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The Things I Carry

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This is one of my many black “go to” bags — I love my black Stella Marc bag, but it’s not a throw around bag by any means. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Dr. Grovveee, is the essential bag in my life. Our relationship is pretty serious at this point.

49 Square Miles — Leather Wallet– I love pieces that no one else has, I hate having “the norm” so I found this in a boutique shop in a local surf town by my home. The company that makes this wallet, ironically, is called 49 sq.miles, which actually refers to the 49 square miles in San Francisco — LOVES IT. The material is rustic, every piece is custom made and it stores all of my shit, I’ll be keeping this wallet for a while.

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Gel — Warm Vanilla Sugar — Yes, I’m sure none of you are surprised that I’m a bit of an anti-bac nut. I mean, I grew up on the stuff. It was inevitable as a 22 year old, I’d still carry it in my purse when heading out for meals. Why you may ask? Glad you did. I live in New York, you open doors, open cabs, dispense out cash, touch people — hello? Why would you NOT carry anti bacterial with you.

IPhone 4– OK, I know there will be a lot of comments/ texts directed towards me on this one. I had the FIRST IPHONE — switched to the dark side from Verizon, went back a few years ago to the Blackberry (Verizon forgave and forgot luckily), now I am back to the IPhone. What can I say? I can’t commit to men or to phone services. Judge me if you must.

COOL MINT LISTERINE POCKETPAKS– To say that I’m obsessed with fresh breath, for any person whose ever met me, is a wild under statement. I am nuts about it, to be quite honest. I brush my teeth minimum 3 times a day and will NEVER EVER be without one of the following: Orbit White Gum (Preferably Spearmint or Bubblemint), Listerine Strips or Binaca (don’t judge).