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The Things I Carry

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This is one of my many black “go to” bags — I love my black Stella Marc bag, but it’s not a throw around bag by any means. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Dr. Grovveee, is the essential bag in my life. Our relationship is pretty serious at this point.

49 Square Miles — Leather Wallet– I love pieces that no one else has, I hate having “the norm” so I found this in a boutique shop in a local surf town by my home. The company that makes this wallet, ironically, is called 49 sq.miles, which actually refers to the 49 square miles in San Francisco — LOVES IT. The material is rustic, every piece is custom made and it stores all of my shit, I’ll be keeping this wallet for a while.

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Gel — Warm Vanilla Sugar — Yes, I’m sure none of you are surprised that I’m a bit of an anti-bac nut. I mean, I grew up on the stuff. It was inevitable as a 22 year old, I’d still carry it in my purse when heading out for meals. Why you may ask? Glad you did. I live in New York, you open doors, open cabs, dispense out cash, touch people — hello? Why would you NOT carry anti bacterial with you.

IPhone 4– OK, I know there will be a lot of comments/ texts directed towards me on this one. I had the FIRST IPHONE — switched to the dark side from Verizon, went back a few years ago to the Blackberry (Verizon forgave and forgot luckily), now I am back to the IPhone. What can I say? I can’t commit to men or to phone services. Judge me if you must.

COOL MINT LISTERINE POCKETPAKS– To say that I’m obsessed with fresh breath, for any person whose ever met me, is a wild under statement. I am nuts about it, to be quite honest. I brush my teeth minimum 3 times a day and will NEVER EVER be without one of the following: Orbit White Gum (Preferably Spearmint or Bubblemint), Listerine Strips or Binaca (don’t judge).

What I Look For In A Man

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This post has been on the back burner in my drafts for months now — I have drafted it, re wrote it, then eventually gave up trying to make a post that offends no one I’ve ever been with — which… I’ve come to realize, is impossible. With that in mind, ENJOY.

1) You must, absolutely, be interested in scary/horror films. You must also, absolutely, not like romantic comedies. I’m sorry but I am not willing to waver on this — I love guts, people running up the stairs in masks with knifes and girls running outside in the rain in white shirts. I do not like any movie starring Kate Hudson and or Jennifer Aniston. I could guess the outcome of those films before walking in and save myself the $12 dollars. Thank you very much.

2) You have to have a sense of humor — why? Because I have a very dry one — and appreciate those around me who can make me laugh. While I don’t expect to start dating a comedian any time soon (again I say, I don’t mean to offend any of my fellow past hookups) but I think you need to be able to make me laugh. I’m also too Type A to be with someone as Type A as myself, it’d make for the most uptight couple alive.

3) You have to be dorky — in one context or another. I love to watch cartoons, eat pudding and waffles with whipped cream, read a lot and know all that’s going on in the news. Yes, I am in fact very nerdy. I also never missed a lecture in college — ok, I may have been THAT girl but whatever yo, don’t judge. Point of the matter is that, I need my “other half” to be well read if nothing more. Perhaps they don’t have to partake in my Sponge Bob/ Jimmy Neutron watching, but they do have to know what recalls have occurred in the past month or two, sorry I’m harsh — but it is what it is.

4) You can’t like cats….. or rodents….. or snakes. Yeah, there’s no need to even explain my rationale for this but I don’t like cats — I also don’t like “cat people” meaning those of you whom stay in rocking chairs petting your cat and feeding it milk? Please don’t contact me, ever. I also am WILDLY afraid of mice, rats, rodents, vermin — tomato, tomatoe. If you have a liking for animals with big gross tails? I’m going to pass on your dinner offer. Lastly, my next door neighbor growing up had a snake as a pet… he also had longer hair than myself…. and a black trench coat. Need I say more?

I’m sure this post will offend some, intrigue others and do nothing for the remaining readers but the post had to be done. I may also, if I so desire, update this as I experience more of NYC, as a young girl out on the town. As of now, the requirements are staying put.

Say Yes To The Dress — TLC

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I have to admit — if you have ever met me, you’d know I’m THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH who’d on my own watch a show about wedding dress shopping called, “Say Yes To The Dress”. After becoming hooked, courtesy of my friend Tracey, I now on my own watch this TLC show. I have to admit, I love it.

The show takes place at the creme de la creme of wedding dresses, Kleinfeld’s in New York City. While the store and dresses themselves are high class — NOT every one on the show is. That is FOR SURE.

I guess what I love most about the show is the variety of people that come on the show, searching for dresses. Some CLEARLY do not belong in anything a) white b) strapless c) lacy others who have the bodies to flaunt it, throw on big poofy prom like dresses. Oh life.

Example A — A woman, nice figure, classy dress — whom finds a wedding dress in a TIMELY MANNER.

Example B — A creepy ass looking woman, in an unflattering dress, whom took AN ETERNITY to decide upon a dress. Here’s my advice to those types of “Say Yes To The Dress” women who are wildly creepy looking and or unattractive — find a dress FAST AND get your ass married, trust me, you lucked out.

Spitzer’s Corner — NYC Review

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I was told about Spitzer’s Corner while at another restaurant in close proximity to the gastropub/bar itself. Located in the Lower East Side, Spitzer’s provides not only a fun, rowdy bar environment but it also has surprisingly amazing food.

One of my favorite hidden up-and-coming foodie site, Immaculate Infatuation, also raved about the restaurant, meaning, I had to try it. Boy was I glad I did….

Jenina, one of my best friend’s who originally told me about the joint, skipped the apps but had the signature Truffle Mac and Cheese for dinner… I can’t explain how different this specific Truffle Mac was — while extremely decadent it was well worth every bite. Made with Parmegiano Reggiano, White Cheddar, Fontina, Truffles, Panko, Rosemary and Thyme —  I highly suggest it if you have only one opportunity to go to the restaurant.

Courtesy of Serious Eats

I was looking at getting the Seafood Sausage to start, which consisted of chunks of Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp, Monkfish, White Wine-Butter Sauce and Chili Oil? I went with a little lighter appetizer — I got the Grilled Vegetable Salad — Portobello Mushrooms, Artichokes, Squash, Fennel, Red Bell Pepper, Queso Fresco and Vincotto Sauce.

For my entree, I got the Seafood Lasagna — I HAD TO. I’ve never seen it on a menu, AKA, that was that — needed to be done. Good decision it was, let me tell you. It was a re make of the usual layered pasta dish — it was an open faced pasta dish with Pan Seared Scallops, Tiger Shrimp, Diced Local Tomatoes, Baby Octopus, Basil, Organic Zucchini served open-faced atop hand rolled Parsley Lasagna. DELICIOUS.

MTV VMA’s 2010– Extensive Recap

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So I think Em has just nailed it lately — I don’t think there are many who disagree with that. He’s come back with such ferocity it’s absolutely commendable — the song he made with Rihanna is catchy, powerful and SO good. So glad they performed together — great start to the show.


I will be discussing the T Swift/ Kanye situation when I talk about Taylor, but when I re watch Kanye’s performance I can’t help but fall in love with the song and his sheer honesty with his lyrics. He’s straight up explaining his flaws and how he’s not willing to get out of his own way. The all white stage, bright red suit/gold chains and ballerina dancers just did it for me — plain and simple. Great close to the show.


WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT PERFORMANCE THIS WAS in my opinion — wow Usher, you’re a vet in this music industry and you couldn’t pull it together to not only carry out your own tunes but you also couldn’t even finish a dance move without panting? Get your shit together — sorry that’s rough but he should be able to at least multi task dancing and singing a very easy ballad at the same time.


I have so much to say negatively about this performance and the way she handled the situation but I will try and summarize to the BEST of my ability. There was NO reason to show a re-cap on the stage of what Kanye did, we remember don’t worry. You also don’t need to come out in a dark room with no shoes on and dramatic/dark make up and literally sing about the innocent 32 year old aka Kanye. So over the top — you should’ve gotten over it a week after the 09′ VMA’s and rose above it — instead of making yourself look like a victim. Trust me, you’re not.


Love this song, love these artists — so/so performance. It was cute I don’t think it was earth shattering but hey, that may just be my opinion. I think for never having actually vocally worked in the same room together? They did a damn good job.


This performance ranks right under Usher’s, which is saddening to me, because I’ve become quite the Team Drake fan. I mean — his CD never lived up to the hype it received, which became evident with sales and his loss of Best New Artist but I still thought he could pull out a STELLAR performance for his 1st time at the VMA’s and it just wasn’t good. He also had to incorporate the help of Mary J Blige and a random other man to help him with a song that’s not even one of his most popular. Try again next year Drake.  Lose the cocky affect in the mean time.


I think I’m the only person that has and will continue to be on the fence with Gaga — I think she produces hits, I will give her that, but all of her songs are dumbed down to the point that they sell millions. I also really am over her whole “show stopping clothing choices” — I get that you want to be the center of attention at every and all award ceremonies Gaga but I think the raw meat dress and shoes was vulgar and a bit too obvious that you were wanting not just some but EVERY eye on you at the VMA’s.

Joaquin Phoenix — The Actor, The Rapper, The Lost Soul

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I will say, before all else, that I was NOT a fan of Phoenix’s character in Gladiator. Ok, now that I got that out of the way I will start my rant on all of the uncertainty that IS Joaquin Phoenix.

He is — without a doubt, a great actor and an unbelievably sexy man. Well, let me back track and say that he used to be both of those things. Now, I really can’t explain what he’s thinking — professionally, mentally OR aesthetically.

Joaquin, after having had probably the most bizarre interview with David Letterman in 2009, announced his termination from the Acting Industry, for reason undisclosed. He began to dabble in a pathetic rap career shortly thereafter.

The biggest news of all was the transformation of Phoenix’s overall appearance — having gained a considerable 50 extra pounds, added unwashed dread locks, a massively scruffy beard and permanent stay on sunglasses. All of which began the buzz that led to “I’m Still Here” — Phoenix’s new movie released on 9/10/10, produced by brother in law Casey Affleck.

After having watched the trailer, read many movie critic reviews, in addition to seeing the wild postings all around SoHo  — I can confidently say this movie looks like it may live up to the long awaited hype. Shepard Ferry has been progressively putting art work up throughout NYC in addition to the wild postings on street corners. The buzz has been generating for a while and I’m excited to see how the movie really is. I don’t think that it has a lot of depth necessarily — an actor dropout, who decides to give up good hygiene and manners in hopes of distancing himself from “that life”. I believe what he’s doing, in my opinion, is drawing more attention to himself than when he was in actuality an actor. Well see how the movie unfolds — I wonder what turn it will take.

500 Days of Summer — Review

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I apologize to a hometown friend of mine, Scott Neustadter, one of the two writers of the film, because I should’ve A) seen this as soon as I knew he wrote the film and B) because it was one of the best movies I saw this year….

This movie captured me as much as I was watching it in an attempt to go to bed, I just could NOT stop watching it…. What makes this movie unbelievably solid in my opinion is not the cute puppy love Thomas, played by Joseph Gordon- Levitt has for Summer played by Zooey Deschanel. It was the underlying concept that — somewhere along the way things go one way for one partner in a relationship and completely another for the other person in situation.

The movie also played on one EXTREMELY relatable point…. what we all have for expectations of other counter parts and what the reality of the situation really is. When Thomas goes to the party at Summer’s house after things have gone downhill completely between the two — what he envisioned the night would be and what really occured were two totally different things…. I think this concept of reality versus expectations makes this movie so real in my opinion. Who HASN’T been in a relationship in which you envision the way things will go and they just fall so far off the mark and you’re left wildly disappointed? It’s happened to mostly everyone I know including myself.

I will not be giving away the ending to the movie here, but I will say this much — the ending totally nailed it for me. Even though the movie itself and the underlying concepts of the movie were so spot on, the ending really made me absolutely recommend this movie to anyone — I’m the furthest thing from a helpless romantic but the ending made me think positively about finding happiness and destiny in regards to love.

Get this movie now…. that’s all for now. Kudos Scott, kudos.

Teen Mom — The Good, The Bad and the VERY Ugly

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So, one of my freakish hidden obsessions is watching MTV’s Teen Mom. I swore to myself originally that I hated the show, but after watching episode after episode I realized just how different each of their stories were and how admirable for the most part each of the women are. Do not get me wrong — I will comment now and in a minute from now that I HAVE to laugh at some of the white trash undertones that are weaved throughout, but overall, the women hold their own and impress me.

I will go through all of the mom’s in order of favorites:


They’re hands down my favorite — last season and this season. I’ll explain why. Catelynn has such a raw love for Tyler it’s so obvious on screen and off. I personally also think their decision to give up their baby for adoption was the most mature decision they could’ve possibly made. Financially and emotionally they were unable to give that child the life they deserved — I think to know that and be able to make that decision to give her up at 17 is extremely mature. Sure they go through bumps, but all relationships do, I root for them over all of the other couples.


Um, while Ryan is VERY attractive he has to be one of the stupidest men on television — SECOND to Levi Johnston. Come on dude, you’re dumb and Maci is extremely put together, attractive and the mother to your kid. The least you can do is give her the measly $300 dollars a month to care for Bentley. You’re a joke. I love Alex, the friend now lover in Maci’s life. She deserves someone who will care for her and for her child.


Minus the fact that for all of Season 1 she  pitied herself and was hard pressed with finding a boyfriend, she has really shaped up this season. She cries less and takes A LOT more initiative — she lives on her own, thank god because her mom’s a NUTBAG, pays her own bills (learning how to embarrassingly at 18 write her first check) and work hard. I admire her much more the season.


They’re absolutely my least favorite couple– UGHH. Gary, you’re morbidly obese, and have no “redeeming qualities” to offer a woman. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF ditching Amber on a bi weekly basis for women you meet in the diaper aisle of Walmart?

…….. I will not even comment on this photo.

My Freakish Obsession With All Things Greek

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FIRST OF ALL — TODAY’S A HUGE DAY FOR MY BABY BLOG — 5,000 and counting hits today alone!!! Thank you guys, you’re amazing.

My obsession with Greek food stems from the very simple fact that I love mostly every ingredient used in Greek food –– fresh fish, feta cheese, dill, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, the list goes on... I thought I’d go through some of the most mouth watering dishes I’ve come across/ate. Enjoy.


I have yet to make this but I am literally WAITING for the next available day I have off to try this recipe — pretty much the dish, crafted by Greek Genius Michael Psilakis, is one of the most innovative mac and cheese recipes I’ve seen this year. It incorporates cinnamon, feta, scallions, spinach, kefa cheese and dill — out of this world. Cannot wait to make this.


When I think about dishes in the city that make me happy? More times than not I come across Kefi’s Baked Shrimp, Tomato, Orzo Dish…. It is just perfection. The portion size is just right, the ratio of pasta/protein/vegetables is spot on. And not to mention the fact that I found this dish at a hole in the wall Greek joint at home and never thought anywhere else could make as good of a baked dish — Kefi, you exceeded my expectations. Thanks for that.


The blogger who writes Closet Cooking is hands down one of my favorites — he whops out new recipes by the HOUR, I wonder if he even has time to shower….. Regardless, one of his specialities is hands down his Greek recipes. Some include Spinach Fritters, Zucchini balls etc… I picked this dish out of the MANY because I’m such an egg buff… and love tomatoes, so again I say, ya can’t really go wrong.


I wrote a blog about this dish that Mark Bittman came up with — it’s genius in my opinion. I have seen variations of Nachos, most definitely, but this one is just one of the more innovative one in my eyes. It incorporates ground lamb, Kalmata olives, diced cucumbers, tomatoes and cumin. Brilliant.

Fig & Olive Meatpacking — Review

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I love Fig & Olive in general, the one on the UES is totally a different dining experience than the one in Meatpacking. I could hear a pin drop at the UES location, yet at the Meatpacking restaurant I literally can’t even hear myself think straight.

I have had MANY dishes here — but the last time I went there were a few standout dishes. Julia ordered the special appetizer of the evening which was Fresh Burrata with Figs — out of this world. Literally. The Caesar Salad was forgetable, no doubt. My entree, which is one I order often, was so delicious. I get the Shrimp and Scallop Paella with Eggplant Tapenade and Red Bell Peppers. I lick the plate clean. Julia’s Branzino was also extremely solid.