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Some 2012 Movie Reviews

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Man on A Ledge

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to go see this movie. I think the antibiotics I was on MUST have caused some lapse in my movie-picking judgment. The movie wasn’t awful but it was most definitely NOT memorable whatsoever. A man is more or less on a ledge from the 5 minute mark on to the end of the film. Even Shia LaBeouf shirtless on a ledge playing the guitar couldn’t keep me entertained that long, sorry. I think in the end it was a cool concept but in reality the plot was really thin and not fully described until the end of the movie and at that point, all you’re hoping is that he just jumps off the ledge already.

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Woman in Black

I stopped watching the Harry Potter’s come the second premiere, but I will admit Daniel Radcliffe is really good at one thing – being creepy and being around other living and mystical beings that are equally as creepy. I am a huge horror movie fan as I’m sure most of you know at this point and really take to any cheesy horror film that can capture my attention for a two hour duration. Woman in Black most definitely is a cliff hanger of a movie minus the running up the stairs instead of down and any real gore which is more than FINE with me. I am so not into the Saw Trilogies – why would I spend MONEY to go see a movie where a saw is slowly drilling into someone’s brain for an hour and a half? ALL set – thanks though. I think this movie really played on the old horror movie plot of a haunted house and what may reside within. If you’re up for a scary but not gory horror film… or you really miss Harry Potter movie releases, I suggest you go see Woman in Black.

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Safe House

So, I’m not typically a Denzel fan – my brother and dad are both hooked on literally anything he cameos in. I am a woman, so maybe it has something to do with it but I just don’t typically like his action-packed “superhero” movies. I wanted to see Safe House though since I thought the previews looked awesome and well…. Denzel and Ryan on the large screen for two hours can’t be THAT bad. While I’ve seen much worse movies, I don’t think I’d ever re-watch Safe House – it lacked a plot for the most part and was a blood shed of a film. The movie starts out with 40 characters and ends with 1 remaining – and no I am not promising you Denzel rises above them all – you’ll have to see it for yourself, sorry Charlie.

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Extremely Loud Incredibly Close 

If you have ANY OTHER PLANS for the duration of the day? Don’t go see this movie. It is extremely dark and intense – not saying it’s not worth seeing but you most definitely can’t plan to do anything uplifting afterI am clearly advising from experience after having seen it on a Saturday afternoon – the last thing I wanted to do after was enjoy a fun weekend night out. The main little boy in this movie should have won every accolade imaginable – he held this movie entirely. Tom Hanks was clearly great for the short duration he lasted in the film as well. I think there is something to say for JUST how dark and sad it was without really any uplifting or comical bits – September 11th didn’t have moments of happiness either. That time in our history was extremely depressing and heartbreaking for our entire nation. So while I kid about it being a really dark movie, I can’t blame it for not incorporating any comedy into the mix since nothing about that tragedy, in my opinion, was funny whatsoever. 

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Celeb Couples – Favorite Hookups and Breakups

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UM obsessed with this power “fresh new faces” couple. I can’t describe how much I love Kieran — he’s like a less creepy version of his blonde child star older brother Maculay. Emma’s the hottest red head in movies now  – hands down. I feel a Juno esque movie coming out with both of them very soon…


While I always felt more like MK more than Ashley I must admit, I have had a girl crush on Ashley for quite some time. She is classy, simplistic in style but always fashionable and overall cleaner than her twin counter part — let’s be honest. Justin Bartha, some hot new not all too well known yet actor is the perfect chill counterpart that hasn’t lived a life as a child star like his girlfriend – I think it will work well.


I wasn’t a fan of Laguna or The Hills or The City – was that even a show? Oh well, you get the point. I  did, however, always think LC was drop dead and when I ran into her at LAX my statement was cemented, minus the fact she can be counted as a legal midget more or less — she must be 4’11 maximum. I LOVE Kyle Howard he is so sexy and under the radar yet still around. Screw you Brody.



Let’s call a spade a spade here — we all can agree I hope that his brief stunt with ho hum Carey resulted in Shia’s frumpiest look to date. He had long awkwardly long hair, an unshaven face and seemed to keep his baby blue most likely very dirty sweatshirt on at all times. GLAD that’s over.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? She’s breath taking, talented and fun to be around or so it seems. Like, unless you’re brain dead and or unable to see I THINK it would be in your best interest NOT to cheat and or break it off with Eva. What a lugnut Tony is, really.


All I will say is this…. FINALLY, dear god. I mean — he’s a very pretty pretty male specimen and she is a dainty yet naughty under the surface Disney Star. I thought it was semi-ish-not really cute when I watched High School Musical but after that point? It lost it’s mojo — except for the nudie pics that leaked and that I saw. Speaking of those, let me tell you, she may want to allocate more time to the “adult” films and publications and less time to Disney channel movies — JUST sayin.


13 Facts You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Me

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No, I didn’t craft this myself thank you very much. For your Friday enjoyment folks.

Ever been in a cop car in real life? Funny you ask actually. Yes, I have in fact. Last summer I was a bit “under the weather” let’s leave it at that — and thought it was a really smart move to hail down a cop car in my local beach hometown as opposed to a taxi *which mind you does not exist in Southern New Jersey. I tried to sit in the back of the car, he started chuckling and said, “You don’t want to do that ma’am, sit shotgun… trust me”.

I can’t help but laugh out loud when: I see a wildly unattractive couple displaying public affection — don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of myself above others, but I make the very distinct statment that seeing ugly couples grope each other on the corner of Bleeker makes me unappetized for hours following. That’s all I’m saying.

My car is: A silver BMW X3 — Miss my white one named “Sunny” that I had in high school, silver is not only a lackluster non show stopping color I’ve decided but it also scratches if you cough the wrong way. Fail decision on my end, BMW you’ve done nothing wrong, I promise.

I have a scar from: Well, I have a few. Me and the beauty product called the razor aren’t too close with one another. It’s always been a love/hate/more hate relationship. I tore off most skin on my leg while shaving 3 years back. I also took a severe fall on the cobblestones in Boston while running one time. I also have a big ass scar from chopping almost though my index finger with a knife while trying to cut an Everything bagel — 12 stitches and 2 Xanax later, and I’m good to go, minus the scar that is.

I can’t go a day without reading: The New York Times (front page, business, op-eds, dining in dining out and the arts on occasion), The Wall Street Journal (weekly journal, front pages), Serious Eats, NY Mag Online and Tastespotting

I hate when people: Walk extremely slow when they’re in the subway station, on the street in a metro city or when you’re in need of a bathroom and need to pee. I also hate when people slurp drinks, soups, milkshakes — no thank you. Straws are available nationwide at your local market, invest in some please.

I want to get married: Either on the top floor of the Le Parker Meridian in the city where I grew up as a child, or I’d love something extremely traditional and beautiful in the country — like a pretty part of CT, upstate NY

My celebrity crush is: Um, well, I have a few? So I will go with the following which hasn’t really changed too much in the past 3/4 years but oh well. It’s MY celeb crush list and I can keep it as long as I’d like. Shia LaBeouf (while I know he’s a nutball in real life), Shane West (hot DAMN still), Ryan Reynolds (no explanation needed)

I’ve lost: Pretty much every nice thing every bought for me? I try so hard to be less spacey, after being begged and pleaded to by my parents over the past decade but I will admit it’s just NOT my strong suit. I am not one of those people who has a photographic memory either, so pretty much, I’m screwed.

My favorite thing to wear is: Oversized loose/sexy tops and tight jeans and black pumps. Possibly with a jacket or not depending on the weather. I hate tight fighting clothing of all sorts so skin tight dresses where you can’t cough or breathe is not something you’d see me wearing out at night.

What I’m afraid of: Being trapped in an elevator, airplane crashes, huge sharks, getting sick, failure to live up to everyone’s expectations, not being loved

Favorite smell: Lola by Marc Jacobs is my signature perfume so I love that smell, but also the smell of Blockbuster, Home Depot and True Value. Oh, and gasoline, permanent markers and firewood but only in October/November. Don’t judge.

Things next to your bed: My Canon Rebel camera, my beautiful wooden jewelry box, two books I’m in the midst of finishing and a pair of neon green plastic glasses that remind me of good people I miss from home


Top 10 Hottest Guys in Hollywood

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I realize that there are larger issues at hand — such as health care coverage and wars in Iraq. This blog however, has always and will continue to fulfill one purpose — to entertain. With that in mind, I will go over my take on who the most attractive are in Hollywood, don’t judge.

10. Taylor Kitsch- There’s something about his rugged look, and his character in Friday Night Lights that just does me in. He’s from the South, he can whip up a good steak I’m sure, and isn’t too sore on the eyes.

9.  James Franco- I mean, he’s our generation’s James Dean. He’s sexy, talented, and has a college education. What more could you ask for?

8. Robert Pattinson- I really didn’t want to put Mr. Pattinson on my list, as attractive as I find him, merely because every other girl alive will agree with me on this which bothers me. His flannel shirts, Ray Bans, and unwashed hair just lures me into him, unfortunately his acting does not.

7. Penn Badgley- So, he’s been taken for quite a while now…. which makes me less interested in him. But I like him with Blake Lively — I can’t lie, I would like to take her place on their daily strolls through Greenwich while eating ice cream cones

6. John Legend- I really don’t even need to make my remarks, you already know…. ❤

5. Justin Timberlake- He can sing, he makes clothing, he runs successful restaurants, and did I mention he is beautiful? I think he has the total package — I would love nothing more than to go for one of those early morning LA runs in the mountains with him, just substitute me for JBiel.

4. Tom Brady- He’s flipped flopped with the ladies, but that’s ok, I forgive him. He’s now with Giselle, making them the two most envied people in America. I’m sure their child is going to be ungodly … isn’t that how it always works? Keep repping Massachusetts in football and I will reconsider the duration of my stay.

3. Eric Dane- Granted, he’s gotten into his fair share of deep water this year (cough a threesome cough) but I will say this much — he looks DAMN good in surgical scrubs. Rock on Eric Dane, rock on.

2. Shia LaBeouf- Ok, so maybe he bugged the shit out of me in Even Stevens — the curly hair, the fart pranks, I just didn’t dig it. Something happened, when he went through puberty, he became unbelievably hot. Maybe it’s his chain smoking, or the slovenly dress, or perhaps the broken arms from car crashes — I don’t know what it is, but I am in love. Shia, call me.

1. Ashton Kutcher- I follow him on Twitter… I follow Demi on Twitter…. I look at their Twitpics and envy her more than I should. He is breathtaking, philanthropic, and innovative. He tops my list, without a doubt.

Shia, Taylor, Miley, Tom- Celebrities I Like But Wish I Didn’t

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1) Taylor Swift– My preconceived notion about Taylor was that she pretty much fell under the “tweenie bopping guitar thumping” label… or even under the Disney crew. Neither of which I came to realize was the case. I also originally didn’t like her merely because she has the same name as myself and is wildly more popular. After getting over the grudges, I began hearing hype about this wholesome, work crazed musician so I decided to read up and listen in… and what a mistake I had made. She’s SO anti- LiLo in her lack of interest dating women, wearing belly tops, and crashing into cars drunkenly. She pretty much put her entire tour together from lighting to music to ensemble …. and her songs are great too. Overall, I would love to say I still hated Taylor Swift but she’s currently background music on my ITunes, so that’s clearly not the case.


2) Miley Cyrus- OK, don’t judge me for this one buttttt…. I have posted derogatory Miley posts, I’m aware. However, she has her shit together- I have to admit. Some of her music is wildly catchy and fun to “bop” to– literally and metaphorically. I don’t think she’s classy nor would I ever take a ticket for her concert if given to me but I don’t think she’s half bad. I think she should PROBABLY invest in tooth reconstruction work, but that’s me being bitchy. She seems to do well with the teen girls/ Disney scene — personally I am still confused about who she plays on TV and who she is in her music. Miley or Hannah Montana? I don’t get it. Regardless, I think she’s growing on me slowly but surely.


3) Tom Brady- I don’t like people who are fawned after– ever. And seeing as that I live in Boston, he’s practically a messiah. I think he’s extremely attractive and sporty. Sure if a conversation were to ever come about involving economics, politics, or anything scholarly? I’m sure he would have to excuse himself to go to the bathroom, but who cares. He’s talented and very…. very… nice to look at.


4) Shia LaBeouf- I’ve had an obsession with Shia ever since Even Stevens ENDED. Why should I not like him you ask? Well..

a) He’s fractured most of his body parts due to risky business– I will say though that the arm braces and bandages are somewhat sexy

b) He is an inner nerd, and while I am too? He isn’t embracing his old Disney roots- weak sauce.

c) I hear from various sources he’s somewhat crazy…. like psychologically. Oh well, I can deal.