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Why Do I Fall For The Dorks?

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When you think of your favorite celebrity males I am sure a few major names pop into your head…. let’s see here: Johnny Depp? Will Smith? Colin Farrell? In my opinion, yes, I find them attractive (put in big finger quotations) but in reality, they don’t really keep me up at night …. the somewhat nobody nerd’s do instead.

Here are my top three nerdy celebrity crushes, and I mean big time crushes. These people for the most part are a) not well known b) if they are well known, are not in good shape c) all under 6 feet tall. Here goes nothing:

THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS- are you asking yourself, the name sounds familiar but how do I know him? If so, then you’re right on the money. He was the child in Rookie of The Year and then Kevin in American Pie — and yes, I loved loved him in both roles.

He then progressively got less roles in Hollywood and drifted into the “I’m somewhat famous so I can hopefully use that to jumpstart a mediocre singing career” which makes me sad but I may/may not be a fan of his on Myspace merely to keep my dream alive.

COLIN HANKS — YES, Hanks not Farrell. Colin was in a few roles such as a regular on the TV show Roswell and the main character in Orange County. I was attracted to him when I first laid my eyes on him in Roswell, he is nerdy, underweight, and not even remotely good at acting (Tom, what went wrong???) but for some reason, he is my dream man. If you’re reading this Colin, and single, message me 😉

DAVID SPADE — Where do I even begin with this one? When I started watching Tommy Boy/ Black Sheep the obsession began, then it escalated when I became a regular watcher of Just Shoot Me. The obsession escalated to unhealthy levels when I heard of his romps/ escapades with EVERY HOT BLONDE VIXEN in Hollywood. Again I say guys he is not fit, nor do I think he is even MY HEIGHT, however there is something SO hot about him ….. I don’t know. Maybe I should get my vision checked.

Breakfast– The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I love breakfast…. I actually adore the meal. I probably would prefer never to wake up in the morning if it weren’t for the fact that shortly after I rise, I will be greeted with a warm cup of coffee and a hot breakfast. Here’s what I don’t understand about the meal though…. how are there SO many pitfalls in regards to nutritional thumbs up and thumbs down? I thought I’d run through the good, the bad, and the ugly.



Folks, this breakfast staple has been around for generations — and there is a very good reason why! It’s a healthy bowl of warm happiness. Mix it up with some crunchy almonds, cinnamon, and low sugar maple syrup. If you want something a bit more fruity — chop up some nuts, bananas, and swirl in a dallop of  Peanut Butter — VOILA! You’re now a healthy breakfast eater

Courtesy of the Kitchn


You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that if you want to curb your appetite and enjoy a filling breakfast you either have an egg white omelette/scrambled egg dish or you incorporate one whole egg with a few whites. I suggest you buying cartons of egg whites as opposed to a carton of eggs — saves you big time $$ and hassle.

Courtesy of 101 Cookbooks


Fruit is “da best yo” — okay, let’s get serious here for a minute. You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to whip up the perfect smoothie — in reality I think even an infant could eventually perfect how to make a great smoothie. Add some Greek/Regular Yogurt, with some scoops of honey, ice, fruit of your choice, and if you want to be bad some Frozen Yogurt — there we go. Not complicated guys and look at this — you just fulfilled your day’s worth of fruit intake!


“THE GRAND SLAM” if you will — Pancakes with Butter/ Homefries/ Sausage/ Bacon — take your pick

I’m not saying these items in “reasonable portions” are deadly or toxic by any means, but whoever thought “Hey, let’s see how many items of fatty breakfast food we can shove down American’s throats?” is an IDIOT. Denny’s — I get that you do very well with this dish, but for whatever the reason American’s have big belly’s and tight budgets so they will buy this dish and support you. Shame on you Denny’s, shame on you.


At this point am I preaching to the choir? Yes, somewhat, but I still think it needs to be said. Just because they throw the words skinny onto a “mocha frappacinno” it does NOT mean that you’re off the hook. These breakfast drinks, whether or not they’re “lite” are still calorie and carb laden and should be avoided for the most part. If you skipped breakfast, ok, have it — but do not think this is a “beverage” to accompany your breakfast or else you’ll be finding difficulty fitting into your pants by Week 2.

Bobo, NYC

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AHHH where do I even begin with Bobo? I happened to drunkenly stumble upon this “Men’s Lair” of a bar/restaurant three years ago while interning in NYC for the summer. It’s warm, inviting, and always and I mean always crammed with professionals you WANT to surround yourself with outside of the workplace setting. The atmosphere itself blows you away — the decor, fixtures, and wall displays are unbelievably cool in my opinion.

While waiting for our 9:30 reservation (seeing as that was the ONLY available time for dinner), we mingled with tons of entertaining and unique people. The bar scene in of itself is impressive, the dinner is served upstairs in the what looks more like a home living room then a formal dining room of a restaurant. Downstairs, people mingle, have nibbles, and more often then not leave with a few important numbers in their pocket.

For an appetizer, I had the Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Salad with Chickpea Toast and Celery. I never talk numbers here really but for 17 dollars I expected a BIT more food than I received — it was an interesting display and I liked the Hummus Like Toast that was paired with the ball of Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab but in all I think they were a bit frugal in their portions of protein for this appetizer. For dinner both Tracey and I had the Roast Chicken with Sunchokes, Romaine, and Tomatoes — It didn’t BLOW me away by any means but I think it was a solid dish. I probably should have tried the Scallops YET AGAIN but a Cider Reduction paired with the fish didn’t appeal to me.

In summary — my suggestion would be to have a cheaper, less noisy dinner somewhere else then head over to this extremely fun and enchanting restaurant for some great conversation and after dinner drinks, pass on the meal upstairs.

Eatery Review, NYC

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I’ve been to Eatery before and I remember it being a fun yet non frilly restaurant — and second time around, it remained just that. Our waiter took his fair share of uppers before serving us, that’s for sure. He was overly flamboyant and fun — he totally got an A+ in our book for friendly service.

For my appetizer, I had the Organic Chicken and Hominy Soup which was delicious. The broth was unbelievable and there was a good ratio of chicken to broth to vegetables — and at SIX DOLLARS you can’t really bitch even if you didn’t like it.  For my entree, I had a speciality Chicken Dish for the night — I wanted to try the Scallops but the Porcini Mushroom CREAM sauce doesn’t bode well for someone with little to no tolerance for lactose. My friend Tracey had the Fresh Pasta of the Day which happened to be Corkscrew Pasta with Broccoli, Tomatoes, Parmesan with Grilled Chicken Added on.  She also ordered a side of french fries. The pasta dish was a winner, the fries, however, weren’t anything out of this world. For dessert we ordered a Trio of Sorbets — Pear, Mango, and Strawberry. None of which we were blown away over, the Cappuccinos, however, were a different story.

If you’re looking for a bustling no fuss American style restaurant, head to Eatery for a consistently good and reasonably priced meal.

Fast versus Slow Food Movements

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Very rarely do I voice any politically heated topics into my blog, yet at the same time, I think it’s time I start expressing my opinions about things of interest. With that in mind, I thought I would share my opinions/ knowledge about the Slow Food Movement, and discuss the ways in which it is being implemented worldwide as well as the major controversy surrounding it.

Here are the reasons in very clear language why I agree with the Slow Food Movement:

1) I believe it is essential our society begins to understand what it is what they are actually putting in their mouths

2) There is a crucial relationship that must be kept sacred — and that is our relationship with food, as well as those with whom supply us with the food (farmers, bakers, fishermen)

3) The time spent eating,conversing, and enjoying other people’s company ultimately results in deeper family and friend bonds

4) The concept of Edible Schoolyards, which are popping up all over the country, most recently in Brooklyn, NY, are crucial for students to see the relationship that should be formed at a young age between people and the food they consume. By allocating money towards these “schoolyards” people are helping in instilling not only mental ideas as to how to eat right but also visuals as wellchildren can and very often do eat the food they produce, making them feel more capable of re-attempting this lifestyle in their own homes

While many argue that this movement, known as Slow Food, is for the wealthy and aristocratic — I beg to differ. I believe our society is one of morbidly obese American’s whom whether by choice or by financial situations, eat canned and processed foods on a daily basis. These foods are created with chemicals and as well as various fats and unknown substances. While the lifestyle which demonstrates eating only what you know comes from the Earth as well as taking time to enjoy meals may be costly, it will ultimately save years of your life.

In addition to the health risks associated with eating extremely processed foods, the “relationship between the consumer and the food” is completely void — when walking in McDonald’s one may order a burger, for instance. Thinking that there is nothing more to the burger than pure ground beef a bit of ketchup — in reality, there are various parts of animals and other ingredients mixed into the patty, making it a heap of processed confusing food.

IN SUMMARY… I believe it is time American’s stop closing their eyes to what they “think” is pure/cleaning living and really understand that the majority of processed and fast foods consumed are not only hurting your own physical body but they are harming the environment and severing relationships with farmers, bakers, fishermen etc.

Celeb Couples I Can’t Comprehend — Part Deux

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So the most popular blog I’ve ever written was entitled, “Celebrity Couples I Can’t Wrap My Head Around” — after having watched more E! Entertainment and read more OK! Magazines, more couples have begun to confuse me and I feel it is about time I share them with all of you. Enjoy.


I’m not saying there’s anything “wrong” necessarily with this couple — I do, however, find it to be quite a peculiar match up. I mean, think about it — Keith Urban is this, frosted tipped, True Religion wearing “Country Pop Star”, and then you have Nicole Kidman, whose this fragile, pale, reserved, ex of Tom Cruise? Like … who woulda thunken? Then seem quite happy so I won’t judge.


I wanted desperately to avoid writing again about my confusion with this duo. The most searched person on my entire blog is surprisingly Evan Rachel Wood, andddd, keeping in mind the fact that she is now oddly engaged to this unusual specimen of a human, I thought I’d re issue a “CONFUSION LABEL”. I DON’T GET IT EVAN… You’re young, attractive, headed in somewhat of the right direction career wise — why is it you flock towards a man who … well… we don’t even know his sexuality? gender? skin color?


Alright, I see it — You two fell in LOVEEE during the making of Scream and just went on with your own individual mediocre lives without each other, until ONE DAY, at a Scream Reunion Bar Crawl, you realized you were destined alllll along. Or more likely, they both realized that each of them made up probably 1/2 of a real celebrity, so together, they could be one “famous person”.


This one makes me shake me head in confusion on a daily basis — he is this somewhat famous, somewhat attractive “actor” who now permanently hosts Teen Nick Channel. He is goofy looking, smiles too often, and is best known for his “so so” role in Drumline. Mariah Carey is a GODDESS of all musicians, best friend to Smokey Robinson and Oprah Winfrey, and revolutionary in the music world. WHAT IS SHE THINKING??? I UNDERSTAND he worships the ground she walks on, yes, and I understand that she is tired of “men who rule her life” but this is just too weird for me to ever give the seal of approval. I’m sorry.

Golden Globes 2010– Rants & Raves

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I’m a senior in my spring semester of college — which means in lamens terms… I choose binge drinking over a lot of other activities such as watching the Golden Globe’s for instance. I did, however, check feverishly through the red carpet dress line up as well as the nominations and winners on the official website. I will say, some of the winners I am not surprised about, others very much so. I thought I would go through some of the awards and share my thoughts on the thumbs up or the thumbs down.



THE HANGOVER??? I get it, it was funny. I have seen it time and time again but that shouldn’t have won a GOLDEN GLOBE for god sake. I think 500 Days of Summer should have won, clearly I’m biased — a long time child hood friend directed it, but still!


MAD MEN: While I do like M.M. and I think it is brilliantly written I think the other nominees were just as amazing and to be honest, I think this season of Big Love should’ve won this instead. All of the nominees were solid candidates so I won’t say this one is a total disappointment, however, I love Big Love and feel a bit let down.


TONI COLLETTE: UNITED STATES OF TARA: Here’s the thing, Lea Michele on Glee should have won this with her eyes closed I am NOT a happy camper about this — I wanted her to have a breakthrough Golden Globe award to take home at the end of the night. She was unbelievable on Glee and really was the glue to the whole show, so in my eyes, this was a disappointing loss for Lea.



CHLOE SEVIGNY FOR BIG LOVE: I loved her character’s development this season: she was bitter, controlling, and independent — loved her and her portrayal of the frustrated 3rd wife. I also love how her character cheats on Bill Paxton, he’s boring and is beginning to have erectile issues — I’d be out of there too!


JOHN LITHGOW FOR DEXTER: yes yes yesss! He was SO creepy and added so much intrigue and depth to Dexter this season. Who knew Lithgow could be so scary?


GLEE: BEST AWARD OF THE EVENING in my opinion. What amazing breakout show — it’s refreshing, and brilliant. I love the fact that it doesn’t conform to the “blood sucking trend” and goes for the feel good plot line.

JERSEY SHORE ….. My Hidden Past

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So…  did I spend four full days this summer trying to become a full time Massachusetts resident, even after having been rejected on 3 occasions? Yes, yes I did. When in conversation the question arises, “So where are you from?” I die a little bit inside — my answer usually consists of explaining that I live in the Southern “region” of New Jersey on the water. No matter HOW I word it, the response is…. “So you live at The Jersey Shore”. It’s inevitable. With that in mind, I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN WATCHING JERSEY SHORE ON MTV… Originally.

I then had a change of heart…..The show is outlandish and full of dumb, shallow NON NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS, but it has such a captivate audience for its ability to brand women with terms never used before, and for the constant physical battles that take place on the show.

Here are my favorites:


Sure, his hair do looks like he belongs on the short bus , but Ronnie is the sweetest guy on the show and the least pretentious — which makes me laugh solely because he’s the most in shape out of the whole crew. His relationship with Sam should end — she’s dramatic and a trouble causer, and he’s not. Ditch that loser and migrate towards the REAL SJ — I promise you a good time Ronnie.

SNOOKI– She gets in more fights than Hulk Hogan in his prime — this petite broad is A SPITFIRE — to phrase it lightly. I love food and I didn’t think a lot of girls enjoyed food more than I do, until I began watching Snooki on Jersey Shore — SHE FAR OUTWEIGHS MY MANLY EATING HABITS. God love her.

PAULY D– His hair, to be quite honest with all of you, is the main pull for Pauly D. Oh, and his Italian obsession — as demonstrated by the Italian Flag Turntables he features on the show. I don’t think he’s a brain trust but to be a professional DJ is that really necessary? His hair mind boggles me — I believe that it would withstand all natural elements, without a doubt.

Mesa Grill – NYC

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While I may not be the biggest fan of Flay — I will say, Mesa Grill located between 15th and 5th in NYC really hit the spot for an authentic Southwestern Flared dinner. It was loud, crowded, and bustling — don’t look to Mesa Grill for a romantic and quiet evening out with a partner, you will not find that here.

Here are the perks — broken down in English —

1) Beautiful presentation of all dishes prepared

2) Timely service — not too efficient, not lagging

3) The Grilled Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Chile Sauce, Carmelized Pineapple Onion Salsa, and Creamy Green Chile Rice was ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD… COME TO THIS RESTAURANT FOR THIS DISH

4) Reasonably priced — I don’t feel as though it was overpriced by any means — dish sizes were proportional and I left satisfied

The downsides:

1) Too noisy and bustling for many people

2) Many booths are located right by the door (i.e. — ours) — when it’s 20 outside? The last place you’d like to sit is right by a door

3) The “no substitutions whatsoever” rule got to both me and my friend — we understood not taking out key ingredients that MAKE the dish but my girlfriend wanted potatoes instead of fries and they simply would not have that

Pacific Time– South Beach

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While I never made it to the original Pacific Time, located on Lincoln Road in Miami, the newly redone and relocated Pacific Time lived up to it’s hush hush five star reputation. The website was “under construction”, there was no menu to be found on Menupages, and I couldn’t even find photos of the place – I went solely by the recommendations by locals about the spectacular dinners shared at Pacific Time. OK, ok so I may or may not have called Management and asked to e-mail me a PDF of the menu prior to attending, but hey, would you expect anything less?

While the atmosphere inside of the restaurant is somewhat stark and bright – the food compensates for all so-so atmospheric issues I felt. The appetizers we ordered included a Duck Confit, a reinvented Caesar Salad, Oven Roasted Vegetables, and probably one of the best Tomato Soups I’ve ever tasted. For dinner I knew I had to try the Black Cod with Yukon Puree and Edename – it was outrageously good and the perfect portion. By brother had the Lamb Chops with Isreali Couscous and a thicker mint yogurt sauce. My mother had the Roast Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and in her wording it was “DGC—Damn Good Chicken”.

Although I can’t compare the two restaurants, what I can say is that it’s working it’s way towards their reputation on Lincoln Road.