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2010 – The World May Actually Be Coming To An End

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I can’t get over JUST how catastrophic everything has become over the past year — I’m not even talking solely about natural disasters or premature celebrity deaths. I am talking about EVERYTHING going on. My mother had a calendar in my house growing up that listed 2010 the year that the world came to an end. While I don’t necessarily think it will end COMPLETELY, I am seeing major… major…. downfalls to say the least. Let’s recap shall we?

1) TRUST IN AUTO MANUFACTURERS –GM this morning recalled over 1 million cars…. General MOTORS ladies and gentleman. This isn’t Toyota were talking about now. That’s another 15+ million cars being recalled as we speak. We trust auto manufacturers to put our safety first right? We trust them with our lives as well as those we love and care about. It is extremely unnerving to hear quotes daily in the Wall Street Journal that car companies clearly put profit over safety — should we all start rebelling and using bicycles to get to designated locations? Not realistic but I’d prefer to do that at this point over giving any of these car companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

2) NATURAL DISASTERS– Haiti then Chile — what next? Haiti will never recover fully from the damages caused to their country, nor will Chile apparently. Natural disasters of these size are catastrophic, devastating, and life changing for FIRST WORLD countries — the devastation caused to THIRD world countries is unfathomable.

3) SCANDALS INVOLVING NATIONAL ICONS (POLITICAL AND SPORTS) — There once was a day when our sports figures and our political icons stood for something — Obama in my opinion still embodies all that a husband and father should be and for that, I admire him. Other iconic figures such as John Edwards and Tiger Woods have proven to us that we really can’t put people on pedestals anymore… In addition, various celebrity sports figures such as Marion Jones and Andre Aggassi came out with scandals of their own which made all of America look at them differently afterwards.

4) SEVERE RECESSION– I mean… do I need to even reiterate just how bad the job market is now? It used to be — that when you spend 50k at an esteemed college/university there was a LARGE unspoken understanding you’d be able to find at LEAST an entry level position with a company and work your way up. Interns were strictly those in college looking to gain a little experience and get their hands dirty — most were paid internships. NOW? If you graduate from an esteemed college after having thrown yourself in severe debt, you would be LUCKY to land an unpaid/ or stipend internship a few days a week. Most of the internships are now taken over by those 30 or older who were fired from their previous job and trying to ease their way in any which way back into the work force.

Tiger Versus Toyota – The Lightening Round

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I love love love media blitzes and scandals involving major celebrities and major corporations. I am currently in a grad level communication course called, “Crisis Communication”. How fitting of a time to take this course when we have the largest auto-manufacture recall in decades unraveling day by day?

Right now, as you could imagine, I am in my glory a celebrity scandal AND a huge crisis communication case…. TIGER VERSUS TOYOTA.

ROUND ONE: Accountability

TIGER: He is 100% responsible for his current situation. He cheated not once, not twice, hey not even TEN times while married with children. He is now saying he takes “full accountability” so I will give him a +1 on this one… He also doggedly explains that he felt he was ‘above the law’ and invincible. He wins this round for taking full responsibility and being honest +1

TOYOTA: Toyota, while beginning more recalls and public appearances has yet to take full responsibility. In addition, it took begging and pleading by high level executives to have Toyoda decide to come and speak before a court in the United States. Until they pull “a Tiger” and take responsibility for the damages they’ve so far inflicted, they lose this round.

ROUND TWO: The Next Steps

TIGER: He is not rushing back into golf — that’s good for him bad for his sponsors, fans, and endorsers. I think at this point in time it would be foolish to try and “let his golf do the talking”. He realized he needs to keep out of the limelight for the time being and stay in his therapy. I would say other than the mechanical speech he gave yesterday, his points about his “next steps” answered all lingering questions the media and his targeted publics had. +1

TOYOTA: They are crafting ways to fix the accelerator problem however as of now it is not a concrete solution. Yesterday when asked about the new system, Toyoda responds, “This should work”. Right. NEXT. In addition, more and more cars are now being recalled and brought into question such as the Prius, Lexus, and Corolla- until they figure out what THE HELL IS GOING ON they will not win a fight against Tiger, sorry.


Celebrity Sports Couples- Hits and Misses

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So the Tiger Woods Scandal prompted me to think more about the various celebrity sports players and their significant others. I will tackle the Tiger relationship first and then weave of celebrity sports couples that have been hits as well as those that have clearly been misses.

Exhibit A- Here’s the thing with this relationship. She’s DROP DEAD, and he looks somewhat deranged. No offense to anyone who finds him aesthetically pleasing. I do not. While he is a MULTI millionaire golf prodigy, I don’t think he had any right cheating on his wife — let alone with multiple women.

Exhibit B- Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly- Well, I hate John Mayer immensely, therefore, I had to hate Minka when they dated. Now that she’s moved on and I like her character on Friday Night Lights, I give this relationship two thumbs up.

Exhibit C- Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo- I really don’t even know where to BEGIN with this situation.  Dear Jess, he NEVER liked you… He thought you’d be a cute blonde to have as arm candy for a hot minute. That’s about it. In every photo, he was staring at ANY THING else in the vicinity, except for you. In addition, you became known as his “Bad Luck Charm”. Why are you so suprised it ended? I’m not.

Exhibit D- A Rod and Kate Hudson– Kate has the ODDEST choice in men, I cannot figure her out. She goes from liking men with longer hair than hers, to non funny comedians such as Dax whatever his last name is, to A ROD? Once a cheater, always a cheater in my mind. But in all honesty — maybe she just needs some brown sugar lovin?

Exhibit E- Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie- Hm… do I like him more than Joel Madden? Yes, Yes I do. I like Hillary better sans the “faux punk rock Disney look” she tried to pull for a few years. I don’t know if this one’s a brain trust, seeing as that the hockey men I know aren’t but hey, I’m sure he treats her well. He got her a Mercedes last year for her birthday – I’d like one too Mike, Ok? Great thanks.