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Things That Make Me Happy

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I want a dog… I love dogs. Well, let me back track here for a minute. I want a dog and I love the CONCEPT of having a dog. I just can’t seem to mentally accept the 6am dog walks in the blistering cold or the sweaty hot nights coming back from work, knowing I need to wait for my dog to finish their “duties.” Perhaps for now I will just keep looking at very adorable pictures of French Bulldogs, maybe go so far as to pretend one’s mine… name it, put it as my phone wallpaper — only difference? No morning clean ups or bedroom accidents. That sounds much more appealing in my book, no?


Similar to me wanting a dog, when I look at kids dressing better than I, I can’t but want to snatch one up and bring them home with me… Again, the whole cleaning up after them & the morning wailing isn’t where I am at this point in my life. Perhaps that maternal gene will click (let’s hope) come 30-35. If not, again I may have to resort to the whole “godmother role” — carrying various nicely dressed kid’s photos around of friends of mine that don’t mind the morning cries & accidents.


While I own far too many pairs of shoes for a girl my age… and an annual salary not allotted for such a habit, I still have yet to purchase Toms. My lack of Toms in my shoe closet makes me sad solely because they are truly one of the most philanthropic brands out there — donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold. You can’t get much more philanthropic than that — also, by allocating your shoe funds to Toms as opposed to Nike, you’re truly helping to stop the cruelty and unfair work condition/lifestyles that Nike inflicts upon their workers.


How many more times can I blog about my adoration for this city? I love NYC, don’t get me wrong (as I stare out of my apartment and see the Empire). I just think there is something to be said for a much more culturally diverse city — with diversity brings so many different personalities and mindsets. Being in Manhattan, it’s so easy to be like everyone else… hailing from the Northeast usually, with a few dollars in your pocket — having done any and every internship to make it to the most competitive city in the country. I do feel, sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a morning run and see homeless people… or go out to a bar and come across vegans, herbivore, red meat lovers — all the like. The weather also is damn nicer than the past 22 years spent in Boston, New York and New Jersey. One day SF….. One day.


My best friend from college, Ally, was always the domestic one of the two. I still to this day, throw anything on a bed that’s comfortable and hope it looks ok. I also, until last month, hadn’t put up one photograph and or piece of decor up in my apartment bedroom…. I moved in last July.  Something, however, just fascinates me about modern architecture  — I skim through books upon books at STRAND of amazingly designed homes. My style in essence is very bare boned — with natural wood and a lot of open spaces. Lofts, to me, are so sexy — it takes such a skill to turn a smaller house into the most coveted in a big city.


I hate the fact that out of all of the people I have in my life, only 10% give or take, enjoy watching scary movies. This 10% does NOT include boys who took me on dates to see scary flicks only because I mentioned I love them and they “did as well.” I think the more psychological movies aren’t my bag — I’m not spending my three hours of spare time a day to have to think about the ins and outs of a killers mind. With that in mind, show me stupid women in white shirts & fake breasts running up down the stairs. Show me killers walk not run and somehow end up catching up to the people sprinting for their lives. Maybe some popcorn too? Not necessary though.


Am I a wine snob? Nope. Do I have the fundamental understanding of wine and the variations and the process for which it is made? Yes, yes I do. I love wine — and the ironic part about that fact is that, when you’re 17 years old & scouring through your parents liquor cabinet, the LAST thing you want to pick up is a nice bottle of 1985 Merlot. Now? I’d guzzle the whole bottle in it’s entirety right then and there. I am not a red only or white only kind of person either — I am “open to all shapes and sizes.” My personal favorites, if I HAD to pick, would be Chardonnay, Malbecs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings when I want to feel all bubbly and happy inside.

Why Do I Love The Fall? Let Me Count The Reasons…

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APPLE AND PUMPKIN PICKING — Ok so I’d be lying if I said I have actually ever done such an activity, however, I will comment from an outsiders perspective that it is damn cool. I think if at some point I were to find a normal boyfriend I would take him apple or pumpkin picking. I think it would be more amusing if we went pumpkin picking solely because 90% of the pumpkins would be larger than myself.  


AMAZING HALLOWEEN RECIPES (courtesy of Baked Bree – family friend and amazing/unreal food blogger, http://www.bakedbree.com) — I have to admit, no other holiday gets me more inspired to try and bake and entertain at my apartment. I will say “inspire” because every year I see SUCH adorable Halloween inspired cocktails and desserts and automatically go into “party planning mode” …. then the fire burns out, quick. Oh well. I can still salivate over food bloggers who aren’t as lazy as myself.  


 STARBUCKS SHIFT TO FALL INSPIRED DRINKS, DUH — This one is a no brainer — not only Starbucks, but mostly every chain begins to showcase orange, brown, yellow and black themed delicacies. I think the Pumpkin related drinks, quick breads and cupcakes are a personal favorite.  

THE SCENERY– I love all aspects of Fall changes in weather. The weather cools down immensely which is much-needed come October. The leaves also begin to change and fall — the vivid yellows, oranges and greens are breath-taking at times. I also have a freakish obsession with the smell of firewood? Which always is in HEAVY rotation in the fall season. 


HALLOWEEN — SCARY MOVIES — BEING SCARED (HAVE YOU MET ME?) — Hands down THE BEST HOLIDAY EVVVERRR. Ok, I’ll stop being uber dramatic and just say that I love it for all reasons EXCEPT that all college and embarrasingly older women find the need to dress like skanks. I don’t get it — why do you take a fun child oriented candy filled holiday and turn it into a massive lingerie show? I don’t comprehend. Anyway! I still love Halloween for the sheer fact that it’s dark, wood smelling outside, light outside with pumpkins and candles, and kids in imaginative outfits. Count me in.

What I Look For In A Man

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This post has been on the back burner in my drafts for months now — I have drafted it, re wrote it, then eventually gave up trying to make a post that offends no one I’ve ever been with — which… I’ve come to realize, is impossible. With that in mind, ENJOY.

1) You must, absolutely, be interested in scary/horror films. You must also, absolutely, not like romantic comedies. I’m sorry but I am not willing to waver on this — I love guts, people running up the stairs in masks with knifes and girls running outside in the rain in white shirts. I do not like any movie starring Kate Hudson and or Jennifer Aniston. I could guess the outcome of those films before walking in and save myself the $12 dollars. Thank you very much.

2) You have to have a sense of humor — why? Because I have a very dry one — and appreciate those around me who can make me laugh. While I don’t expect to start dating a comedian any time soon (again I say, I don’t mean to offend any of my fellow past hookups) but I think you need to be able to make me laugh. I’m also too Type A to be with someone as Type A as myself, it’d make for the most uptight couple alive.

3) You have to be dorky — in one context or another. I love to watch cartoons, eat pudding and waffles with whipped cream, read a lot and know all that’s going on in the news. Yes, I am in fact very nerdy. I also never missed a lecture in college — ok, I may have been THAT girl but whatever yo, don’t judge. Point of the matter is that, I need my “other half” to be well read if nothing more. Perhaps they don’t have to partake in my Sponge Bob/ Jimmy Neutron watching, but they do have to know what recalls have occurred in the past month or two, sorry I’m harsh — but it is what it is.

4) You can’t like cats….. or rodents….. or snakes. Yeah, there’s no need to even explain my rationale for this but I don’t like cats — I also don’t like “cat people” meaning those of you whom stay in rocking chairs petting your cat and feeding it milk? Please don’t contact me, ever. I also am WILDLY afraid of mice, rats, rodents, vermin — tomato, tomatoe. If you have a liking for animals with big gross tails? I’m going to pass on your dinner offer. Lastly, my next door neighbor growing up had a snake as a pet… he also had longer hair than myself…. and a black trench coat. Need I say more?

I’m sure this post will offend some, intrigue others and do nothing for the remaining readers but the post had to be done. I may also, if I so desire, update this as I experience more of NYC, as a young girl out on the town. As of now, the requirements are staying put.