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Dead or Alive, Who’d Be At Your Ideal Dinner Table?

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This post is one I’ve wanted to craft for years now – I think there are some people just so inspiring that you can’t help but fantasize about what they’d be like to meet in person. I thought about this topic with my mom — and again she asked me, who would I have come? In case you’re wondering, no, Obama, God and Justin Bieber are not included. The list is a thought out group of inspirations that I’d love to have the honor of dining with.

Alice Waters

This woman has been given both tremendous praise as well as some harsh criticism over the course of her career – standing strong throughout. She started a revolution – there’s no doubt about it. Bringing fresh vegetables and fruit to the classroom has become Waters’ objective as of late and I can’t express just how remarkable this concept is and how necessary it’s become. While she has a cult following, there are just honestly not enough people backing her and the movement she’s trying to instill… I’d love to help implement healthier school lunches in inner-city schools across the country one day down the road. I would be honored to sit and pick her brain for an hour or two. 


My Grandfather

Sometimes people go too soon – that’s the case with my grandfather, Harold Minksy. He is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever learned about. He started the Burlesque dancing industry with his father, Abe Foxman, in Vegas back in the early 30’s and 40’s. My mom grew up in the desert in Vegas as a child so that my Pop Pop could craft this entirely new industry which became a monolith of its own later on. Throughout our house, there are notes from President’s passed and famous people that looked up to my grandfather. I’m not too close with a lot of my family and wish very much he was still around. I’ve been told since I was born that he’d have totally “gotten me,” and for that? I’d have loved nothing more than to have him here for this upcoming Thanksgiving…


Pablo Picasso 

I was torn between Picasso and Jackson Pollack. While I love Jackson’s work, I think Picasso is just such an interesting character and obviously, the icon of art. Period. Forget about the decade. I minored in Art History in college — taking to Pop Art and oddly enough, Greek Art/Architecture, thanks to an amazing professor who I stayed close to throughout my college experience. While those genres interested me, nothing compared to the single work of Pablo Picasso – his ability to drastically change styles and emotions throughout his career was unparalleled – still is.  The broke boundaries and did it in such a profound way that you couldn’t help but stop and admire the person and the work. 

Arty Factory

Leonardo DiCaprio (if I had a choice, circa 2000)

If I have to pick just one actor, it would have to be Leo. From his days in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape to his most recent work in Inception etc. the man is just brilliant. He’s my generation’s version of a De Niro. I took a liking to him when I was nearly 10 and have still found myself fascinated by both his on-screen life and his personal one. Jumping from one astoundingly beautiful woman to the next leads me to believe he’s not as happy as he appears, or maybe (which I hope is the case) he knows that this is the time in his wildly successful career to just enjoy himself. Who knows. I think he’s able to morph into the character he’s asked to play in nearly every role – think about it for a minute, minus Gangs of New York he’s done an incredible job picking his roles. He’s managed to not get arrested for drug possession, crash a Rover, end up behind bars or even get into a bar fight – perhaps that’s why he’s one of the most distinguished and highest paid actors to date.

The Last Reel

Keith Richards

I wasn’t born in the Hippie Era and I’m not a music buff, but after having read Life by Keith Richards, I just can’t get enough. He’s raw, he’s extremely gifted but most of all, he’s unapologetic about his entire life. I think he’d be wildly fascinating to sit down with – that is, if he could sit for an hour straight without a cigarette break. I’d like to know more about his experience coping with drug abuse and also what it was like, at one point, to be the center of all female attention while in The Rolling Stones. Also, while he did divulge most of his stories in his memoir, my overall goal would be to extract even more juicy tales from him. Wish me luck. 

Music Rooms

November Obsessions

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I’ve seen Friendly Fires now twice in concert and can’t wait to see them again soon. They’re such  great performers and bring a sense of excitement to the stage. The lead singer, more specifically, is a trip – he’s very touchy feely (with himself!) making it entertaining over all. If you’ve never listened to them before, some of the songs I suggest are: Pala, Skeleton Boy and Show Me Lights.

Iziba Spotlight


While in San Francisco with my mom recently, I more or less spent the ENTIRE vacation looking for the perfect sweater. I usually don’t really care too much about clothing, but this sweater has been in the back of my mind for months now. After looking and finding some sweaters CLOSE to what I wanted at Saks and Bloomies, I FINALLY found the perfect one for a lot less actually, at American Apparel – who woulda thunken?

Outside Voice


I love Chai tea – there is some so delicious when it comes to drinking Chai lattes with some cinnamon on top. I dream about them. I’m not a big coffee fan so it’s the ideal warm drink for me come end of fall. If I attempt to make my own, I have to just add some Silk milk since I haven’t mastered the art of the froth just yet!

Foodie with Family


One of my favorite days ever, ironically enough, is the day after Halloween – that’s when all of the Thanksgiving and more likely Christmas items are being featured on the shelves. Living now in Midtown East on Park and close to Grand Central I’m delighted to already find lit trees on my walks home from work. You really can’t beat a winter wonderland in New York City – while I’m always in Miami lately for the New Year, I can’t help but long to break in 2012 in the lovely city.

Z Mation


OK I’ve become obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell this year. I’ve had some of his shoes over the years, but nothing compares to his Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Havana collection. I’ve spent most of my paychecks on his line – they’re obnoxious, not fit for practical use of any sort and way too much for a Sunday brunch but I love them. I think some of his cat adorned print ones are too much for me, but these, are amazing. Roll on Jeffrey, roll on. 

Hippie Girl


Yes, I do work on Chivas, but I must admit – I work on tons of programs and the latest Chivas endeavor has to be the coolest I’ve worked on. The concept’s simple — create pop up “broterhood parties” exclusive to members of the 1801 Chivas Brotherhood, in top cities nationwide. In Chicago, the party popped up in a luxury townhouse in the West Loop – we just launched the NYC club in a sick townhouse in West Village. I think Chivas is really helping bring a younger demographic to an always classic blended scotch brand. 


Things That Make Me Happy

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I want a dog… I love dogs. Well, let me back track here for a minute. I want a dog and I love the CONCEPT of having a dog. I just can’t seem to mentally accept the 6am dog walks in the blistering cold or the sweaty hot nights coming back from work, knowing I need to wait for my dog to finish their “duties.” Perhaps for now I will just keep looking at very adorable pictures of French Bulldogs, maybe go so far as to pretend one’s mine… name it, put it as my phone wallpaper — only difference? No morning clean ups or bedroom accidents. That sounds much more appealing in my book, no?


Similar to me wanting a dog, when I look at kids dressing better than I, I can’t but want to snatch one up and bring them home with me… Again, the whole cleaning up after them & the morning wailing isn’t where I am at this point in my life. Perhaps that maternal gene will click (let’s hope) come 30-35. If not, again I may have to resort to the whole “godmother role” — carrying various nicely dressed kid’s photos around of friends of mine that don’t mind the morning cries & accidents.


While I own far too many pairs of shoes for a girl my age… and an annual salary not allotted for such a habit, I still have yet to purchase Toms. My lack of Toms in my shoe closet makes me sad solely because they are truly one of the most philanthropic brands out there — donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold. You can’t get much more philanthropic than that — also, by allocating your shoe funds to Toms as opposed to Nike, you’re truly helping to stop the cruelty and unfair work condition/lifestyles that Nike inflicts upon their workers.


How many more times can I blog about my adoration for this city? I love NYC, don’t get me wrong (as I stare out of my apartment and see the Empire). I just think there is something to be said for a much more culturally diverse city — with diversity brings so many different personalities and mindsets. Being in Manhattan, it’s so easy to be like everyone else… hailing from the Northeast usually, with a few dollars in your pocket — having done any and every internship to make it to the most competitive city in the country. I do feel, sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a morning run and see homeless people… or go out to a bar and come across vegans, herbivore, red meat lovers — all the like. The weather also is damn nicer than the past 22 years spent in Boston, New York and New Jersey. One day SF….. One day.


My best friend from college, Ally, was always the domestic one of the two. I still to this day, throw anything on a bed that’s comfortable and hope it looks ok. I also, until last month, hadn’t put up one photograph and or piece of decor up in my apartment bedroom…. I moved in last July.  Something, however, just fascinates me about modern architecture  — I skim through books upon books at STRAND of amazingly designed homes. My style in essence is very bare boned — with natural wood and a lot of open spaces. Lofts, to me, are so sexy — it takes such a skill to turn a smaller house into the most coveted in a big city.


I hate the fact that out of all of the people I have in my life, only 10% give or take, enjoy watching scary movies. This 10% does NOT include boys who took me on dates to see scary flicks only because I mentioned I love them and they “did as well.” I think the more psychological movies aren’t my bag — I’m not spending my three hours of spare time a day to have to think about the ins and outs of a killers mind. With that in mind, show me stupid women in white shirts & fake breasts running up down the stairs. Show me killers walk not run and somehow end up catching up to the people sprinting for their lives. Maybe some popcorn too? Not necessary though.


Am I a wine snob? Nope. Do I have the fundamental understanding of wine and the variations and the process for which it is made? Yes, yes I do. I love wine — and the ironic part about that fact is that, when you’re 17 years old & scouring through your parents liquor cabinet, the LAST thing you want to pick up is a nice bottle of 1985 Merlot. Now? I’d guzzle the whole bottle in it’s entirety right then and there. I am not a red only or white only kind of person either — I am “open to all shapes and sizes.” My personal favorites, if I HAD to pick, would be Chardonnay, Malbecs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings when I want to feel all bubbly and happy inside.

My Perfect Dream Life

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Recently, I was asked what my ideal life would be when I’m older — I truthfully realized at that point that I move so fast and live such a day-by-day lifestyle, I really haven’t thought about it. Until now. I sat down for a good half hour this morning to compile a list of where I’d like to be come 15 years from now.


I want nothing more, down the road, to head out of the hectic NYC lifestyle and move to a more relaxed, less gridlock-ish city… San Francisco has and will always be one of those cities that just hit home for me. While I only spent a summer there, I do feel I left a part of my heart there (insert gagging I know). It’s just amazing weather, extremely unique shopping, people and restaurants. This is one of the many dream lofts I’d love to reside in. You know, real life and all.


I love Public Relations, which is my current profession and college degree — however I do love writing as much as I love showing off amazing clients. With that in mind, I’d clearly love to stay in the food and beverage industry but it would be unreal to be directing writers on a team/writing a bit myself. Sigh….


Ok so my mom and  I have had this idea in mind since I was a kid. I first wanted to open a Bed and Breakfast but she told me you’d have to wake up 7 days a week at 5am. Which I will pass on unless I am charging $1,000 per room per night. Then I’d gladly get my ass moving at 5am. We see our breakfast shop as being the social hang out — amazing no fuss food, warm environment and fun people. Count me in.


My old babysitter, Carly, was such a Dead Head and I totally wished to emulate her– minus the whole liking the Greatful Dead and all. She was so carefree and fun — her hubby down the road was very similar. Their baby, whom I must comment, is THE CUTEST kid I have ever seen? Is a total 2010 hippie kid. I literally want a baby just to dress them in tie dye and fringe.


Hello? Blogging is the most cathartic thing I do in my life. I am lucky to have a big following of people who actually think I’m entertaining? So they stick by me when I go on tangents — so I thank you all for that. 2008 seems so long ago, wow…. Anyway I want to continue blogging on my Apple until I can’t see the screen — that’s how old I will be when I stop writing.


The Start To My Novella on NYC’s Public Transportation

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I will first and foremost make the very obvious statement to anyone who knows me that I am public transportationally challenged? Does that work? I’ve lived in let’s see here San Francisco, New York and Boston and could count on a set of hands how many times I in fact used public transportation. Perhaps my horrible encounter with a bag lady carrying a live chicken on my ONE San Fran bus ride stunted me for life? I really don’t know — all that I do know? Is that me and the Subway/T/Muni? Are not friends.

So… now that I’ve switched offices of work in the city, I really have no option but to commute — tear sad face. Here’s the thing, two weeks into trying this whole “subway” system? And I feel COMPLETELY confident I could write a full blown novella on the ins and outs of the subway system here in New York. I’m appalled? Fascinated? Concerned? All at once.

Here are some rules I have for the subway — and yes, even though I’m a newbie I can sure as hell still make some guidelines for all to abide.

If you have a bag, ladies, no problem. Do not however, bring a bag onto the subway the size of a small toddler. It not only is WILDLY not necessary (unless your office doesn’t supply you a computer and you’re forced to bring your own PC from home) and it’s also wasteful use of cramped subway space.

Books — Ok, no. I have a Kindle — if I don’t have my Kindle I’m ‘pretending to be doing business’ on my phone. You do not have any right to bring a full fledged hard cover onto the train — sorry but you know it’s true too you’re just not admitting it to me right now. Reading hard backs should be a past time enjoyed solely in the comfort of your own home on your own goddamn couch.

Newspapers I can deal with IF folded — you’re clearly not Superman, able to read the entire NYTimes cover at once, therefore, it would be CONSIDERATE of you to do us all a favor and just close the parts you’re not reading. Thank you and goodnight.

Last but most certainly not least — people who bring food onto the train. Let me be as inoffensive as I can be with this here. If at 6:10 you’re having you’re “dinner” on the public subway bus? You’re most likely eating fast food. In that case? The last thing I personally want, when coming back exhausted on a hot crowded subway bus at 6:30 at night, is to smell your stinky ass $2.00 Filet-O-Fish from Wendy’s. Sorry. Enjoy it in the privacy of the public NYC bathrooms instead.

…. Are Fanny Packs Still Made? My Questions for Napa Valley

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So, I’m back in the Old South Jersey, sitting on my bedroom floor reminiscing about my recent trip to the lovely Wine Country.  I will say this much, Napa is breath taking. The scenery is out of this world, as are the endless amounts of wineries. The drive through the town as well as the bordering towns such as Yountsville and Sonoma are just as impressive. Hundreds of rolling hills, grapevines, and sunlight. Who could ask for more?


While sitting on a very long plane ride last night a question hit me. Why don’t San Francisco residents have second homes in Napa? Think about it…. All well-to-do NYC residents have houses in the Hamptons, all Bostonians have places in the Cape/ Nantucket. Why is it that people who live in either LA or SF don’t have second homes in this breathtaking, serene town? I think I figured out the reasoning after having spent just four short days there. The tourists.


While going to countless wineries, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of culture/style the tourists who were visiting the vineyards had. I am not snooty by any means, but I would say out of a handful of 10 “fellow wine tasters”, at least 8 were featuring the oh-so-attractive Fanny Packs and or were severly over weight. The outfits matched their looks as well; many belly exposing midrifs were found, along side “pedal pushers” which were outdated before they even became fashionable.


You would think in a town such as Napa the clientele for the wineries would match the classy feel of the vineyards/ town as a whole. That’s CLEARLY not the case. I over heard many many people saying how they weren’t willing to pay “10 dollars a head” for a wine tasting. No offense, but going INTO a winery you should know the minimum they will ask for a wine tasting consisting of four (sometimes even three) wines is ten dollars. Come on now!

In addition to the odd tourists, I was so surprised at the LACK of nightlife. Literally, the town shuts down its big bulbs come 9 o clock. No I’m not kidding. The only “bar” if you could even call it that, called Downtown Joe’s, is open late. The scene at Joe’s’ on a Saturday night is straight out of Superbad so it seems. The most diverse group of bar goers can be found in this hole in the wall restaurant that’s converted into a “bar” at night. Me and my mom were surrounded by ALL walks of life:

SoCal Army men up to Napa for a “good time” – aka on the prowl for drunk women who went wine tasting all day

Drunk 60+ year old couples who somehow managed to stay up past 9 o clock even after the day full of wine tastings

– The group of attractive SF girls in Napa for a Bachelorette Party who realize they are “too hot” for such a dive bar

– Then there were the townies, one of which was 24 and tried to take both me AND my mother home, that was amusing

– Finally, there was us. The two dressed to go out for a nice night “out on the town” only to find out… Joe’s was our only option

So in conclusion, Napa I ask you this: Why do you have such an ecclectic group of toursits? Why do you have no night life? And why for the love of GOD are fanny packs still produced?

Midi SF- Hidden Gem in the Middle of the Bustle

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I have dined many places over the course of my life. I have had a lot of memorable experiences in regards to meals, atmospheres, service, and memories. Not many have combined all of these features in one meal — Midi, located in the Financial District of San Francisco however, fulfilled this objective.


To start, both Ava and I had the Soup of the Day- it was an extremely delicate Asparagus and Lentil soup. It was broth based luckily so I was able to eat it. The overly exaggerated big bowl contrasted with the small yet fulfilling portions. All in all, this appetizer was a total winner.

The cocktails were out of this world as well. While I was carded for “ethical reasons” I was delighted with the interesting cocktails offered and the originality behind the drinks. I ordered The Lavender French- lavender-infused vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, sparkling grüner veltliner served over ice.


For dinner, my mom ordered the special of the day which included most of the items featured in the dish below with an addition of a simple sauteed chicken on top. Fines Herbes Pappardelle asparagus, mixed mushrooms, sweet 100 tomato, green garlic, baby leeks, parmigiano-reggiano.

I ordered the Pan-roasted Alaskan Cod with truffles and fava beans. On the side, we ordered Roasted Peas and Mushrooms which were cooked to perfection and absolutely delicious.


From start to finish we had an amazing evening. Not only was Jeff, our waiter, totally attentive but the wonderful chef Michelle AND manager come up to introduce themselves to us. While the restaurant has been open less than 10 weeks, I realized very quickly just how big of a hit then restaurant will soon become.