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Fig & Olive Meatpacking — Review

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 6:20 pm

I love Fig & Olive in general, the one on the UES is totally a different dining experience than the one in Meatpacking. I could hear a pin drop at the UES location, yet at the Meatpacking restaurant I literally can’t even hear myself think straight.

I have had MANY dishes here — but the last time I went there were a few standout dishes. Julia ordered the special appetizer of the evening which was Fresh Burrata with Figs — out of this world. Literally. The Caesar Salad was forgetable, no doubt. My entree, which is one I order often, was so delicious. I get the Shrimp and Scallop Paella with Eggplant Tapenade and Red Bell Peppers. I lick the plate clean. Julia’s Branzino was also extremely solid.

15 East — Review

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What an awesome dinner — I was more adventurous than I usually am, and I am very glad I was so. The appetizer was out of this world — the chef, who was the nicest chef I’ve come across in a while, graciously brought out each individual piece of tuna for us. In addition, our Malt Beers, Champagne and main courses weren’t all too bad either. To say the least.

Tuna Flight — Two pieces each, five different cuts

Wild Salmon Five Ways — Shimeji Mushrooms, Shiso Rice, Soy-Ikura Butter

Ribeye of Mishima Beef — Celery Root Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables, Tamari Ponzu

My Current Obsessions in NYC

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So… It’s been  A WHILE.

I have been taking quite a long duration of time getting used to real life. It’s kicked my ass a lot harder than I expected it would — and from someone whose quite confident in her abilities to overcome all? That’s saying a lot. I will work to the best of my ability to post a few times a week from this point forward.

Since having moved to the city, I’ve acquired some obsessions — some. Here goes:

HELL’S KITCHEN FLEA MARKETS (Saturdays and Sundays only)

I think I just LOVE the intrigue of flea markets — you never know whether you’re purchasing a straight up rip off or a couture article of clothing and or bag that is worth a lot now and will be worth even more down the road. I brought Chris, my roommate, with me one weekend to the market. While he was initially excited about the odd trinkets he found he eventually got tired, understandably so. For me? I think it’s a rotating group of cool boutiques — some with junk but others with solid artists trying to get their foot in the door.


While I do work for an Advertising Agency that reps Vita Coco I will say this much — I was told sight on seen when I got the job that I would become addicted to the beverage. I originally was a stubborn ass, as per usual, and fought them on this. I came to find myself much more refreshed, a bit more hydrated and definitely satisfied.


Well, the reasons I love this area could go on forever but I can sum it up. Great restaurants, amazing downtown vibe and awesome shopping. I approve on all levels. I even went for a run through Meatpacking last night and saw free Salsa Lessons being offered plob dab in the middle of an intersection — so great.

Chelsea Markets is a new revelation to me, I know I know, I’m VERY behind the times — but I must admit, gourmet oil/chocolate shops in the same place as amazing book stores and Anthropologie? You got me hooked Chelsea Markets, congratulations.


I love bustling, little holes in the walls that allow people to pour their $7 glasses of wine into red plastic cups to socialize more comfortably outdoors. I also love places that have chalkboards with their seasonal/daily menus on them too. Oh, and my favorite dish was present and delicious — Turkey Chili. Westville, I’m coming back for you.