dose of reality, a cigarette break or two, and one HELL of a dinner prepared.


AHHH my favorite, HOSEA. OK so, do I think he’s better than Stefan skill wise? No I don’t. My brother begs to differ but I firmly believe Stefan’s skills far outweigh those of Hosea’s, HOWEVER, big however…. I think Hosea could potentially knock this one dinner out of the PARK. He wants it bad, and realizes it can’t be “just a good side dish” or “a lovely flambé” he NEEDS to nail it down; appetizer, entree, and dessert. I think his STRONG dislike for Stefan will drive him to make sure his dish is the best.

…. Ok so I lied. I told you by the end of my blog I’d come to a decision, when in reality, all I did was make myself more confused and uncertain as to who will win! I think Carla can’t… I just will NOT let her win, she already won the car, isn’t that enough??? Come on now. I hope Hosea wins and kicks Stefan with his fashionable “Cooking Crocs“, but I guess well have to just wait and see…

Until next Wednesday when I’m SURE I will have a lot to bitch about…