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Twilight Rant … So I USED to want to be bit by a vampire

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Here’s the thing. I loved the Twilight books. If any of you care to look back at my FIRST blog post here on WordPress it was about these weirdly easy-to-read yet addictive books about vampires written by Stephanie Meyer. After having finished all of the books in the series, and hooking all of my friends into the whirlwind that was the “Twilight Phenomenon“, I heard about the movie that was in production. As any other book devotee would be, I was very skeptical of the outcome. I don’t like when they make books into movies for the most part. There is ONE exception of course: Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West — gets me every time. Either way, I knew that MOST LIKELY this would be a flop.


After going to the midnight showing with one of my best friends Christine, I was utterly confused/ shocked/ laughing all at once. The movie made Gigli look like a masterpiece. Honestly, it was SO atrocious (in regards to acting) that everyone in the theater was consistently laughing throughout as though it was a comedy. There are only two reasons the movie became the phenomenon that it is:

1) Perez Hilton took a liking to it

2) Robert Pattinson

Very simple reasoning. Every film critique BUTCHERED the film, but listed its only saving grace as being the pre-pubescent tweens in braces and Edward Cullen shirts who repeatedly went back to the movies to watch Pattinson over and over again. Perez’s aproval of the hot import and the cast of attractive ghostly pale wannabe actors caught his attention and gave Twilight the OK in the “celeb crazed” internet realm – which as most people know, is QUITE a large realm.


Here’s my beef. I don’t think the movie deserves the credit to even be placed in the back dusty aisle of Blockbuster but I will say this much. I do give credit to those men/women who CAST the roles. While I’m sure if they even went for a week to undergraduate film school they’d know the actors were FAR from talented, they saw the dynamic and the appeal of the main characters. So for that? I will say, the casting was brilliant. But with the phoniest lines I’ve heard in a film such as, “You better hold on tight Spidermonkey“? I can’t do anything but laugh, hard.

As for the new film being created currently, “New Moon“, I’m hoping that it is at least bearable and worth the $10 I will spend to go see it. Sure, I could allocate that money towards better uses — such as buying life sized posters of Pattinson. That would be the best of all worlds, I wouldn’t have to watch him act but I’d be able to stare at his beauty.



Rhubarb Pie and Vampires

In Books, Food on May 30, 2008 at 3:57 am

All I have done since having landed back in the Dirty Jers, is read and bake…  a really scary amount of reading and baking, yes. One really solid dessert I made last week is this Rhubarb Strawberry Pie. I’ll see if I can find the recipe.

The trilogy of books written by Stephanie Meyer? Unbelievably addicting. Although they are light reads, I totally recommend. If you like dark novels about women falling in love with vampires and werewolves that is 😉 Totally bummed however that a major motion picture of the movie opens August 2nd. Ugh!

Oh one more really solid, chilling book I read last week was Chris Farley Biography, wow. That’s all there really is to say to sum up how I felt after having read it. I grew up to SNL, Tommy Boy, and Black Sheep and have a secretly LARGE crush on David Spade, but after having read this novel? Those shows and movies were somewhat ruined. Large amounts of coke, anger, jealousy, sex, death… I understand that Farley was a “complicated” guy but his life was one of excess, in all aspects of the word. He overate, drank too much, hired too many hookers, and the worst part was that he never really even knew himself. He was always playing “a part”… seriously good read for anyone who likes uncovering the “real” story behind hollywood stars. Ekk…


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