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…. Can I Vacation Longer, Please?

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I must admit, Miami has impressed me overall in regards to food. From simple lunch dishes such as Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, and Roasted Snapper served at the Lido Deck, to Duck Confit with Cauliflower Mash, Wilted greens, and Pear Raisin Chutney sauce at Michael’s Genuine, I have loved every minute of eating in Miami….

For my parent’s 22nd anniversary on Monday night, we went to Azul, located in the beautiful Mandarin Oriental. It was out of this world to say the least. Ranked 2nd best restaurant in Miami, this posh spot really lived up to it’s reputation.



Some appetizers we enjoyed included New England Clam Chowder “REVISITED,” Crispy Clams, Confit Pork Belly, Malt Vinegar and  Peruvian Style Ceviche, Avocado Salad, and Tostones. 


For entrees, we all loved our dishes. I had Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops, Curried Lentils, Carrot Citrus Glaze, Bacon, Pistachios. Everyone else ordered the Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Truffled Lobster Mac N’ Cheese, Shallot Glaze, Broccolini.

If you are in the area, I’d suggest you splurge on this wonderful restaurant.

Michael’s Genuine? I Believe It…

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Michael’s Genuine, located in the Design District, is one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Miami, without a doubt.


With a party of five, it’s easy to try mostly everything on the menu. Some highlights in our appetizers included… Duck Confit, Snapper Ceviche, and Chicken Wings (an all-time classic). The ceviche, my pick, was light and citrusy .. the touch of mint, however, really made the dish. The chicken wings were delectable as well.

For dinner there were a few stand out dishes. The Porterhouse steak, snapper, and pan-roasted chicken. We also ordered a side of mashed potatoes and pesto roasted cauliflower. Recommend both.

The best part of the dinner had to be the dessert. The warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream which seems rather commonplace, was out of this world. Also, the very popular “banana/caramel paninis” with warm chocolate sauce was gone within seconds.

…. I Think I’ll Stick to Interning

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SERVICE INCLUDED, a new foodie  favorite,  goes behind the scenes of one of the top restaurants in the country. Phoebe, the waitress and author of the book “Service Included”, worked under Thomas Keller at Per Se in the Times Warner Building. 


Although the book lacked any real plot and or realistic romantic relationships, I think it was an easy read and helpful for those who wish to embark on waitressing. It’s definitely an honest book and held no bars. Other than specific names of celebrities and high-clientele, every detail was included. 


The strongest part of the book was definitely her gradual progression towards becoming a foodie. She went from being unable to cook or understand any food related lingo, to becoming New York Times Food Writer Frank Bruni’s confidante within Per Se. I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who don’t enjoy fine dining; it’s clearly meant to be read by those who have either worked behind the scenes or those whom enjoy the dining experience.

Quite a Find for the Only Place Open on Christmas Eve

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So, us Jew’s don’t have a whole lot of options when it comes to restaurants on Christmas Eve/Christmas. I find it to be an annual nuisance calling every restaurant in the vicinity of where we may be at the point in time, crossing our fingers somewhere good will be open. Having just bought a new home in Miami, our trips to the hot spot will be more frequent, therefore, more posts and food write-ups will be on the way….


My Uncle Bruce, who’s a well-known gay guy here in Miami, knows the scoop on the top places in South Beach. One of his picks was an unknown restaurant in the Design District called “Michael’s Genuine” for anyone who knows pretty much anything about hot new restaurants, it’s literally become the “it” spot. So long story short? We began taking his advice more seriously… He recommended we try “Michy’s” – a mix of Spanish/ Mediterranean food; a rather odd combo if you ask me, but you didn’t so I’ll go on.


Owned by Michelle Bernstein (a native of Miami Beach) and her husband, Andrew Friedman– this restaurant’s location may not be the most ideal (located off the highway) but it sure delivers in regards to the food. 


The look of the restaurant was 100% shabby chic, from the white polyester floral chairs to the fixtures, there was definitely a vibe to the place. In regards to the menu, it was pre-set, seeing as that it was Christmas Eve. Although we only had three options for appetizer, entree, and dessert we all left satisfied and eager to try her new restaurant in Miami, Seniora Martinez.  For an appetizer, we had the Chestnut Soup with bacon and mushrooms, and the Citrus Salad. Both of which are amazing. For dinner we had the Roast Chicken and Chestnut stuffing, Prime Rib with fingerling potatoes, and the Vegetable Lasagna. The final and most memorable part of the dinner had to be the desserts. Although the almond cake, and the grapefruit mousse were delicious, the famous Bread Pudding was UNREAL.


I was so impressed that I bought the chef’s cookbook and had her sign it too.

If you’re in the area, most definitely check out Michy’s, 6927 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138.

Instead of Bagels Can I Bring My Bag Please?

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Here’s what I’m not understanding guys. I love traveling. I love adventures. And I USED TO love flying. With the ridiculous economy,  the boosts in the costs of air travel have left many customers fleeting to Grey hounds and Paddle boats alike. I, however, still have the luxury of being able to fly but the problem is this. Although I could rationalize paying more for the flight because of the increased costs of gas, I cannot understand all of the other things going on lately with airlines. Here are some of my dilemmas:

1) Why can’t there be at LEAST an hour call prior to the flight letting you know whether or not you will be delayed and or cancelled? If it’s snowing cats and dogs at 1:50 I can GUARANTEE you it won’t be a hell of a lot better by  2:50

2) If flights such as the ones during this past Holiday weekend have to be cancelled, postponed for days, rescheduled etc. why can’t Virgin Airways, Delta, Continental all make “mini-hotels” located inside or next door to the airport. That way, those who are “registered customers” can reside there during delays, cancellations- so on and so forth

3) CHARGES FOR WATER? PRETZELS? AND DARE I SAY IT…. EVERY PIECE OF LUGGAGE? See, this is where I draw the line. It’s one thing to say we can’t bring our horse, Bobo, but it’s quite another to insist that we must now pay for everything from water bottles to each and every bag we bring with us. I mean, what’s next? You charge me less because I’m a petite girl? IT IS UTTER INSANITY. My father was charged last week for picking the “window seat” for me as opposed to the middle or the aisle- I kid you not.


Below are images of what I encountered waiting for my flight last Friday morning. The picture on the left  shows the lovely “magazine rack” addition. On the right we see complimentary “Java City” coffee dispensers and rocking chairs provided to “lounge on while you wait”.  


Dear Delta- this is all I want for Christmas…

Please stop spending money on magazine racks and coffee dispensers and let me fly home ON time, with my free luggage bag, and a bag of peanuts in hand. Thank you very much. 

Yours Truly,

Taylor Foxman

Will Smith Goes Shakespearean?

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In Will’s Smith most adventurous role yet, he plays a down-on-his-luck IRS worker, whose mission is to help those around him in any way possible. Through past tragedies that occurred in his life, Smith makes it his goal to fix all of his wrongdoings through helping others who genuinely need it. Realize, however, this film is very FAR from simple or mundane- it’s twisted, rather dark, and somewhat even depressing.


The new dark Smith film truly impressed me. Although the reviews butchered it to the point of NO return, I have to completely disagree with the critics.  There are a few reasons I really enjoyed the new film:

1) Will Smith completely ventured out of his comfort zone. I must admit, at first, when I heard the movie was much darker and more twisted than anything he’s ever taken on, I was apprehensive. By the time the credits began rolling, however, the tears were ROLLING (UNHEARD OF) and the tissues were out. He nailed the role

2) The topic of redemption and sacrifice brings up many questions. Many religious people had issues with the film, understandably so. But I must say it was a heart-wrenching film based around the idea of sacrifice and regret

3) Rosario Dawson, someone whom I’ve only seen in magazines and articles, was a CHARMING actor (?) actress (?) who knows anymore what’s incorrect/correct. Anywhoo, I don’t think I could find a more fitting word. Within the movie she played Smith’s love interest, not much of a shocker I’m sure. But her ability to play her role and the romantic chemistry CLEARLY apparent between Dawson and Smith made her casting, well-done


Overall I suggest you see for yourself what you think about the movie. I thought that although it was rather somber and melodramatic, it really made me take a step back and think about many different aspects of my life.

Who Really Cares About Presents Anyways?

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HANNUKAH! It’s the season of lights, Jewish people’s most anticipated holiday by far. Why you may ask? Most people may answer it’s the abundance of presents, the choclate gelt, the driedel playing.  I, however, beg to differ. It’s clearly the food! 


Having slaved over the stove from 11am-8pm I can confidently say that the reward is clearly worth the work. From classics such as Latkes with applesauce, roast chicken, roast beef, sweet carrots,  to my prize winning piece- Isreali Sauvganiot, the holiday dinner was a clear success. 



Ava’s famous Potato Latkes


Roast Chicken


Isreali Jelly Sauvganiot (Jelly Doughnuts) 

The Return of the Monster Bagel

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So, I thought that the “Case of the Massive Bagels” was site-specific to Boston, but apparently I was very wrong. Not only are the bagels growing in size in Mass, but also in New Jersey as well! After purchasing a dozen on Sunday, including Chocolate Chip, Everything, &  Wheat, I realized each bagel was at least 3x the size of a normal bagel. Perhaps, the boost in prices of bagels is directly correlated to the significant increase in size? Whatever the deal may be, I enjoyed the older smaller versions and would like my extra $1.00 back as well please.


Be on the lookout for the attack of the big bagels, if you see more in states other than those listed, feel free to upload pictures & comment.