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What Fall Brings – 3rd Edition

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Banana Republic’s Mad Men Themed Collection/ Fall 2011 Line In General

While I don’t think promotions that combine clothing and TV shows is classy whatsoever, I have to admit that the Fall 2011 Mad Men Collection for Banana is just adorable from start to finish. I also love a bunch of pieces not part of the Mad Men line. I think the collection is old school yet feminine and fun. I can’t wait to purchase some of the skirts/dresses/coats this coming fall.

 Butternut Squash Risotto

I’m working on making dishes with various vegetables I never have before – i.e. I’ve been making Taylor concoctions with leeks/kale/baby artichokes this summer… In case you’re wondering, I’m very proud of myself. I think risotto is a cooking obstacle I may or may not be able to tackle this fall. I’d certaintly like to – it’s hearty…delicious…and easy to incorporate truly whatever you want into the dish. I’m thinking butternut squash, rosemary and scallops… Get back to me mid September.

Thank you RecipeGirl

All Things Tartan – Duh.

So in case you weren’t aware… I am partially Scottish. And, well, I spend most of my days with Scottish brand ambassadors for MMC clients The Glenlivet and Chivas Regal. I have a rough job, no need to rub it in #client. Regardless, I somehow lost my tartan skirt I purchased when last in Edinburugh – this makes me very sad. Hopefully, I can splurge on one nice tartan “something” this fall. It’s only fitting.  

Photo courtesy of Shopbop

Leather Jackets, Reinvigorated.

Boy do I love me some leather jackets! I have one that I adore – it’s a funky Miss Sixty Bomber Black Jacket with a great collar. I’m now on the prowl for a new one — surely, it’s not necessary I purchase one but when in reality is shopping truly “necessary?” COME ON. I am digging a few different ones – I don’t think I’ll be able to branch out enough to get a tan leather jacket though, I must stick to what I’m used to…. any and everything BLACK. Ann Taylor, oddly enough, is making some great looking, semi affordable jackets for the fall. Also, I love some of the jackets being featured on ShopBop.

Photo courtesy of Shopbop

Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte

I love Starbucks … well, let me rephrase that. I love Starbucks’ seasonal options. I do not, however, like their actual coffee WHAT-SO-EVER. Who really does? If you’re one of the 10 people in the US who go to Starbucks for their “good” tasting coffee? Please rethink your life values, soon. Their Pumpkin options are just amazing — their hot lattes and their iced options. In addition, I love their Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate picks as we get closer to winter.

Industrial Heels

These are funky. A bit obnoxious. Not work appropriate. I love them. I think this would match so well with a fun skirt and black tights with a chunky sweater. I think the Oxford heels never caught on in my book but these? These, I can most definitely work with. I think the shoes may also be hot with tight denim jeans and a white blouse.

Photo courtesy of Lord and Taylor

Sweet Potato Pancakes

I’ve become SO addicted to sweet potatoes over the past year. Westville turned me on, specifically, to sweet potato fries. I DIE IN HAPPINESS. For some reason, I feel like these fries are so much creamier, tastier and less starchy than regular fries for the most part. I’ve been incorporating sweet potatoes into a bunch of my own recipes at home – most recently a chicken/feta/rosemary/penne/arugula dish that I reworked from Eat Well With Others. The recipe below incorporates sweet potatoes into weekend pancakes, gone foodie. I dig it…. BIG TIME.

Thank you La Fuji Mama

Some Things Worth Looking Forward To…

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While this rambling list falls in no specific order, I will say that I sure do love my trips to Bermuda. Bermuda is quiet, uninterrupted and to be quite honest, such a hidden gem. I’ve been going to Bermuda since I was little, staying at the Ariel Sans and never once had a unenjoyable trip… watch me jinx it but how could that really happen when you’re on a quiet & remote island with no cell phone reception? Let’s be serious here for a minute.


Am I necessarily a fan of holidays that deprive you of meals? No, no I am not. I do, however, LOVE Passover…. and Purim…. and Hanukkah. Ok, maybe I like being Jewish more than I originally thought I had. There’s something very fun and traditional about Passover — very unlikely will you find a totally innovative out of the box Passover dinner — which is what makes it such a special holiday to me. People stick to the traditional inclusions on the plate, while having refined it to fit modern society’s standards, you will never see a Passover plate without some essentials such as Matzoh, Charoset, Bitter Herbs… the list goes on. My mother’s homemade Matzoh Brie may or may not be the reason I’m booking it back down to Jersey this weekend, just don’t tell my family that  — please and thank you. 


While I have no booty and have come to terms with the fact, I do love my body shape for certain reasons, such as, my ability to rock cut off denim shorts. I saw some GREAT new styles of these shorts in both Madewell and Urban Outfitters. I’m thinking a black long sleeve tucked in, the denim minis and crazy colored/patterned flats… all I need now is some freakin’ warm enough weather!

                                                                                                                                                                                  STARBUCKS’ PASSION ICED TEA

I would rather lick gravel than buy a cup of Starbuck’s overpriced, horribly tasting coffee. Their signature iced teas, however, are such a different story. Even I, a die-hard sweetener fan, finds it rather unnecessary to include in these unsweetened iced teas.  A large, coming in at $3.00, is well worth it and very enjoyable in my opinion. The drink reminds me of summer and I can’t help but starting to buy them now, in hopes that spring comes quicker. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Although my last attempt at going to catch a flick in the theatres myself ended in a major failure (cough, 127 hours is much better to read to than visually see, cough), I am willing to attempt another movie date with myself OR with others, if they choose to join. I can’t wait, specifically, for Scream 4 to premiere. Do I think it will be wildly or even remotely different from the last three? No. If anything, I may need booze to ease my disappointment with just how similar the fourth installment is, but hey, at least I can say I’m a Scream fan through and through right?


Big trip coming up next month — my first trip to meet Jon’s family in San Diego. For countless reasons, as one could imagine, I am looking forward to this trip more than a lot of others on this list. Serious Eats, my favorite food blog of all time (you all must know this at this point) always mentions “go to food stops” while visiting San Diego. You better believe I’m dragging my boyfriend to each and every one of these stops. Some of Serious Eats’ San Diego grub picks include: the Four Cheese Sandwich at Urban Solace, the Caprese Croissant from 30th Street Cafe and the Red Velvet Cake Frozen Yogurt from Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt — DONE AND DONE.


One of my best friends, Jenina, is one of the biggest Sangria fans I’ve ever met. I can recall times where large… large… sizes of Carlo Rossi were passed around her apartment’s living room. While I’m not one for chugging econo-sized anything, I do love fresh Sangria while sitting outside at a restaurant. I think Sangria instantly puts you in the mood to do SOMETHING fun after you finish your drink — whether it be a bike ride or a big night out. I just know that if I sit and enjoy a glass of Sangria with friends, my happiness level boosts much higher than it would otherwise.



I know the faux pas behind wearing white pants in the colder seasons is long gone, but I personally, can’t get over the notion that it just doesn’t look right when you’re not tan and happily warm. I think I’ll start rocking the white skinny jeans I have with some black leather — nice mix up of the delicate and the harsh. I also can’t wait to wear white pants to my office — seeing as that denim is not allowed, white pants are JUST the right alternative come mid May-August.


I can’t reminisce on past springs spent in New York. I can say, however, that Boston was beautiful in the spring and I can’t imagine New York being any less gorgeous. I love the fresh feeling in the air, the flowers finally making their debut and the ability to start-up on my idea for some romantic picnics in the park on weekends. Damn, I need to stop day dreaming and start doing!

Coffee Battle Showdown — Starbucks VS Dunkin’

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I have been meaning to post this for, well, as long as I have been a daily consumer of coffee. I don’t even in actuality like the taste of coffee? However, I think it’s a cool “thing” to carry en route to classes, work, on a cold day so I have taken a somewhat liking to the beverage.

Yesterday, I was ordering something out of my element, a Skinny Cinammon Dolce Latte, Grande. The cashier rang me up for a bit over $5.00 — I am never shocked by pricing and I was floured. Maybe it’s me? But, to grab some coffee pour it into a cup with skim and a shot of a generic syrup really should not cost me any more than $3 bucks. Sorry. It made me think about the battle between Dunkin’ and Starbucks… who reigns supreme?


While I’m livid about the spike in coffee prices, I will say, I have a big pet peeve with those stupid ass styrofoam cups that Dunkin offers for their hot coffee. I order a coffee hot so that I can carry it and warm  my hands — your sub mediocre coffee is NOT why I buy a cup of your coffee Dunkin. While more expensive, Starbucks also offers great varities of syrups including some favorites including: Cinnamon Dolce, Vanilla and Caramel. ROUND ONE GOES TO: STARBUCKS










I don’t think there’s even a close comparison in both taste and price of Stabrucks compared to Dunkin. For $2.50 you get a large, extremely tasty iced coffee from Dunkin. There isn’t even a need to elaborate on this round — if you think Starbucks is better in this category? Come talk to me in person about it, thanks. ROUND TWO GOES TO: DUNKIN










Well, personally, I think both of their selections suck. Starbucks has horrendous bagels and muffins/baked goods. HOWEVER, they do offer “on the go” healthier breakfast and lunch options such as Protein Packs, Egg white/spinach/feta on whole wheat bread and Paninis with Chicken/Cheese etc. On the other hand, Dunkin IS the donut/baked good mecca of America — Their selection of pastries has yet to be surpassed. Their seasonal donuts such as Fall and Halloween inspired Donuts are THE best. Their breakfast/lunch options are not wholesome or healthy — even the Egg White Flatbread is full of processed ingredients. ROUND THREE: TIE.

Damnit guess it means they both belong to stick around, for now that is. Until a mega coffee chain comes along with healthy foods, cheaper prices for coffee drinks and amazing iced coffee that is.


Why Do I Love The Fall? Let Me Count The Reasons…

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APPLE AND PUMPKIN PICKING — Ok so I’d be lying if I said I have actually ever done such an activity, however, I will comment from an outsiders perspective that it is damn cool. I think if at some point I were to find a normal boyfriend I would take him apple or pumpkin picking. I think it would be more amusing if we went pumpkin picking solely because 90% of the pumpkins would be larger than myself.  


AMAZING HALLOWEEN RECIPES (courtesy of Baked Bree – family friend and amazing/unreal food blogger, http://www.bakedbree.com) — I have to admit, no other holiday gets me more inspired to try and bake and entertain at my apartment. I will say “inspire” because every year I see SUCH adorable Halloween inspired cocktails and desserts and automatically go into “party planning mode” …. then the fire burns out, quick. Oh well. I can still salivate over food bloggers who aren’t as lazy as myself.  


 STARBUCKS SHIFT TO FALL INSPIRED DRINKS, DUH — This one is a no brainer — not only Starbucks, but mostly every chain begins to showcase orange, brown, yellow and black themed delicacies. I think the Pumpkin related drinks, quick breads and cupcakes are a personal favorite.  

THE SCENERY– I love all aspects of Fall changes in weather. The weather cools down immensely which is much-needed come October. The leaves also begin to change and fall — the vivid yellows, oranges and greens are breath-taking at times. I also have a freakish obsession with the smell of firewood? Which always is in HEAVY rotation in the fall season. 


HALLOWEEN — SCARY MOVIES — BEING SCARED (HAVE YOU MET ME?) — Hands down THE BEST HOLIDAY EVVVERRR. Ok, I’ll stop being uber dramatic and just say that I love it for all reasons EXCEPT that all college and embarrasingly older women find the need to dress like skanks. I don’t get it — why do you take a fun child oriented candy filled holiday and turn it into a massive lingerie show? I don’t comprehend. Anyway! I still love Halloween for the sheer fact that it’s dark, wood smelling outside, light outside with pumpkins and candles, and kids in imaginative outfits. Count me in.

Breakfast– The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I love breakfast…. I actually adore the meal. I probably would prefer never to wake up in the morning if it weren’t for the fact that shortly after I rise, I will be greeted with a warm cup of coffee and a hot breakfast. Here’s what I don’t understand about the meal though…. how are there SO many pitfalls in regards to nutritional thumbs up and thumbs down? I thought I’d run through the good, the bad, and the ugly.



Folks, this breakfast staple has been around for generations — and there is a very good reason why! It’s a healthy bowl of warm happiness. Mix it up with some crunchy almonds, cinnamon, and low sugar maple syrup. If you want something a bit more fruity — chop up some nuts, bananas, and swirl in a dallop of  Peanut Butter — VOILA! You’re now a healthy breakfast eater

Courtesy of the Kitchn


You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that if you want to curb your appetite and enjoy a filling breakfast you either have an egg white omelette/scrambled egg dish or you incorporate one whole egg with a few whites. I suggest you buying cartons of egg whites as opposed to a carton of eggs — saves you big time $$ and hassle.

Courtesy of 101 Cookbooks


Fruit is “da best yo” — okay, let’s get serious here for a minute. You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to whip up the perfect smoothie — in reality I think even an infant could eventually perfect how to make a great smoothie. Add some Greek/Regular Yogurt, with some scoops of honey, ice, fruit of your choice, and if you want to be bad some Frozen Yogurt — there we go. Not complicated guys and look at this — you just fulfilled your day’s worth of fruit intake!


“THE GRAND SLAM” if you will — Pancakes with Butter/ Homefries/ Sausage/ Bacon — take your pick

I’m not saying these items in “reasonable portions” are deadly or toxic by any means, but whoever thought “Hey, let’s see how many items of fatty breakfast food we can shove down American’s throats?” is an IDIOT. Denny’s — I get that you do very well with this dish, but for whatever the reason American’s have big belly’s and tight budgets so they will buy this dish and support you. Shame on you Denny’s, shame on you.


At this point am I preaching to the choir? Yes, somewhat, but I still think it needs to be said. Just because they throw the words skinny onto a “mocha frappacinno” it does NOT mean that you’re off the hook. These breakfast drinks, whether or not they’re “lite” are still calorie and carb laden and should be avoided for the most part. If you skipped breakfast, ok, have it — but do not think this is a “beverage” to accompany your breakfast or else you’ll be finding difficulty fitting into your pants by Week 2.

What I’m Currently Obsessing Over….

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Okay, I suck at being a consistent blogger during the school year, shoot me. I try very hard but whenever I want to sit down and blog a bit…. I look to my left and see books, I look to my right and see laundry. With that in mind, I have been somewhat of a negligent partner in this relationship. I will, say however, that my stats are still consistent so thank you for all of you who check in weekly.

I love this time of year…. well, I like certain aspects of this change in seasons. I do not like the PMS weather or the fare well of my flip flops and iced coffees. While somethings I wish would continue to stay around throughout the year, there ARE some things that make me love this fall/winter season. I thought I’d go through some current obsessions of mine, NO it’s not only food related products… shocker.

1) Purple and Cream Nail Polish– it’s “fall”esque and chic. While I should write how “unfashionable” it is to wear black nail polish, I secretly love it but cannot bring myself to be one of “those people” — hence why I am a coward and wear purple instead.

img-thing2) The Red Holiday Starbucks Cup — I am such a sucker for the whole “Winter Wonderland” trance every business tries to pull. Regardless of how much I despise SBUX, I am willing to purchase my coffee there during this time of year — ONLY for the instant upper in mood.

StarbucksRedCup3) Window shopping– I don’t know why Americans decide to increase their amount of window shopping during the Holiday Season… it’s not like the merchandise suddenly becomes nicer, or that your wallet’s grown in size. The only places that are WORTH staring at the displays are typically in New York City. Regardless, I love nothing more than to wear my mittens with hot chocolate in hand and browse, browse, and browse clearly not thinking of possible gifts for friends, only myself.


4) Black Leather Jackets — cliche yes, but I just bought one this weekend and let me tell you, your confidence boosts with every wear. It gives warmth and an ego boost — who could ask for more? Now, if only I could stop being a pansy and smoke some cigs — it’d be the perfect final touch. Damn.

Kristen stewart black leather jacket letterman

5) ALL THINGS PUMPKIN– Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin French Toast, you name it I love it. I think if pumpkin were to be popular at ANY other time of year, I wouldn’t be remotely as excited… It’s just the sound of “A CINNAMON AND PUMPKIN SPICED WARM BEVERAGE” that makes me instantly happy inside.

Pumpkin Pie 1 500

Courtesy of Closet Cooking

Mickey D’s- I’ll Have a Double Shot of Espresso Please?

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I can’t figure out what’s been going on lately with chain restaurants/ fast food chains specifically. Today in USA Today there was an article explaining the recession and its impact on these chains. They blame the vast changes taking place in companies such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and KFC to the declining sales due to the poor economy.

I realize that major changes need to have taken place in order for these companies to stay a float, but for a lot of the companies, they sacrificed their loyalty to their original product. KFC, for example, now sells K*GC = Kentucky Grilled Chicken. That’s a great idea, don’t get me wrong. They specialize in clogging arteries so to offer something other than starchy biscuits, and deep fried chicken wings is a smart tactic to help expand their company. But I truthfully think it’s taking away their “niche”. 90% of the people who have chosen KFC in the past do NOT watch their waist for the most part, and are not health conscious. It’s pretty matter-of-fact. If they were health conscious, they wouldn’t have chosen KFC. With that in mind, they are now incorporating a new “type of clientele”. One that orders grilled chicken in a bucket — who may that be exactly? The wealthy socialite watching her diet? Highly doubtful she’d  want to be seen pulling through the drive through of this joint. Would it be the already “oh so frequent” KFC customer? Well, no. I don’t think they would opt for the lower cal version of their favorite comfort food. So when you think about it, who really are they aiming this towrds? I read that their sales are up, yet, I am a bit surprised at the fact.


With places like McDonald’s for instance, their inclusion of “Deluxe Coffee Drinks” seems to perplex me yet again. I don’t think that this would have been my PR idea for the company that’s flopping in declining sales. “Hey guys, let’s try to compete with the already ridiculous zoo that IS the coffee industry.” There’s no way McDonald’s can compete with the big boys, i.e. Dunkin and Starbucks– it’s just not possible. So with that in mind, the pick of a deluxe coffee line? Seems somewhat dumb. I would have chosen perhaps to expand their breakfast options — include more variations of bagels, muffins, omelets. Breakfast is a cheap and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed throughout the day, as opposed to just the mornings. I would have perhaps even mentioned including FROZEN YOGURT into their dessert menu. Why not? That’s a trend that is RED HOT at the moment–allow for blend ins like they already have with their McFlurry’s. Granola, strawberries, the possibilities are endless.


The only chain I think hit home run was Pizza Hut. The new “family style pasta dinner” option was brilliant. Why you may ask? Well, the people who eat at Pizza Hut MOST of the time are families, or parents with children – however you wish to word it. I remember I used to beg my baby sitter to order us Pizza Hut and Little Caesar’s when my parent’s went out for the night. This is just another great option on their menu. Kids and parents alike enjoy pasta dinners cheap. On weeknights this would be a great option for a mom who has no time to cook and wishes to bring in some food a “bit” less unhealthy than pizza.


While I understand these major chains are in desperate need of boosts in sales, I think only a few have really come up with innovative and spot on expansions in their menus. Personally, I think the changes in menus will lead to an ultimately different type of clientele for the restaurants. If they don’t mind that their loyal fan bases will gradually be changing, then so be it. I think, however, it’s important to keep in mind the recession will turn around soon enough and the people who have always been devoted fans of the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” let’s say, may not be so loyal anymore.

Did I Just See A Tumbleweed? Starbucks’ Quick Downfall

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It’s no surprise to anyone that Starbucks has been down on it’s luck lately. Closing hundreds of stores nationwide… trying to desperately gain customer’s devotions back with new concoctions such as the Starbucks Smoothie called “The Vivanno” and the new “Luxurious Chocolate” line that’s showcased in your local grocery store. Neither turned out to be break out sellers, and personally I think neither was really revolutionary and the life saver Starbucks needed to boost their drowning sales. 

While walking through the King of Prussia Mall this afternoon I came across a Starbucks and decided to go in and buy myself my all time favorite (Passion Fruit Iced Tea with Honey… delicious). This is the scene I encountered:

There was no need for a “Line Starts Here sign

There was also no need to run and “catch a table

Want a cold glass of Starbucks water? It’s complimentary 

Hey look, I get a discounted rate on my next Starbucks drink later this afternoon


…. Need I say more?

Warren Tower’s Starbucks Installment, I Mean Really?

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Is it necessary I even rant about this? I’m sure others who attend BU have and will continue to express their anger about the new Starbucks, strategically placed on the bottom of Freshman Dorms, Warren Towers.

While walking back from my seventh trip to Campus Convenience last Friday I came upon this brand spankin’ new Starbucks on the corner of the street. Clearly I realized one would EVENTUALLY be built after they knocked out the oh-so-healthy Taco Bell, but I didn’t think it really hit me until I saw it for the first time on Friday.

It looks like the others, offers the same goodies like the others, but for some reason I’m oddly irritated. I guess the SBux inside the George Sherman Center doesn’t bother me AS much because it’s not it’s own institution, I really don’t know. All I know for sure is that AMERICA NEEDS NO MORE STARBUCKS!

AND ONE MORE THING! I think Warren Towers is extremely congested as is, so many students going up and down those little escalators all day and night. I truthfully believe having a Starbucks which is highly popular among ALL of BU students located on the bottom of Warren will make walking around BU East IMPOSSIBLE

All I am hoping is that because of the recent news regarding the closings of over 600 Starbucks, ours is low on their list of profits and they are asked to close shortly after school begins. If not, I think you will all be seeing me standing outside with posters boycotting this outdated coffee store.