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I’ll Take A Cappuccino With A Side of Cougar

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I will preface this post as follows — I tend to veer clear of dating people younger than me. Why you may ask? Well, I don’t think that men my own age are mature enough. To be honest, I think the men I attract myself to for the MOST part have the maturity levels of 4th graders. With that in mind, I don’t usually delve into dating the younger gentleman I know. What I have seen more and more, however, is the frequency of older women dating younger men. In Hollywood, it’s become the new “black dress” come to think of it.


At first I was skeptical, very skeptical. He was a young, somewhat aloof character on That 70’s Show as well as the host of Punk’d. She was a long standing Hollywood icon who has children close to Ashton’s age. I just was not sure if it would end well — who woulda thunken that they would be the most adoring/loving couple in Hollywood? It’s a shame both aren’t drop dead gorgeous to make it a completely picture perfect situation. HA.


I’m still very much on the fence with this one — every time they walk the Red Carpet together there is such a clear sense of jealousy and inferiority on the part of Nick that I don’t know if this cougar relationship will be everlasting. She is a music mogul who has sculpted quite an enterprise  with her music, “MOVIES” in BIG ASS PARENTHESES, and beauty products. Nick, on the other hand, is the “faux spokesperson” for Teen Nick — while I love Degrassi? He needs to step his game up.


This relationship has recently fizzled, which I mean, isn’t too heart breaking to anyone. They weren’t a Jen/Brad or anything like that but they were for sure eye soaringly attractive — yes, I made up that word… start incorporating it into your daily jargon if you so desire. Their daughter is quite frankly the cutest child in Hollywood — I figured the Jolie Pitt tribe would have produced as least one STUNNING child but I was very wrong. Instead, all of them sport manly clothing (those that are girls), long strangly hair, and unibrows. I’ll pass and give the award to Halle and Aubrey instead — if nothing more, they produced quite the striking child.


Here’s the thing — Madonna is the closest thing to most American’s as a God Like figure so I won’t bash her or her sexual partners, but come on. This relationship reminds me very much of the Desperate Housewives scenario between Eva Longoria and the pool boy (who has since his brief stint on the show become bloated, broke, and alone in life mind you). I think the concept is hot, but leave it to your fantasies while STILL ASLEEP Madonna.

Celebrity Tweeting – The Good and The Bad

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I have gone back and forth with this… weighing out the pro’s and con’s to this argument. While I see an argument for both sides I can’t help but think of how many celebrities really should be forbidden from the social networking site all together. Here is a compilation of some of the good and some of the bad Twitter Celebrity Accounts in my opinion:

Some A+ Examples

ASHTON KUTCHER — Okay, so sometimes him and “Mrs. Kutcher’s” lovey dovey Tweets get too me a little gagtastic, but overall, he is a great example of how be a celebrity and Tweet appropriately. He really did revolutionize Twitter and changed underprivileged countries overall quality of life by way of Twitter so for that? I give him an A in my book.

RUTH REICHL — I love reading her Tweets — I can literally envision everything she tweets about — whether it be the aromas on the Mushroom Risotto she is whipping up or the chilly view from her window. I love to read them because they’re never inappropriate, always simple and sweet, and lastly … they are all related to her profession, FOOD.

CHELSEA HANDLER — She posts funny, socially relevant tweets that add a little laugh into my day. I like her because for the most part her tweets are risky but not over the top, and that as I’m sure you’re aware is a tough feat.


AMANDA BYNES — Oh my god. I will say honestly that I expect most celebrities to be dumb or at least a bit slow but Bynes’ stupidity shocked me. I figured yes, you’re on Nickelodeon but you can’t really be as stupid/ ditzy as the character’s you play on television — and god was I wrong. She IS as dumb — I’m sorry but please, whoever you publicist is, have them fired immediately for allowing you to freely tweet your “thoughts” if you can even call them that. Oy.

JOHN MAYER — Everyone who reads my blog knows about my intense dislike for John. I think he looks like he’s constipated constantly when he sings I also think he is the biggest “kiss and teller” in Hollywood. I think people that have to constantly brag about their sex life probably sucks in bed — JUST sayin’ John…

SNOOKI…. PAULY D…. THE SITUATION, REALLY ANY JERSEY SHORE CAST MEMBER — Okay, yes, I did find entertainment in watching your show, but that is the extent of it. I want NOTHING to do with your tweets. I realize you are uber excited, all of you, with your 13 minutes of fame but please learn WHEN do capitalize letters and when not to —  tweets like this one for example: “LOOSssss ANNGGEeelllleEESSss 2Night w Da gUIDEettes” — gets old extremely fast….

Top 10 Hottest Guys in Hollywood

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I realize that there are larger issues at hand — such as health care coverage and wars in Iraq. This blog however, has always and will continue to fulfill one purpose — to entertain. With that in mind, I will go over my take on who the most attractive are in Hollywood, don’t judge.

10. Taylor Kitsch- There’s something about his rugged look, and his character in Friday Night Lights that just does me in. He’s from the South, he can whip up a good steak I’m sure, and isn’t too sore on the eyes.

9.  James Franco- I mean, he’s our generation’s James Dean. He’s sexy, talented, and has a college education. What more could you ask for?

8. Robert Pattinson- I really didn’t want to put Mr. Pattinson on my list, as attractive as I find him, merely because every other girl alive will agree with me on this which bothers me. His flannel shirts, Ray Bans, and unwashed hair just lures me into him, unfortunately his acting does not.

7. Penn Badgley- So, he’s been taken for quite a while now…. which makes me less interested in him. But I like him with Blake Lively — I can’t lie, I would like to take her place on their daily strolls through Greenwich while eating ice cream cones

6. John Legend- I really don’t even need to make my remarks, you already know…. ❤

5. Justin Timberlake- He can sing, he makes clothing, he runs successful restaurants, and did I mention he is beautiful? I think he has the total package — I would love nothing more than to go for one of those early morning LA runs in the mountains with him, just substitute me for JBiel.

4. Tom Brady- He’s flipped flopped with the ladies, but that’s ok, I forgive him. He’s now with Giselle, making them the two most envied people in America. I’m sure their child is going to be ungodly … isn’t that how it always works? Keep repping Massachusetts in football and I will reconsider the duration of my stay.

3. Eric Dane- Granted, he’s gotten into his fair share of deep water this year (cough a threesome cough) but I will say this much — he looks DAMN good in surgical scrubs. Rock on Eric Dane, rock on.

2. Shia LaBeouf- Ok, so maybe he bugged the shit out of me in Even Stevens — the curly hair, the fart pranks, I just didn’t dig it. Something happened, when he went through puberty, he became unbelievably hot. Maybe it’s his chain smoking, or the slovenly dress, or perhaps the broken arms from car crashes — I don’t know what it is, but I am in love. Shia, call me.

1. Ashton Kutcher- I follow him on Twitter… I follow Demi on Twitter…. I look at their Twitpics and envy her more than I should. He is breathtaking, philanthropic, and innovative. He tops my list, without a doubt.