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So My Cappuccino is now cancerous?

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Here is my problem. I keep getting phone calls from my mother that my daily habits are leading to me to a slow death. I will go through the list of things she believes I must change about my daily routine and why. I will then to proceed to tell you the things I believe I do RIGHT in my life. See if it all balances itself out.


1. EATING AND DRINKING HOT BEVERAGES– see, here’s the problem with this. I do not believe there is a “direct correlation” between sipping on a hot coffee and throat cancer. I could be wrong and if I am? I will get over my love for STEAMING HOT foods and let them settle for a few minutes. But until I see this on CNN? I am continuing to nuke my food.

2. TANNING– well, she DOES have a point with this. I really can’t rant about the up side to going tanning because every time I go I wear sunglasses and a hood (as if I were gambling on my child’s life). Regardless, I know it’s not a “greatttt” thing to be doing, ok. Let me retract that- it’s an awful habit. Point goes to my mom.

3. SALT– Yes, I like to put salt ON salt. I do believe if I were to go tomorrow to get my blood pressure checked it would be a very very ugly diagnosis. I have tried Dash Seasoning, but it just doesn’t seem to do it for me. I will look into other various alternatives because I am tired of hearing how my life will be ended abruptly if I don’t stop over salting everything I eat.



1. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: I say lifestyle as a whole because my lifestyle is fairly healthy. I eat my greens, take my vitamins, exercise regularly, and eat my lean proteins. So I believe this I’ll give myself a +2 on this one.


2. “I SAY NO THANKS TO DRUGS”: Eh, luckily I didn’t hand that in to my COM teacher for my Public Service Announcement. That sucked. Regardless, I have yet to put a cigarette to my mouth and for being 21, I feel that is yet another triumph. I have also only tried pot a few times in my life… those few times resulted in bad panic attacks which I which not to relive. Therefore, I get yet another +2  for my lack of deadly drug use. 

3. CLEANLINESS- So, perhaps I won’t be saved from my deadly habits because I routinely brush my teeth but I do feel it is very important to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Do I think I’m a little psychotic when I shower after I come back from the bars if I’ve been rubbed up on too many times? Yes, I don’t think you need to shower 3x daily but I do believe those of you who “forget” to shower or brush your teeth have some tweaking to do. I’ll just say this much– you may think people won’t notice if you missed a shower here or there but you are VERY WRONG. Hate to break the news to you.

So now that I’m done. I’m realizing … the odds aren’t COMPLETELY against me. I believe the order in which I’ll work to stop my habits are as follows: Tanning, Salt, Hot Foods. Wish me luck, or even better, buy me a spray tan or two. 



My Problem With B&J’s Half Baked

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Dear Ben and Jerry’s, I realize that perhaps you cannot give us an entire pint of solely Cookie Dough. By the time I finish your pints of ice cream, however, I’m utterly disappointed. This is my method as to how I go about eating your ice cream:


1) The first time I open the tub, I KNOW there will be a lot of the good stuff on top. By good stuff I am referring obviously to brownies and cookie dough. At this point  in the process, I don’t have to go diving too far into the tub to get what I want.

2) By the second attempt, however, I have to spend approximately four minutes forking out the boring vanilla/chocolate ice cream that only clouds out the tasty aspects of the Half Baked.

3) Finally, by the third attempt, I’m left with a mushy mess of black and white swirly ice cream that I have no interest in eating, no matter how intoxicated I may be when I stumble back to my apartment after a long night out.



With this is mind, Ben and Jerry’s I offer a VERY simple solution to this big problem. I think it should be configured more like a parfait:

LAYER ONE: Goodies such as brownies and cookie dough

LAYER TWO: The part no one wants: aka- the chocolate and vanilla ice cream

LAYER THREE: *AHOY: YET another layer of brownies and cookie dough

This would lead to an oveall happier customer. It’s comparable to finding more fruit on the bottom of your “Fruit and Yogurt” Dannon Cup… but better.

No Dad, I Won’t Add You Back- What Facebook Has Become

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So, here’s the thing. When I was a senior in high school, I remember being FAR MORE excited to receive my college e-mail address than I was to have been admitted. Why is that you ask? Oh well, because at that point (2006) ONLY COLLEGE STUDENTS could register for Facebook account. 

The concept of Facebook, originally was a wonderful idea. It helped me and many others entering their freshman year find people living in our dorms, classes, etc. I remember how useful the tool was for me when I picked up and moved by myself to San Francisco. I was able to contact most of the others who were joining me for the summer. It made situations less awkward for some reason — maybe it’s because you are able to literally read up on everyone’s entire life via FB profile? I’m not sure. But I do know that it was a remarkably helpful tool- AT FIRST.

Then… once I was in college, FB allowed for ANY Bob, Joe, and Sally to create an account. In lamens terms that meant that every younger sibling you had, then created an account. Bad news on ALL accounts. Little girls dressed provocatively in photos with captions, ‘MY BABY BOYZZZZ XOXOX‘ became commonplace. Also, it really showed us older siblings JUST HOW sane our grade was. And how mature the younger generations had developed (literally and metaphorically) .

NOW that they are on their way to college, the thrill of the Facebook is no longer there. In addition, PARENTS, AUNTS, AND UNCLES, are now on the site. 

I think this is THE clear indicator the trend should be abolished very very soon. My naive mom decided to make one, well, of course my 18 year old brother declined the invite. As a result my mother gave up her attempt to be cool. I advise all others in her shoes to do the same.



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So the size of the restaurant can’t be any bigger than my apartment… or any college dorm room for that matter, but I must say- they never disappoint me. While the prices are sky high, it’s quite a nice dinner and worth the pretty penny you pay. I think there needs to be a much better view but the location doesn’t really warrant a better view, so it is what it is I suppose.  

To start I had the Roasted Mussels in a broth simmered with lemongrass, lime juice, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, and chopped plum tomatoes.  The broth was creamier than I’m used to because they incorporated some coconut milk. I didn’t love it but it was definitely worth trying. 

For dinner I chose Mel’s Cioppino: their version of this classic seafood stew loaded with fresh mahi mahi, mussels, scallops and shrimp, simmered in a rich seafood-tomato broth. This was delicious, it was served sizzling hot with two toasted baguettes for dipping. 

The dessert was my least favorite part but it was fairly creative and out of the box. It was a Buttermilk Lemon Pound Cake served warm with chocolate sorbet, fresh raspberry sauce, and toffee crumbles.


Veya Review

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So I’ve been in Anguilla for around six days now, and I have to make one large generalization here…. EVERY one loves Snapper, and tropical chutney. Those two items seem to be featured on each and every menu here in the Bahamas.

VEYA– Really beautiful setting, the restaurant itself was in a secluded area up on a hill. The water fountains were lit up too which added a nice effect. The bread at Veya hands down was my favorite so far on the trip. The fried bread, also known as Johnny Cakes, were so good there was no need for butter, olive oil, or hummus. As they say in Italy, if your bread is good, there’s no need for anything else. For appetizer I had Layered Salad of Roasted Corn with Adobo Shrimp, Avocado, Black Beans, and Crema. For dinner I had the Tamarind Glazed Roast Chicken with Christophene Gratin and Tropical Fruit Chutney. Both the dishes were great, as was the setting and the JOHNNY cakes. Winner in my book



Elvis’ Beach Bar- Wait, you’re not Elvis!

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I have to admit I’m a stiff. I don’t like to venture out of my comfort zone all too often. I also realize that those who vacation with me are destined to be bored, frustrated, or a little bit of both. I enjoy waking up late, reading in silence, tanning, and running alone. So, when people push me (as was the case) yesterday to try things “out of my comfort zone” I’m clearly apprehensive.

While foraging for deli meats that were not preserved in god know what and rolls that had not been in the back of a truck for a week, we came across a MASSIVE Supermarket. Now, when I say the locals in Anguilla call ALL of their “grocery stores” Supermarkets, I’m not lying. If you consider large stuffed monkeys and a 90’s Kodak camera displayed in the windows a “supermarket” then alright.

After finally find a REAL grocery store we aimed to go look at the “bar scene” in Sandy Ground. While Scott, Av, Ally and I were fish of of water (driving around in a white SUV) we came across some DUDS and some winners in regards to bars here on the island of Anguilla. Although, I don’t feel ANY of these little stops are safe for Ally and I to venture off to alone, I feel they could be great to go to with “adult supervision” and or Mace.

We decided to stop for some reason at Elvis’ Beach Bar– maybe it was because we couldn’t seem to locate the others? Maybe it was because we didn’t feel safe driving up the concrete path towards the only other ones we saw? Or perhaps it was FATE. All we knew, was that we were about to embark on an interesting cocktail hour.

I must admit, I’ve dined worldwide yet never have I seen a bar so creative. When I say the bar is a literal Caribbean Wooden Racing boat converted into a boat? I’m not lying. It was a beautiful boat that was cut in two. Elvis, the OH SO precocious Bar tender/ Owner/ Entrepreneur spends his night walking from the front to the back of the boat, serving locals and tourists more than their fair share of “Rum cocktails’.

In addition to the inventive boat, the drinks were too shabby either. He concocted us his “Famous Rum Punch” that we had to try. It was 2/3 rum and I’d say a splash of his “Iced Tea- like secret juice”, with a slice of orange, and a cherry. It was a killer. He also threw us another fruitier pink drink of which I can’t blog about only because I don’t recall the name. Ally, in the middle of the beverages got a Caribe beer, which are very popular on the island.

After a few drinks, and lovely conversations with Brett the co-owner, and Elvis, the owner we are most definitely coming back at least two or three more times before we leave. Perhaps I’ll run off with Brett and live happily on the beach by the boat/bar for the rest of my life? The possibilities are endless.


My Last Supper… Let me Retract That- My Last Day

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So, I’ve wanted to do this post since last August but I guess college has consumed by time and drained my creativity — oh well. I must prepare people for the scrumptious images to come; there will be many.

I will be taking you through my Last Day… not only my Last Supper, that’s not elaborate enough for my liking. Here goes.

For breakfast I’ll be having a thick stack of French Toast with REAL Vermont Maple Syrup (More specifically from the little restaurant above the art gallery in Manchester, VT- If I remember the name of the joint, I’ll alter the post). On top of the delicious French Toast will obviously be bananas, I’d add whipped cream? But I need to make it through my whole “LAST DAY” — whipped cream starting at breakfast is a no-go, even though I do love it.


For lunch, I’d go back to basics. I ate a Chicken Caesar Salad for ten years in a row? I would travel to SARDINIA and still I’d ask for a Chicken Caesar Salad. So, with that in mind, I would have THE best Caesar Salad in NYC from Mangia.


As a “drink” I’d have what I used to have growing up alongside my lunches, AN OREO MCFLURRY! Yes, you heard right. My babysitter would take Bren and I after school to Mickey D’s. I would somehow rationalize to my mom that a McFlurry WAS in fact a beverage, because it had a straw (optional, but still) and because it was in the ‘DRINK’ category in the Take Out Menu.

mcflurry4Here comes the big kahoona… The LAST SUPPER! For dinner I will be having….. My mother’s infamous TAMALE PIE. Growing up, I was the only one who enjoyed this dinner, so for my sake my mom would cook this for me and me only. She used the oh-so-gourmet Jiffy Corn Bread Mix to make THE most moist cornbread with honey on the side to accompany the beef tamale pie. Sigh.


For dessert, it was a toss up between Banana’s Foster and Homemade Confetti Cake with Vanilla Frosting with multi colored sprinkles. I had to give it to the Confetti Cake only because hands down there is NOTHING more comforting in life. Try to find me a better dessert, and I will refute you on it.


What would YOU have if it were YOUR Last Meal? ….