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My Current Obsessions in NYC

In Uncategorized on August 27, 2010 at 7:33 pm

So… It’s been  A WHILE.

I have been taking quite a long duration of time getting used to real life. It’s kicked my ass a lot harder than I expected it would — and from someone whose quite confident in her abilities to overcome all? That’s saying a lot. I will work to the best of my ability to post a few times a week from this point forward.

Since having moved to the city, I’ve acquired some obsessions — some. Here goes:

HELL’S KITCHEN FLEA MARKETS (Saturdays and Sundays only)

I think I just LOVE the intrigue of flea markets — you never know whether you’re purchasing a straight up rip off or a couture article of clothing and or bag that is worth a lot now and will be worth even more down the road. I brought Chris, my roommate, with me one weekend to the market. While he was initially excited about the odd trinkets he found he eventually got tired, understandably so. For me? I think it’s a rotating group of cool boutiques — some with junk but others with solid artists trying to get their foot in the door.


While I do work for an Advertising Agency that reps Vita Coco I will say this much — I was told sight on seen when I got the job that I would become addicted to the beverage. I originally was a stubborn ass, as per usual, and fought them on this. I came to find myself much more refreshed, a bit more hydrated and definitely satisfied.


Well, the reasons I love this area could go on forever but I can sum it up. Great restaurants, amazing downtown vibe and awesome shopping. I approve on all levels. I even went for a run through Meatpacking last night and saw free Salsa Lessons being offered plob dab in the middle of an intersection — so great.

Chelsea Markets is a new revelation to me, I know I know, I’m VERY behind the times — but I must admit, gourmet oil/chocolate shops in the same place as amazing book stores and Anthropologie? You got me hooked Chelsea Markets, congratulations.


I love bustling, little holes in the walls that allow people to pour their $7 glasses of wine into red plastic cups to socialize more comfortably outdoors. I also love places that have chalkboards with their seasonal/daily menus on them too. Oh, and my favorite dish was present and delicious — Turkey Chili. Westville, I’m coming back for you.


Battle Of The Non Carbonated Drinks

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm

I would sit here and lie to you — saying I am ADAMANTLY against drinking soda and that “my stomach churns at the thought of drinking a soda pop” — but that would be a blatant lie. I love soda, I actually would go without a whole lot of other produce/beverages (sans alcohol, eggs, and waffles of course) to continue drinking soda. The reason WHY I limit myself to a bottle of Fresca a day is because I don’t want to over due it — I think everything is ok in moderation. Think about it, because you had a PIECE of birthday cake last night doesn’t mean you will be having it every night until you die… unless that is, you consciously whip up a cake per night. If that ends up being the case, KUDOS to you.

(Thank you Smitten Kitchen for the mouth watering cake shot)

The battle for the non carbonated market, however, is increasing with RAPID speed — every day as though new company’s or at least products under older companies pop up on the shelves. I have tried all of which I will run through, see who reigns supreme.

I personally despise this new product launch from Snapple — other than the innovative packaging and designs, there is nothing positive to comment about with these new herbal teas. I have tried many of the “white” and “green” teas and I think there is more flavor in a stick of celery. PASS.

LOVE LOVE the new Coconut water craze — as you will see in a few minutes, I have a different brand that’s hands down my favorite for coconut water. I do love the packaging, perfect size, and smooth flavor of Zico’s water.

Love some of the flavors, wildly don’t like others. I like Honest Tea’s simplicity very much and I think they have an extremely strong brand identity — I love Honey Green Tea, and really do not like Lemon Black Tea so it’s a toss up with this one.

HANDS DOWN THE WINNER OF THE DAY– first, the packaging in brilliant, the flavors are to die for, and the colors of the beverages themselves give it a unique twist. Went on their website this morning, very easily readable and fun. CONGRATULATIONS, you impressed me Vita Coco.