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Drake – The Cocky Yet Insecure Singer Whose Paving the Way for Hip Hop

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Here’s my thing about Drake. While he absolutely drives me nuts for reasons as to which I’ll elaborate on in this blog post, he also manages to seduce me into his music and overall entity.

Do I still see him as Jimmy from Degrassi? Undoubtedly. On other hand, do I think he’s become THE one to catch up with in the R&B field? You better believe it.

Drake’s cocky, unapologetic, skilled, twisted, hurt, proud – and for that, I find him to be the largest rising star in the music game.

While I loved his original hits for their catchy appeal such as Best I Ever Had and Find Your Love, his latest album just blew it out of the water for me. Some songs specifically are just mind blowing- Take Care, Headlines, Lord Knows and Make Me Proud. On this album, he’s raw and honest while still presenting himself in that egotistical manner that we all are attracted to him for (don’t try to convince yourself otherwise).

Killer Hip Hop

If he continues to integrate great outside forces such as unbelievably talented Otis Redding into his mixes and provide listeners with raw emotion, he’ll continue to be a path maker not driver on a pre done road. People want honesty and they also want diversity. Bringing in Rihanna, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj were also smart moves.

411 Daily

No need to take care quite yet, Drake. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Rihanna – My Ultimate Girl Crush

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I rarely day dream about women – most of the time they upset me. When it comes to Rihanna, however, I think about her and her style on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that her new CD is UNBELIEVABLE.  Through her trials and tribulations, Rihanna has overcome and risen above if anything. From her top chart songs including “Russian Rihoulette” to “Hard”, she is knocking it on vocally and dressing edgier than ever before — I can’t wait to see what else she pulls out from her bag of tricks.

Her tattoos amaze me… I secretly want 10, but, I am a pansy. So instead I will day dream about Rihanna’s instead. I absolutely love the stars they are so artsy and supernatural. I love them. The only one I’m not quite a fan of is her gun on her side? But hey, I can’t relate to her state of mind at the time she got it inked onto her, so I won’t judge.
Her whole “I’m Michael Jackson, but hotter and less creepy look” works… very well. I dig the whole ensemble she’s been continually showing on the red carpets and out to dinners lately — while the gloves aren’t my favorite, she can so rock the men’s MJ (if you will) blazers.

Drake… Aubrey… Jimmy- The Many Sides of Aubrey Graham

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So, I love when there’s hype surrounding certain people and relationships…. celebrity related that is. I thouroughly enjoy putting myself in celebrities shoes, even if it is just in my dreams. Like, for instance, I pretend at times that me and Shia are exclusive… a girl can dream right?

Anyways, while I just veered off track, I did have a point… I promise. I am in love with the current celebrity talk of the town: Drake. Why you may ask? Well there are a few main reasons:

1) I loved him as Jimmy on Degrassi… yes, I watch Degrassi. While I used to be embarrased, I’m am not a shamed anymore. I have been watching the show, thanks to my good friend Julia Gall, since freshman year of high school. He was one of my favorite characters — perhaps it was foreshadowing but he did if you don’t recall have a “Rap career” on the show as well


2) I love his newly acquired fame as a rapper, AND as a major Trending Topic on Twitter as well! Granted, things such as #WeLoveJoeJonas are also on the top list, but hey, I am still happy he’s getting recognition for his music now. I think the only thing he has to worry about is the pressure riding on his first album…. a lot of people in the industry including my personal fave Lil Wayne are backing him and giving him the hype so now it’s up to him to prove he has what it takes.


3) Him and Rihanna — even if it’s JUST speculation… I dig. I dig it, big time. Why you may ask? Because clearly she won’t be with CB anytime soon but now that she has a new beau I can have Shia LaBeouf all to myself! No, but really, I think they are quite the power couple… and I like the intruige around whether or not they’re actually dating too. Maybe he will write love lyrics about her in his album? WHO KNOWS.


All I know is that regardless of what he wants to be called…. Jimmy? Drake? Aubrey? Rihanna’s boo? I most definitely think, “he’s the, he’s the best”. (Tacky, I know.)

Disturbia? More like Utterly Disturbing- Rihanna’s New Video

In Confusion, Music, Television on July 30, 2008 at 6:01 pm

At the gym this morning my eyes suddenly were taken away from my book, and were drawn to the big TV screens up above the machines. I couldn’t help but watch the new Rihanna video, “Disturbia“. I never comment on music videos, shocker I know… that I don’t put my two-cents in on EVERYTHING, but trust me I am usually easy on music videos. They tend to be what I consider “Brush overs“… these are videos with girls, in scantily clad attire shaking their behinds in my face. Don’t they all seem to mesh together? Regardless! This video is, out of this world- Rihanna, I am OK with you in booty shorts, I’m even ok with the drastic hair cut… but this? Oh HELL NAH

Please view this video and then read my comments. Thank you very much, I promise you it is worth the three minutes of your time:

Here we go

  • Let’s start with the intense Dominatrix theme… No, no, no. It’s fine Rihanna if you enjoy a little S&M with Chris Brown? But no need to bring that into your music videos, yuck.
  • The WHITE CONTACTS, blonde bob and long crack nails? Come on. Her eyes made her look like she is walking off the set of Dawn of the Dead
  • The convulsions that she continually had throughout the video? What was up what that?
  • Lastly, I must say the over all video looked like a horrible re-make of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video

Bad, bad choices Rihanna…