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Favorite Fall Recipes Online

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Pumpkin Potato Latkes

Serious Eats has outdone it again with one of their latest Sweet Potato Latke recipe. I love the tradition behind the regular potato latkes, but this is really innovative and seasonal. Plus, sweet potatoes require a lot less oil since they are naturally much sweeter than white potatoes. I think maybe I’ll make these during the November – December time frame… I’m in the heavy fall/Thanksgiving mode but MORE THAN READY for my Hannukah latke season. 

Serious Eats

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I used to adore chicken nuggets – plain and simple with honey from McDonald’s – just me if you’d like. I think now that fast food has proven to be even worse for our society than we originally thought, re-creating your fast food favorites is the most ideal way to enjoy them. I think making french fries is just too against the grain, but healthier chicken nuggets can definitely become a staple in my weeknight cooking routine. 

Simply Reem

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Corn Bark 

I love candy corn… and I love white chocolate. This is why I adore this recipe – I think this would be an adorable treat at a Halloween Party you may be throwing or even better, a cute tin to bring with you if you’re attending a party yourself. The pretzels definitely add some salty and savory features that help round this delicious dessert out. 

Very Culinary

Parmesan Garlic Knot

I tend to order a side of parmesan with mostly every dish that I order. I thing there is something so warm and inviting about garlic knots. They’re easy to replicate, inexpensive and unbelievably satisfying. The version below sticks the basics: garlic and fresh parmesan which is what I think garlic knots should be – nothing too over-the-top since it’ll take away the essence of such a classic side dish. 

Real Mom Kitchen

Candy Corn Cake In A Jar

I love Babble’s “cake in a jar” recipes online. They have shaped this adorable concept to fit mostly every season – the website featured a fabulous Fourth of July themed cake, but even more ridiculously cute is their Birthday Cake in a Jar. You MUST visit the Babble Food section to check it out. 


French Onion Soup

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include at least one recipe for French Onion. When it comes to the most satisfying fall soup, I’m sorry, but Broccoli Cheddar and Split Pea don’t hold a handle to French Onion. You have the bubbly crispy cheese with the undeniably good combination of caramelized onions, broth and a baguette. I swear I’ll learn to master the art of making this soup this year if it’s the last thing I do. 

Hungry Cravings

13 Facts You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Me

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No, I didn’t craft this myself thank you very much. For your Friday enjoyment folks.

Ever been in a cop car in real life? Funny you ask actually. Yes, I have in fact. Last summer I was a bit “under the weather” let’s leave it at that — and thought it was a really smart move to hail down a cop car in my local beach hometown as opposed to a taxi *which mind you does not exist in Southern New Jersey. I tried to sit in the back of the car, he started chuckling and said, “You don’t want to do that ma’am, sit shotgun… trust me”.

I can’t help but laugh out loud when: I see a wildly unattractive couple displaying public affection — don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of myself above others, but I make the very distinct statment that seeing ugly couples grope each other on the corner of Bleeker makes me unappetized for hours following. That’s all I’m saying.

My car is: A silver BMW X3 — Miss my white one named “Sunny” that I had in high school, silver is not only a lackluster non show stopping color I’ve decided but it also scratches if you cough the wrong way. Fail decision on my end, BMW you’ve done nothing wrong, I promise.

I have a scar from: Well, I have a few. Me and the beauty product called the razor aren’t too close with one another. It’s always been a love/hate/more hate relationship. I tore off most skin on my leg while shaving 3 years back. I also took a severe fall on the cobblestones in Boston while running one time. I also have a big ass scar from chopping almost though my index finger with a knife while trying to cut an Everything bagel — 12 stitches and 2 Xanax later, and I’m good to go, minus the scar that is.

I can’t go a day without reading: The New York Times (front page, business, op-eds, dining in dining out and the arts on occasion), The Wall Street Journal (weekly journal, front pages), Serious Eats, NY Mag Online and Tastespotting

I hate when people: Walk extremely slow when they’re in the subway station, on the street in a metro city or when you’re in need of a bathroom and need to pee. I also hate when people slurp drinks, soups, milkshakes — no thank you. Straws are available nationwide at your local market, invest in some please.

I want to get married: Either on the top floor of the Le Parker Meridian in the city where I grew up as a child, or I’d love something extremely traditional and beautiful in the country — like a pretty part of CT, upstate NY

My celebrity crush is: Um, well, I have a few? So I will go with the following which hasn’t really changed too much in the past 3/4 years but oh well. It’s MY celeb crush list and I can keep it as long as I’d like. Shia LaBeouf (while I know he’s a nutball in real life), Shane West (hot DAMN still), Ryan Reynolds (no explanation needed)

I’ve lost: Pretty much every nice thing every bought for me? I try so hard to be less spacey, after being begged and pleaded to by my parents over the past decade but I will admit it’s just NOT my strong suit. I am not one of those people who has a photographic memory either, so pretty much, I’m screwed.

My favorite thing to wear is: Oversized loose/sexy tops and tight jeans and black pumps. Possibly with a jacket or not depending on the weather. I hate tight fighting clothing of all sorts so skin tight dresses where you can’t cough or breathe is not something you’d see me wearing out at night.

What I’m afraid of: Being trapped in an elevator, airplane crashes, huge sharks, getting sick, failure to live up to everyone’s expectations, not being loved

Favorite smell: Lola by Marc Jacobs is my signature perfume so I love that smell, but also the smell of Blockbuster, Home Depot and True Value. Oh, and gasoline, permanent markers and firewood but only in October/November. Don’t judge.

Things next to your bed: My Canon Rebel camera, my beautiful wooden jewelry box, two books I’m in the midst of finishing and a pair of neon green plastic glasses that remind me of good people I miss from home


Blogs That Make Me Drool

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I really do spend the majority of my day researching/ drooling over food blogs… which I don’t mind whatsoever. I could think of many worse things such as stapling papers, shredding documents, and making coffee. Trust me, no one wants me to be making coffee- I mess up the most elementary cooking techniques yet I am able to pull off esoteric dishes at the drop of a hat. Weird. Anyway, after having spent the last year (before my internship even began, I spent an inordinate amount of time on food sites) I am now able to say I found a few that truly blow me away. 

1) Smitten Kitchen- http://www.smittenkitchen.com- Ok so I came upon this site over 3 months ago, so my adoration for the site just began recently. I will say, however, I rarely see as many followers for one site as I do on S.K. Every recipe posted receives around 150-200 comments. That is utter insanity. Even if the recipe is something as mundane as “Brioche rolls” there are usually 180 comments. Why you may ask? The unbelievable step by step photo photography. 


2) 101 Cookbooks- http://www.101cookbooks.com- I have loved this website for over a year now; this vegetarian recipe site is unreal- I wish some of the dishes for main courses would include poultry, fish, steak ANYTHING but clearly, unless she changes her opinions on animal cruelty and or her disposition against eating animals, I must choose recipes that consist mainly of beans, and lentils. I think her baked goods are the main draw to the website, but that’s just my opinion.


3) Serious Eats- http://www.seriouseats.com- Ok, so, if you’ve ever met me you know how much of a Serious Eater fan I am. I have been a daily reader of this food blog for way over 2 years now. It is nothing out of the ordinary, nor does it contain beautiful photographs or even recipes! Why you ask am I just a fan? I can’t really explain it. The site is primarily a compilation of food news, gossip, and clips from other bloggers/ food related websites. I think it’s the ability to get all of your foodie news on one site that makes me enjoy reading. I have asked them for internships/jobs/writing positions for 2 years now, unfortunately, they respond that Boston isn’t their headquarters and in order for me to sell my soul for free as their intern, I must find housing in NYC. No thanks.


4) Tastespotting- http://www.tastespotting.com- This site is very straight forward- they are an open forum based site that allows foodies, chefs, anyone who really likes to cook and photograph it to upload their gorgeous food pics onto their website. The site literally contains thousands upon thousands of images of amazing looking food. Ok so you may be asking what’s the point of this? It’s to “inspire” they claim. My interest in the websites a bit different, seeing as that I don’t cook good enough to even properly toast waffles let alone “re-create souffles” uploaded on their site. I love the feature of the site that allows you to click on the person’s personal blog after you view their photography. It opens your world in terms of up and coming food bloggers. I find new pages daily that I love. 


5) Closet Cooking- http://closetcooking.blogspot.com- If you were to click on the profile photo of the blog’s owner you would be so surprised. I would assume he was a librarian, perhaps a mechanical engineer that never really saw broad daylight. When you see the skill this guy has in cooking and the ability to photograph it- you will be blown away, I am certain. His recipes are so expansive and delicious I have no doubt this blog will blow up very soon.

Garlic Scape Pesto Pasta with Garlic Scape Bread 1 500