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Five Napkin Burger — Review

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There’s something about 5 Napkin that has always intrigued me — I don’t know if it’s because there never fails to be millions of people crowded around the bar after work, or the banging looking burgers. I had to give it a go — I tried their French Onion Soup to start. For anyone whose ever met me, you know I order F.O. Soup if it’s an Appetizer option — period. Out of ALL of my soups in the past I will say this one is in the top 10, hands down.

The Veggie Burger was delicious — odd looking in color but tasty nonetheless. 5 Napkin signature sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomato and a multi grain bun. I’m sold.

La Bottega — Review

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This restaurant is a hit or miss in my book — either I want to come back the following morning? Or I want to veer far away from it. I hate the locale but I usually am so swooned by the beautiful outdoor seating, gardens, and lights that I don’t mind it is in a shady ass area.

The last trip to La Bottega everything from the wrong dishes, to mysterious meat, to “misunderstandings” with the bill left me not wanting to go back for a while. I will say that for a late lunch and some solid wine, I highly recommend La Bottega.

This trip I had the Soup of the Day which was this amazing Minestrone with Parmesan and then I had the Bronzino — I have had the Chicken and the Risotto before — both of which I recommend over the fish surprisingly.

As long as you’re not looking for world class dining but a nice glass on vino and a nice setting, I’d suggest you make your way to La Bottega.

15 East — Review

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What an awesome dinner — I was more adventurous than I usually am, and I am very glad I was so. The appetizer was out of this world — the chef, who was the nicest chef I’ve come across in a while, graciously brought out each individual piece of tuna for us. In addition, our Malt Beers, Champagne and main courses weren’t all too bad either. To say the least.

Tuna Flight — Two pieces each, five different cuts

Wild Salmon Five Ways — Shimeji Mushrooms, Shiso Rice, Soy-Ikura Butter

Ribeye of Mishima Beef — Celery Root Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables, Tamari Ponzu

…. Where I’ve Been Going At Night

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I will admit one thing about this bar — if you go here during peak seasons/ nights you will have a blast — it will be full of young people, good music in the basement and an overall fun night. If you go there, however, over the summer or at off hours you will be creeped out by the random men sitting on plush couches alone staring at you. I advise you to wait until mid November, Saturday night at 11pm. You’ll love me for introducing you to this bar. Promise.

675 BAR

I love this place — it’s gritty on the outside and it forces you to walk downstairs to a grafittied entrance, but I still love it. It’s always bustling, and the boy playroom feel of the bar gets me every time. It’s so cool — and cavern ish. I don’t think that’s a word but I am going to institute it as one here. Hope you don’t mind.


I love this place — if you walk too fast you’ll miss it. And that’s a great thing… I was recommended a Gin drink — which, usually, wouldn’t be my drink of choice but as I was told it was “summer time in a glass” — and boy were they right. Delicious. I also hear from friends and from Immaculate Infatuation that their Grilled Cheese is the best in the city…. Next trip I suppose.

Ray LaMontagne — My One True Love

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To say that I’m an avid listener of Ray LaMontagne’s music is a bit of an under statement. I have been a fan of his soulful music for the past five years. Something about his raspy, earthy voice just lures me in — in each and every song. Some of my old school favorite songs of his include: “Hold You In My Arms” “Jolene” and “Empty” (Live).

His new CD “God Willin’ and The Creek Don’t Rise”, in my eyes, is his best thus far which is saying a lot. I will explain why — if you care to know that is.

I think it is extremely honest and raw — it takes you away from your daily life and off to the woods/ back country. People Magazine’s raving review of the CD couldn’t have been more spot on with their comment that it is the ANTI “Empire State of Mind” — with songs titled, “New York City is Killing Me”, it’s pretty obvious just how rural LaMontagne is trying to get with his latest CD. My personal favorite on this album has to be “Are We Really Through?” — it’s just so relatable… every one after having listened to the song can relate. Period end of story — buy the album now.

Foodie Files — Obsessions for August

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I have been trying my best to break out of my normal routine of my “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Omelet with Toast for breakfast every morning… I have been MILDLY successful. I say mildly because I tend to feel ravenously hungry come 11am when I branch out of my comfort zone. See that’s what I get. I have been trying to dabble with some Greek yogurt/fruit and or waffles, eh. I may staying boring we’ll see.

In other news, some of my most popular blogs over the years have been when I highlight some of my current foodie obsessions, so I believe I will start doing this once a month if possible. Here you go:


I grew up eating Belgium waffles — in addition to the never ending supply of TAB diet soda, Chardonnay and Banana Bread around my house as a kid we used to always have individual Belgium waffle packs. I remember you’d be instructed to stick each one in its own aluminum/ cardboard microwavable box. Weird come to think of it. Anyway, these are delicious and nutritious. Dab some PB and Maple Syrup and you’re good to go.


There is something to be said for ugly tomatoes — I mean, really ugly tomatoes. They are uber crisp and delicious, a bit more refreshing to use in dishes than the standard Heirloom in my opinion. I had to pick some up at the market and was not disappointed with my purchase. I used the tomatoes in everything from my boring omelets, to part of Turkey sandwich wraps etc.


My obsession with Ben and Jerry’s Fro Yo collection is not a new revelation to you guys. I have blogged about their other variations over the years — I think it’s so good, so good. I like Cherry Garcia at the moment with chunks of chocolate and real cherries — I dig. Big time.


I probably shouldn’t be spending 8.00 on Blueberry Jam right out of college, but hey, you only live once right? What makes this jam different in my opinion is the authentic chunks of real blueberries inside — I don’t feel like I’m eating sugary mushy jam — instead, I feel like I’m eating what real “jam/marmalade” should taste like.


JUDGE ME if you’d like for this pick but, they’re delicious. I was originally adverse to purchasing anything that had “Vita” in the title — then… I started representing Vita Coco… and then began eating Vita Tops. Oh well, I will say now I shouldn’t have sworn it off in the past. With variations such as Banana Nut, Chocolate and Corn Muffins they really are amazing snacks/desserts. I like to microwave the Corn Vita Top and top it with syrup and whipped cream. YUM.

It’s Time For An (Absolut) Stoop Party…

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I’m not much of a “drink” girl. No, I didn’t say I don’t like to DRINK — I just don’t do mixed “pre made drinks” at bars. I tend to associate all mixed drinks with scenes from Sex and The City 2 unfortunately, and refuse to purchase any beverage at a restaurant or bar that comes in a girly glass with pink content…. All of this was true until, of course, me and my roommate stumbled upon Absolut Brooklyn.

To say that I’m obsessed with this speciality Vodka? Is a wild understatement — I am addicted to this, it’s unreal. With hints of Apple and Ginger, this alcohol is insanely good.

I decided to do something I’ve never done — go on the company website to find out what their signature cocktail is. It’s called “Stoop Party” — and it will forever be “The Drink” of my apartment here in the city. The drink is insanely simple:

– Absolut Brooklyn
– Ginger Age
– Cranberry Juice

My Current Obsessions in NYC

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So… It’s been  A WHILE.

I have been taking quite a long duration of time getting used to real life. It’s kicked my ass a lot harder than I expected it would — and from someone whose quite confident in her abilities to overcome all? That’s saying a lot. I will work to the best of my ability to post a few times a week from this point forward.

Since having moved to the city, I’ve acquired some obsessions — some. Here goes:

HELL’S KITCHEN FLEA MARKETS (Saturdays and Sundays only)

I think I just LOVE the intrigue of flea markets — you never know whether you’re purchasing a straight up rip off or a couture article of clothing and or bag that is worth a lot now and will be worth even more down the road. I brought Chris, my roommate, with me one weekend to the market. While he was initially excited about the odd trinkets he found he eventually got tired, understandably so. For me? I think it’s a rotating group of cool boutiques — some with junk but others with solid artists trying to get their foot in the door.


While I do work for an Advertising Agency that reps Vita Coco I will say this much — I was told sight on seen when I got the job that I would become addicted to the beverage. I originally was a stubborn ass, as per usual, and fought them on this. I came to find myself much more refreshed, a bit more hydrated and definitely satisfied.


Well, the reasons I love this area could go on forever but I can sum it up. Great restaurants, amazing downtown vibe and awesome shopping. I approve on all levels. I even went for a run through Meatpacking last night and saw free Salsa Lessons being offered plob dab in the middle of an intersection — so great.

Chelsea Markets is a new revelation to me, I know I know, I’m VERY behind the times — but I must admit, gourmet oil/chocolate shops in the same place as amazing book stores and Anthropologie? You got me hooked Chelsea Markets, congratulations.


I love bustling, little holes in the walls that allow people to pour their $7 glasses of wine into red plastic cups to socialize more comfortably outdoors. I also love places that have chalkboards with their seasonal/daily menus on them too. Oh, and my favorite dish was present and delicious — Turkey Chili. Westville, I’m coming back for you.