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My June Obsessions

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What’s cool about all of the most coveted surf brands is that now they’re all transitioning over to the fashion realm — take Nixon and Quiksilver for example. Both have rolled out for Spring and Summer 2011 fashion oriented lines. These watches are INSANELY cool, with four or five variations, at a price point of $300 and up, there’s no mistaking Nixon’s new line of watches with Shark’s. Just saying. I know you all remember those.


I’ll never ever get sick of Marc, even when he makes stupid ass “Mouse” hobo bags this summer — his Marc by Marc line has always been my favorite. It’s less pricey, very versatile and lasting pieces of both bags and shoes. I think Marc’s accessories for the Marc by Marc, however, are very “Hello Kitty” esque at this point. I want a white bag SO badly but I can’t figure out which one I want — this one hits all the right spots for me. I just have to purchase it sooner rather than later, that way, I can actually enjoy at least 3 solid months of use before it’s a fall faux pas.


So, I purposefully didn’t snap a photo of the judges even though they all rock — especially Adam and Cee Lo. There’s a reason for that, I am OBSESSED with Team Adam Levine — he nailed it with his picks of singers. What’s ironic is that I swore after Season, what, 3? Of American Idol I was DONE entirely with all singing reality shows — oh well. This one is amazing. I love the concept behind The Voice and I think the team with the most promise is Adam’s — Jeff Jenkins for me is going to be the leader of that group. We’ll see, he may crack under the “innovative/out of the box” requirement the show will force upon their top tier singers battlin it out.


One of the great things about my boufriend is his pushiness for getting me out of my comfort zone. I hate shopping, yes you heard right — so when he wanted to stop by Scotch & Soda last weekend, I was not a happy camper. I was pleasantly surprised, however, with the ADORABLE clothing there. The anchor tee in addition to this anchor/peace sign top won me over. I am now a loyal lover of Maison Scotch…. since I have ALWAYS been a lover of anchors and well peaces signs too. What can I say.


What’s funny about this obsession is the fact that this time last year I was making fun of everyone these odd looking sneaker/flip flops. I love these because the one thing I find to be missing in my Rainbow flip flops is some boost — while I wear enough heels, I do want a bit of a bump in my flip flops too. These help with balance, help shape your legs and fix back issues — count me in. 


I love this lip gloss — I am a very very no thrill makeup type of person. I don’t need lipstick or colored lip gloss that makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I want something nourishing and glossy — this specific lip gloss really does “soothe” your lips with a minty cool refreshed after taste. LOVE IT. 


Yes, I did screen shot a part of Jason’s new video, “Don’t Wanna Go Home.”  This video is…. absolutely….ridiculously…hot. I have no other words. In my opinion, Usher’s hotter younger less “worn out” self is Jason Derulo. His music is catchy, hits high in the charts and his dancing is just so good. I can’t help but crush a bit on this one. 


I love Toms. I love all that the company stands for. I love how comfy they are. The latest line of Toms’ is so cool — the artist collection with splattered black and white kicks couldn’t be more innovative and lust-worthy. 


I can’t say this is a new obsession whatsoever, however, my recent purchase of all of Season 6 has confirmed my love for the show. I think my favorite part about the show is my ability to, at this point, map out exactly how the timing of the show will be — keep out for the third bride-to-be popping in 5 minutes before each episode ends. Trust me, I know I’m right. 

Taylor’s Favorite New Fall Products

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So to sit here and say that I haven’t had one spare second in my day, would be a blatant lie. I still make time for good meals, good wine, and good friends. I suppose this semester came with a large kick in my ass and I haven’t really had time to sit in silence and blog… sad, very very sad.


The fall/ Halloween time is my favorite time of year. From everything from burning wood smells, to trick or treating, or candy apples this is my absolute favorite season. While Boston totally skipped over fall and onto winter, I still believe it is “fall” here. The veggies that are best during this season are also some of my favorites:

                                        Beets, Squash, Eggplant, Sweet Potatoes… oh my!

I thought I’d show everyone some of my favorite new fall food purchases, food keeping my belly full and my heart happy. 



TLC NEW TOASTED ASIAGO CHEESE CRACKERS- So, I’m a big fan of the TLC Original Crackers but these have much more of a potent smell and a kick to them. Love these. I find these to be a much healthier alternative to Wheat Thins and Triscuits. 

72822901406TERRA SWEET POTATO AND CARROT CHIPS- Yes, Terra Chips are the East Hampton’s of Chips. I am in love with these chips. I think every time I dig into the bag I am sitting pool side with Sarah Jessica in the Hampton’s. 

lunaLUNA’S NEW WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA BAR- I am such a fan of White Chocolate, let me re-phrase… I surrender to all things incorporating white chocolate. I also like some Luna flavored bars, with that in mind, I couldn’t be more pleased with the combination of the two. 

osd_NeopolitanSO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE/VANILLA/STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM- I’ve really been getting into the non dairy “ice creams” lately — they’re so creamy and satisfying. I am not going to lie, I don’t feel guilty and it tastes just as good as the real thing.