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Things That Make Me Happy

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I want a dog… I love dogs. Well, let me back track here for a minute. I want a dog and I love the CONCEPT of having a dog. I just can’t seem to mentally accept the 6am dog walks in the blistering cold or the sweaty hot nights coming back from work, knowing I need to wait for my dog to finish their “duties.” Perhaps for now I will just keep looking at very adorable pictures of French Bulldogs, maybe go so far as to pretend one’s mine… name it, put it as my phone wallpaper — only difference? No morning clean ups or bedroom accidents. That sounds much more appealing in my book, no?


Similar to me wanting a dog, when I look at kids dressing better than I, I can’t but want to snatch one up and bring them home with me… Again, the whole cleaning up after them & the morning wailing isn’t where I am at this point in my life. Perhaps that maternal gene will click (let’s hope) come 30-35. If not, again I may have to resort to the whole “godmother role” — carrying various nicely dressed kid’s photos around of friends of mine that don’t mind the morning cries & accidents.


While I own far too many pairs of shoes for a girl my age… and an annual salary not allotted for such a habit, I still have yet to purchase Toms. My lack of Toms in my shoe closet makes me sad solely because they are truly one of the most philanthropic brands out there — donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold. You can’t get much more philanthropic than that — also, by allocating your shoe funds to Toms as opposed to Nike, you’re truly helping to stop the cruelty and unfair work condition/lifestyles that Nike inflicts upon their workers.


How many more times can I blog about my adoration for this city? I love NYC, don’t get me wrong (as I stare out of my apartment and see the Empire). I just think there is something to be said for a much more culturally diverse city — with diversity brings so many different personalities and mindsets. Being in Manhattan, it’s so easy to be like everyone else… hailing from the Northeast usually, with a few dollars in your pocket — having done any and every internship to make it to the most competitive city in the country. I do feel, sometimes, it’s refreshing to take a morning run and see homeless people… or go out to a bar and come across vegans, herbivore, red meat lovers — all the like. The weather also is damn nicer than the past 22 years spent in Boston, New York and New Jersey. One day SF….. One day.


My best friend from college, Ally, was always the domestic one of the two. I still to this day, throw anything on a bed that’s comfortable and hope it looks ok. I also, until last month, hadn’t put up one photograph and or piece of decor up in my apartment bedroom…. I moved in last July.  Something, however, just fascinates me about modern architecture  — I skim through books upon books at STRAND of amazingly designed homes. My style in essence is very bare boned — with natural wood and a lot of open spaces. Lofts, to me, are so sexy — it takes such a skill to turn a smaller house into the most coveted in a big city.


I hate the fact that out of all of the people I have in my life, only 10% give or take, enjoy watching scary movies. This 10% does NOT include boys who took me on dates to see scary flicks only because I mentioned I love them and they “did as well.” I think the more psychological movies aren’t my bag — I’m not spending my three hours of spare time a day to have to think about the ins and outs of a killers mind. With that in mind, show me stupid women in white shirts & fake breasts running up down the stairs. Show me killers walk not run and somehow end up catching up to the people sprinting for their lives. Maybe some popcorn too? Not necessary though.


Am I a wine snob? Nope. Do I have the fundamental understanding of wine and the variations and the process for which it is made? Yes, yes I do. I love wine — and the ironic part about that fact is that, when you’re 17 years old & scouring through your parents liquor cabinet, the LAST thing you want to pick up is a nice bottle of 1985 Merlot. Now? I’d guzzle the whole bottle in it’s entirety right then and there. I am not a red only or white only kind of person either — I am “open to all shapes and sizes.” My personal favorites, if I HAD to pick, would be Chardonnay, Malbecs, Sauvignon Blanc and Rieslings when I want to feel all bubbly and happy inside.

…. Are Fanny Packs Still Made? My Questions for Napa Valley

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So, I’m back in the Old South Jersey, sitting on my bedroom floor reminiscing about my recent trip to the lovely Wine Country.  I will say this much, Napa is breath taking. The scenery is out of this world, as are the endless amounts of wineries. The drive through the town as well as the bordering towns such as Yountsville and Sonoma are just as impressive. Hundreds of rolling hills, grapevines, and sunlight. Who could ask for more?


While sitting on a very long plane ride last night a question hit me. Why don’t San Francisco residents have second homes in Napa? Think about it…. All well-to-do NYC residents have houses in the Hamptons, all Bostonians have places in the Cape/ Nantucket. Why is it that people who live in either LA or SF don’t have second homes in this breathtaking, serene town? I think I figured out the reasoning after having spent just four short days there. The tourists.


While going to countless wineries, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of culture/style the tourists who were visiting the vineyards had. I am not snooty by any means, but I would say out of a handful of 10 “fellow wine tasters”, at least 8 were featuring the oh-so-attractive Fanny Packs and or were severly over weight. The outfits matched their looks as well; many belly exposing midrifs were found, along side “pedal pushers” which were outdated before they even became fashionable.


You would think in a town such as Napa the clientele for the wineries would match the classy feel of the vineyards/ town as a whole. That’s CLEARLY not the case. I over heard many many people saying how they weren’t willing to pay “10 dollars a head” for a wine tasting. No offense, but going INTO a winery you should know the minimum they will ask for a wine tasting consisting of four (sometimes even three) wines is ten dollars. Come on now!

In addition to the odd tourists, I was so surprised at the LACK of nightlife. Literally, the town shuts down its big bulbs come 9 o clock. No I’m not kidding. The only “bar” if you could even call it that, called Downtown Joe’s, is open late. The scene at Joe’s’ on a Saturday night is straight out of Superbad so it seems. The most diverse group of bar goers can be found in this hole in the wall restaurant that’s converted into a “bar” at night. Me and my mom were surrounded by ALL walks of life:

SoCal Army men up to Napa for a “good time” – aka on the prowl for drunk women who went wine tasting all day

Drunk 60+ year old couples who somehow managed to stay up past 9 o clock even after the day full of wine tastings

– The group of attractive SF girls in Napa for a Bachelorette Party who realize they are “too hot” for such a dive bar

– Then there were the townies, one of which was 24 and tried to take both me AND my mother home, that was amusing

– Finally, there was us. The two dressed to go out for a nice night “out on the town” only to find out… Joe’s was our only option

So in conclusion, Napa I ask you this: Why do you have such an ecclectic group of toursits? Why do you have no night life? And why for the love of GOD are fanny packs still produced?

My Issue With Water.

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Bottled. Tap. Still. Sparkling.

I don’t care how to phrase it, it’s all the same to me. I just don’t like water. Growing up in the Foxman Household, you were only given a few options in terms of beverages to drink…

Tab– For those of you who were born AFTER 1980? Tab was the first “diet cola” ever released; it was and still is produced by The Coca-Cola Company and I’m sure my mom is one of the only devoted customers who still buys this beverage. I know they did not sell it anymore at our local super market, but because of my mother’s constant persistence and devotion to the soda, they brought it back to the store for her specifically.

Perrier– Although I did not MIND this sparkling water-like beverage, she would rarely buy it so the rare times that it was found in our kitchen cabinets, I drank it. I will comment, however, that Perrier was and is still notorious for leaving a foul after taste in your mouth . So, with no real “nutritional benefits” to counter balance the gross taste that it left in my mouth, I yet again opted to not drink this water like beverage. 

Red and White Wine–  Although I currently enjoy the fact that there is never an absence of wine in our house? It was not as you could imagine a nightly pick to accompany my dinners while growing up.


As you can see, I did not grow up gulping up massive amounts of water. Come to think about it, I actually cannot remember ever finishing off one full water bottle in my life. I will try to suffer through a bottle of Fiji, or Evian but tend to always leave at least 3/4 of the bottle… Water has no taste, it has no color, and no real “spunk” in my opinion. I am perfectly healthy, as is my brother and we both grew up drinking an occasional bottle of water, so in reality? I find no reason to begin guzzling down bottles and bottles of water now. I know it’s the “thing to do” but I will not succumb.