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Some Things Worth Looking Forward To…

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While this rambling list falls in no specific order, I will say that I sure do love my trips to Bermuda. Bermuda is quiet, uninterrupted and to be quite honest, such a hidden gem. I’ve been going to Bermuda since I was little, staying at the Ariel Sans and never once had a unenjoyable trip… watch me jinx it but how could that really happen when you’re on a quiet & remote island with no cell phone reception? Let’s be serious here for a minute.


Am I necessarily a fan of holidays that deprive you of meals? No, no I am not. I do, however, LOVE Passover…. and Purim…. and Hanukkah. Ok, maybe I like being Jewish more than I originally thought I had. There’s something very fun and traditional about Passover — very unlikely will you find a totally innovative out of the box Passover dinner — which is what makes it such a special holiday to me. People stick to the traditional inclusions on the plate, while having refined it to fit modern society’s standards, you will never see a Passover plate without some essentials such as Matzoh, Charoset, Bitter Herbs… the list goes on. My mother’s homemade Matzoh Brie may or may not be the reason I’m booking it back down to Jersey this weekend, just don’t tell my family that  — please and thank you. 


While I have no booty and have come to terms with the fact, I do love my body shape for certain reasons, such as, my ability to rock cut off denim shorts. I saw some GREAT new styles of these shorts in both Madewell and Urban Outfitters. I’m thinking a black long sleeve tucked in, the denim minis and crazy colored/patterned flats… all I need now is some freakin’ warm enough weather!

                                                                                                                                                                                  STARBUCKS’ PASSION ICED TEA

I would rather lick gravel than buy a cup of Starbuck’s overpriced, horribly tasting coffee. Their signature iced teas, however, are such a different story. Even I, a die-hard sweetener fan, finds it rather unnecessary to include in these unsweetened iced teas.  A large, coming in at $3.00, is well worth it and very enjoyable in my opinion. The drink reminds me of summer and I can’t help but starting to buy them now, in hopes that spring comes quicker. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Although my last attempt at going to catch a flick in the theatres myself ended in a major failure (cough, 127 hours is much better to read to than visually see, cough), I am willing to attempt another movie date with myself OR with others, if they choose to join. I can’t wait, specifically, for Scream 4 to premiere. Do I think it will be wildly or even remotely different from the last three? No. If anything, I may need booze to ease my disappointment with just how similar the fourth installment is, but hey, at least I can say I’m a Scream fan through and through right?


Big trip coming up next month — my first trip to meet Jon’s family in San Diego. For countless reasons, as one could imagine, I am looking forward to this trip more than a lot of others on this list. Serious Eats, my favorite food blog of all time (you all must know this at this point) always mentions “go to food stops” while visiting San Diego. You better believe I’m dragging my boyfriend to each and every one of these stops. Some of Serious Eats’ San Diego grub picks include: the Four Cheese Sandwich at Urban Solace, the Caprese Croissant from 30th Street Cafe and the Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt from Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt — DONE AND DONE.


One of my best friends, Jenina, is one of the biggest Sangria fans I’ve ever met. I can recall times where large… large… sizes of Carlo Rossi were passed around her apartment’s living room. While I’m not one for chugging econo-sized anything, I do love fresh Sangria while sitting outside at a restaurant. I think Sangria instantly puts you in the mood to do SOMETHING fun after you finish your drink — whether it be a bike ride or a big night out. I just know that if I sit and enjoy a glass of Sangria with friends, my happiness level boosts much higher than it would otherwise.



I know the faux pas behind wearing white pants in the colder seasons is long gone, but I personally, can’t get over the notion that it just doesn’t look right when you’re not tan and happily warm. I think I’ll start rocking the white skinny jeans I have with some black leather — nice mix up of the delicate and the harsh. I also can’t wait to wear white pants to my office — seeing as that denim is not allowed, white pants are JUST the right alternative come mid May-August.


I can’t reminisce on past springs spent in New York. I can say, however, that Boston was beautiful in the spring and I can’t imagine New York being any less gorgeous. I love the fresh feeling in the air, the flowers finally making their debut and the ability to start-up on my idea for some romantic picnics in the park on weekends. Damn, I need to stop day dreaming and start doing!

Joaquin Phoenix — The Actor, The Rapper, The Lost Soul

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I will say, before all else, that I was NOT a fan of Phoenix’s character in Gladiator. Ok, now that I got that out of the way I will start my rant on all of the uncertainty that IS Joaquin Phoenix.

He is — without a doubt, a great actor and an unbelievably sexy man. Well, let me back track and say that he used to be both of those things. Now, I really can’t explain what he’s thinking — professionally, mentally OR aesthetically.

Joaquin, after having had probably the most bizarre interview with David Letterman in 2009, announced his termination from the Acting Industry, for reason undisclosed. He began to dabble in a pathetic rap career shortly thereafter.

The biggest news of all was the transformation of Phoenix’s overall appearance — having gained a considerable 50 extra pounds, added unwashed dread locks, a massively scruffy beard and permanent stay on sunglasses. All of which began the buzz that led to “I’m Still Here” — Phoenix’s new movie released on 9/10/10, produced by brother in law Casey Affleck.

After having watched the trailer, read many movie critic reviews, in addition to seeing the wild postings all around SoHo  — I can confidently say this movie looks like it may live up to the long awaited hype. Shepard Ferry has been progressively putting art work up throughout NYC in addition to the wild postings on street corners. The buzz has been generating for a while and I’m excited to see how the movie really is. I don’t think that it has a lot of depth necessarily — an actor dropout, who decides to give up good hygiene and manners in hopes of distancing himself from “that life”. I believe what he’s doing, in my opinion, is drawing more attention to himself than when he was in actuality an actor. Well see how the movie unfolds — I wonder what turn it will take.

Fig & Olive Meatpacking — Review

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I love Fig & Olive in general, the one on the UES is totally a different dining experience than the one in Meatpacking. I could hear a pin drop at the UES location, yet at the Meatpacking restaurant I literally can’t even hear myself think straight.

I have had MANY dishes here — but the last time I went there were a few standout dishes. Julia ordered the special appetizer of the evening which was Fresh Burrata with Figs — out of this world. Literally. The Caesar Salad was forgetable, no doubt. My entree, which is one I order often, was so delicious. I get the Shrimp and Scallop Paella with Eggplant Tapenade and Red Bell Peppers. I lick the plate clean. Julia’s Branzino was also extremely solid.

My Day in Hell’s Kitchen Park

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I have been battling major issues with heat — my years of baking for 10+ hours a day in the sun are far gone. To be honest, I don’t miss the uneasy feeling usually felt after having sat for way too long in the sun on a daily basis. My skin is yelling with happiness I’m sure. Regardless, I miss the sun and being able to relax comfortably outdoors. With that in mind, today I  decided to break out of my hotel room and venture to a local park. I picked the closest park to my hotel, Ink48,which happened to be  Hell’s Kitchen Park located on 10th Avenue between West 47th and 48th.

Here are the few things I learned at the park today:

  • Water guns, more specifically Super Soakers, are back and better than ever — each child that found their way to the park wouldn’t DARE come without being locked and loaded… without a water gun that is.

  • Wetsuits are apparently very much appropriate attire to wear to a local park — well, if you think more about it, the entirety of your stay at the park consist of you fighting with fellow tykes in the water pools or in my case being “water fountained” by a little girl who felt she was a walking water shooter.

  • Kids are smarter than adults — we don’t think to wear JELLY SANDALS to a park that features various water attractions do we? No, no we don’t. Most of us show up in leather open toed shoes or even canvas flip flops, all of which were NOT meant to be water fountained on for sure. Jelly sandals are most definitely still available for adults and should be purchased as a COOLER AND LESS FADDY ALTERNATIVE TO THE CROC

Perry Street Restaurant Review – Jean Georges

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There’s something to be said for dining late at night in New York City — having arrived half hour late for our 9:30 dinner at the hot spot Perry Street restaurant, I presumed our party would be the only remaining table come 11 o’ clock. Boy was I wrong — as we were headed out, people were practically being seated. Impressive Jean Georges, impressive.

A group of my best girl friends and I went to Perry Street — the best part of going out with that many women means many different dishes and many different opinions. I had the Beet and Goat Cheese salad with Champagne vinaigrette to start which was delicious, heavy on the goat cheese and rich in beet flavor. My entree was the sure fire winner, however, the dish was Cod with a Miso Glaze and Baby Bok Choy. It was absolutely delicious. My friends ordered the Sweet Chili Crab Dumplings with Cilantro, Pan Roasted Sea Bass with Portobello Fries (steer clear of these, they weren’t as tasty as they sound), and the Fried Chicken. All in all the dinner was successful — for a chic bustling dinner, definitely head to Perry Street.

Eatery Review, NYC

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I’ve been to Eatery before and I remember it being a fun yet non frilly restaurant — and second time around, it remained just that. Our waiter took his fair share of uppers before serving us, that’s for sure. He was overly flamboyant and fun — he totally got an A+ in our book for friendly service.

For my appetizer, I had the Organic Chicken and Hominy Soup which was delicious. The broth was unbelievable and there was a good ratio of chicken to broth to vegetables — and at SIX DOLLARS you can’t really bitch even if you didn’t like it.  For my entree, I had a speciality Chicken Dish for the night — I wanted to try the Scallops but the Porcini Mushroom CREAM sauce doesn’t bode well for someone with little to no tolerance for lactose. My friend Tracey had the Fresh Pasta of the Day which happened to be Corkscrew Pasta with Broccoli, Tomatoes, Parmesan with Grilled Chicken Added on.  She also ordered a side of french fries. The pasta dish was a winner, the fries, however, weren’t anything out of this world. For dessert we ordered a Trio of Sorbets — Pear, Mango, and Strawberry. None of which we were blown away over, the Cappuccinos, however, were a different story.

If you’re looking for a bustling no fuss American style restaurant, head to Eatery for a consistently good and reasonably priced meal.

My NYC Weekend Getaway….

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I don’t think of myself as a square, but I’m beginning to think I am…. The hotel I stayed at for the weekend, Ace Hotel, located on West 29th & Broadway was most definitely an eye opener. Once I got settled in, however, and had a few Vodka Soda’s with my friend Tracey the place grew on me. By this morning when I checked out I was somewhat sad… I will miss waking up to people still up partying and blasting techno jams at 9 am. Think faux prescription glasses, “man purses”, esoteric drink menus, and a whole lot of swank.

Okay, I am really bad with directions and got lost trying to find this Meat Packing Hot Spot, but luckily I eventually found it. I am in love with that area of the city — I was never too familiar with it, nor did I ever really venture there until now. From now on I will be… It’s “hoppin” as my mother likes to say. Dinner at One Little West 12th was enjoyable — atmosphere was great, seats were perhaps a bit too close for comfort but the dishes were all solid — I had the Roasted Pear and Beet Salad with a light Vinaigrette and Goat Cheese for an appetizer, and had the Pan Roasted Chicken with a Sweet Potato Puree and Fig Compote with a Cider Reduction. I’m not a fan of figs, but besides that I really enjoyed the dish.

My other dinner was at Inoteca Liquori, a bustling Italian restaurant located on 3rd and 24th. I was NOT  a fan of the atmosphere, but the food was pretty good. I wouldn’t say the restaurant was a STAND OUT, but it would be a nice booked meal for a fun, lively, Italian dinner in the city. The one perk to the restaurant? For an appetizer, dinner, two glasses of vino, and a cappuccino it was 31 DOLLARS. Where can you honestly find deals like that nowadays?

The last stop on my little excursion was at The Other Room, courtesy recommendation of my new NYU friend Oliver. The Other Room, located in the West Village on Perry Street, was so warm and inviting I couldn’t even believe it. It sucks you in from the outside, really. The bar featured a series of esoteric beers and wines to choose from, comfy booths and tables, and an overall chic and ultra relaxing environment.

What a great weekend…. Until next time