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Favorite Fall Recipes Online

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Pumpkin Potato Latkes

Serious Eats has outdone it again with one of their latest Sweet Potato Latke recipe. I love the tradition behind the regular potato latkes, but this is really innovative and seasonal. Plus, sweet potatoes require a lot less oil since they are naturally much sweeter than white potatoes. I think maybe I’ll make these during the November – December time frame… I’m in the heavy fall/Thanksgiving mode but MORE THAN READY for my Hannukah latke season. 

Serious Eats

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I used to adore chicken nuggets – plain and simple with honey from McDonald’s – just me if you’d like. I think now that fast food has proven to be even worse for our society than we originally thought, re-creating your fast food favorites is the most ideal way to enjoy them. I think making french fries is just too against the grain, but healthier chicken nuggets can definitely become a staple in my weeknight cooking routine. 

Simply Reem

White Chocolate Halloween Candy Corn Bark 

I love candy corn… and I love white chocolate. This is why I adore this recipe – I think this would be an adorable treat at a Halloween Party you may be throwing or even better, a cute tin to bring with you if you’re attending a party yourself. The pretzels definitely add some salty and savory features that help round this delicious dessert out. 

Very Culinary

Parmesan Garlic Knot

I tend to order a side of parmesan with mostly every dish that I order. I thing there is something so warm and inviting about garlic knots. They’re easy to replicate, inexpensive and unbelievably satisfying. The version below sticks the basics: garlic and fresh parmesan which is what I think garlic knots should be – nothing too over-the-top since it’ll take away the essence of such a classic side dish. 

Real Mom Kitchen

Candy Corn Cake In A Jar

I love Babble’s “cake in a jar” recipes online. They have shaped this adorable concept to fit mostly every season – the website featured a fabulous Fourth of July themed cake, but even more ridiculously cute is their Birthday Cake in a Jar. You MUST visit the Babble Food section to check it out. 


French Onion Soup

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include at least one recipe for French Onion. When it comes to the most satisfying fall soup, I’m sorry, but Broccoli Cheddar and Split Pea don’t hold a handle to French Onion. You have the bubbly crispy cheese with the undeniably good combination of caramelized onions, broth and a baguette. I swear I’ll learn to master the art of making this soup this year if it’s the last thing I do. 

Hungry Cravings

Taylor’s Favorite New Fall Products

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So to sit here and say that I haven’t had one spare second in my day, would be a blatant lie. I still make time for good meals, good wine, and good friends. I suppose this semester came with a large kick in my ass and I haven’t really had time to sit in silence and blog… sad, very very sad.


The fall/ Halloween time is my favorite time of year. From everything from burning wood smells, to trick or treating, or candy apples this is my absolute favorite season. While Boston totally skipped over fall and onto winter, I still believe it is “fall” here. The veggies that are best during this season are also some of my favorites:

                                        Beets, Squash, Eggplant, Sweet Potatoes… oh my!

I thought I’d show everyone some of my favorite new fall food purchases, food keeping my belly full and my heart happy. 



TLC NEW TOASTED ASIAGO CHEESE CRACKERS- So, I’m a big fan of the TLC Original Crackers but these have much more of a potent smell and a kick to them. Love these. I find these to be a much healthier alternative to Wheat Thins and Triscuits. 

72822901406TERRA SWEET POTATO AND CARROT CHIPS- Yes, Terra Chips are the East Hampton’s of Chips. I am in love with these chips. I think every time I dig into the bag I am sitting pool side with Sarah Jessica in the Hampton’s. 

lunaLUNA’S NEW WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA BAR- I am such a fan of White Chocolate, let me re-phrase… I surrender to all things incorporating white chocolate. I also like some Luna flavored bars, with that in mind, I couldn’t be more pleased with the combination of the two. 

osd_NeopolitanSO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE/VANILLA/STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM- I’ve really been getting into the non dairy “ice creams” lately — they’re so creamy and satisfying. I am not going to lie, I don’t feel guilty and it tastes just as good as the real thing.